My Story XIII

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     Jon’s Point of View
As I lead Liz to the bathroom I decided to nice hot bubble bath in the Jacuzzi. I pick her up and lower her up in the luxurious bubbles that smells womanly and of passion. I climb in behind her massaging her neck and shoulders. I heard her groan as I press into her.
                “Oh god, Jon, that’s feels so good.” I heard Liz say as her body relaxes into me. Liz’s head fell back on my shoulder. I reach for the washcloth and grab the soap lathered it up really well. I rub her body down paying extra attention to her tight pebbles and sensitive pussy. I heard Liz groan and moan as I wash her whole body.
                “We are all down kitten. Let’s get dried off and lied down and try for some shut eye.” I told her. I was enjoying her company so much more than probably should but at this moment I didn’t give a shit. I’m going to enjoy it while I had her in my arms and in my house.
I watch her as she dried off her amazing body and towel dried her hair. She turn and smile at me and walk towards the bedroom. I slowly walk behind her I saw her climb in bed pulling the covers over her body patting the spot next to her.
                “Are you coming to join me sexy or are you going to sit there and stare at me?” She said in a sleepy haze. I couldn’t help but smile her. I walk towards the bed and laid down pulled her to me. She laid her head on my chest with her hand under cheek and her leg drape across mine. She smells so good.
                “Close your eyes sweetness because I’ll ravish you again later so you’ll need your sleep.” I told Liz as she started to fall asleep.
As the minutes went by I felt her breathes slow and deepen. I knew she was asleep. I ran my fingers through her hair. I started thinking about when I first met her. She was very confident and not shy about the person is she and I liked that about her. When she saw I had money she didn’t go into diva mode like some of the other girls I dated or messed around with. She reacted to me so perfectly with added fun and spice who wouldn’t love that. Man talking about a fucking wet dream what she did in the limo with her girlfriend man I’m starting to get hard just thinking about everything she has done in one night alone. Maybe I can get Landon, Bronson and I together and stuff every hole Liz available full of cock.
My cock got harder I slowly push my little kitten onto her back. She didn’t make a sound or move. I want to look at her beautiful body while I jack off. I knew she need her sleep before I wake her up in a couple of hours. I rise up to my knees slowly stroking my cock looking at her curvy body lying on my bed. I start to stroke a little faster just thinking about how her mouth felt on my cock earlier. The way she was teasing and sucking the head, oh my I never had that done before. She definitely had tricks I heard from the guys about girls they were screwing but I’ll be damn I caught one. I caught myself moaning a little loud and my little kitten rolls to her side squishing her tits together. Man what a beautiful sight that is and a wonderful place to put my cock in and fuck those nice set of tits but I couldn’t wake her yet.
                                “I know you want to fuck my tits blue eyes so come straddle me and cum so we can go to sleep.” I heard my kitten purr to me. I climb on top so quick before she could tell me no.
I place my dick in between those luscious tits and pump my cock fast and hard. I knew I wouldn’t last long. I had my mind reeling from everything from earlier.  I saw the desire in her eyes so I knew her like what I was doing and enjoying.
                “Cum on my face lover.” Kitten told me like she read my mind. I lost all control I came hard all over her gorgeous face. After I caught my breathe I got up and grab a washcloth and clean wipe her face of the cum. I put the washcloth in the dirty clothes pull her back to my chest and cuddle to her.             
                “Now go to sleep Mr. Keem or I’m going to spank you for being bad.” Liz told me in a teasing voice.
                “Oh kitten, that might be naughty but nice.” I said kissing her on the cheek.
                “Now kitten go to sleep or you will be getting the spanking.” I told her as she was already dozing in a restful sleep.

© 2013 Elizabeth Meek All Rights Reserved

  1. brenda says:

    Can’t wait to read more. I check several times a day

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