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When I checked my caller ID I and saw my girl Stacy’s number flash on the screen I was hippy to have something to remove me from the boredom of my otherwise normal day.
                “Hey girl, what’s up?”
                “Not much girl, are we still on for tomorrow night?” she asked.
                “Yeah, should be. I’m getting a pedicure and a haircut before we go though. When are we heading out? Are you picking me up?”
                “I’ll go with you for the pedi.” She laughed as she admitted, “God, I need one too! I’ll pick you up; I figured we’d head out around 8 and get something to eat. Then we can go from there.”
                “All right, girl, I’ll pick you up around 1 for the pedi,” I agreed.
I hung up the phone thoughtfully. She might get us in all kinds of trouble, but going out with Stacey was always fun, amazing, and even downright fucking hot.
It was probably because I hadn’t had a chance to go out with Stacy in a while, or maybe because I’d heard so many good things about the club, but I woke up feeling like Saturday was going to be a very good day. Even though it wasn’t how I wanted to spend my morning, I decided to clean up my house. Sometimes Stacy needed a place to crash when the vodka got the better of her. Of course, another, better, reason was in the back of my mind. Maybe I wouldn’t be coming back alone.
Once my hair was done I looked in the mirror critically.
                “What do you think?” I asked.
Stacy leaned over the back of the chair and her green eyes met my brown ones in the mirror as she examined the stylist’s work
                “Looks good,” she said finally. “You look hot!” She brushed her own brown hair away from her face and said, “I wish I’d taken the time to do something with all this!”
                “Girl you have the volume I wish I had.” I chuckled at her.  “Leave it down and when you blow dry your hair adds some curls not a lot but some and I think it’ll be all you need.” I grinned at Stacy and the stylist just nodded in agreement.
As we finished with the salon we went over the mall. We browsed around at the stores and looking at eye candy. I spotted a new store in the mall and said “what the hell why not” to myself.
                “Stace lets go in this store. I got a feeling I will find THE OUTFIT for tonight.” I looked at her. She nodded in agreement as we walked in the store.
                “Welcome to the Rave, How can I help you?” A cute petite blonde around mid 20’s asking when we walked in.
“I’m looking for an outfit to go out tonight and I want it to be the outfit if you catch my drift.” I smiled at her.

                “I understand completely. My name is Shawna and I’ll being helping you. Come this way and I’ll get a fitting room ready for you and your friend. Then I’ll gather some outfits and you can try them on.” I nodded and said “Sure.”
Stacy and I walked to the fitting room. The fitting room was huge. I had a couch and a table with water and snacks. I raised an eyebrow toward Stacy and she shrugged her shoulders. I started to undress while I was waiting on Shawna. I looked at Stacy I always knew she was always a pretty girl. Not that I haven’t thought about experiencing some girl on girl action because I would do Stacy in a second. She was taller than me compare to my 5’3 she was 5’6. She wasn’t as curvy as I am, but she had nice set tits on her. If I remember correctly full B cup compare to my DD. She had sandy brown hair that volume that I was extremely jealous off, but she always through it up in a ponytail because of her job. I had nice wide hips with a desirable ass as the men called it. Stacy had a cute bubble butt but not much of one. We were complete opposites of each other. That’s probably why we were such good friends.
                “Here you go; I brought a strapless bra too. If you need anything just holla at me.” Shawna said as she was walking out the door. I went through all the dresses and I thought I wasn’t going to find the one but the last dress I put on I looked at myself in the mirror and I knew this was it.
                “Damn girl that is the OUTFIT if you know what I mean.” Stacy was wide eyed and walking around me.
                 “You think so?” I asked her. I felt confident but I needed the assurance from my best friend. She was just nodding her head. I put my clothes back on and went and saw Shawna at check out and said this is the dress.
               “I have some amazing shoes to go with this dress, if you are interested.” Shawna suggested.

I looked at Stacy and I thought real quick of my shoes at home and realized none would go with the outfit. “That would be great Shawna. I’m an 8.5 in shoes.” I told her. She walked to the back of the store and came back with some amazing shoes. She gave me the total. We left that mall. I dropped Stace off at home and said quick bye that I would see her later.
It was 5:30 by the time we were done with our shopping. I poured some vodka and downed it in one shot as I savored the burn of the liquor down my throat. It was a little early, but I wanted to take my time and look my best so I headed up the stairs to start getting ready.
I filled my tub with warm water and sank down with a sigh of pleasure. I poured some mango bath wash onto my loofah and began to soap myself as I inhaled the delicious, fruity scent.  I shave my appealing legs and, of course under arms. Once I finished I reached in the water felt my wet, smooth shaven pussy. It was still nice and soft. I teased myself pinching my clit while twisting my nipples with the other hand. I wouldn’t cum but I wanted to be more than a tease tonight. I will be bringing someone home. Oh yes I was. I got out and lathered up in my favorite lotion. I left my hair alone since it was styled for tonight. I looked at my clock it read 650. I got on with my makeup. I was going to take my time and do it right. I was going to smokin hot!! As I finished I heard the doorbell.
I yelled come in. “Where ya at hooker” I laughed.
            “Back here Stace.” She walked in the bedroom as I finished with my makeup.

             “Damn girl you aren’t ready yet.” I laughed at Stacy.
             “Chill girl I just have to put my clothes on and I’m ready.” I told Stace.
             “Well hurry up I’m hungry and I’m ready to party and find some hot men!!” Stace told me while she was doing a dance move.

          “Me too honey me too” I whispered. I pulled out my new black tube top dress that I had bought earlier. I had pulled out my stripper silver sparkle shoes with some silver hoops and my favorite charm necklace.

         “Damn girl I never seen you look this hot before.” Stace said to me with a smirk on her face.
         “Whatever Stacy you have seen me dressed like this.” I told her.
         “No way, No huh honey.” She said while shaking her head.

         “Oh shut up and let’s go eat since you are starving.” I told her as I grabbed my purse and keys. I locked up and head out for a fun night.
When we got to Zone, of course we had to stand in line. I could feel the base from the dance music throbbing in my veins. I could also feel myself getting impatient; I really wanted to get out there on the floor. I wanted to dance, to flirt, to touch, and tease.
                Once we got closer I saw that I knew the bouncer. His name was Jake and I hadn’t seen him in forever. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of seeing him again.
                Stacy and I stepped up.
                “ID’s please,” he said, all business.
                “Hey Jake, how are you?” I asked as I handed mine over.
                He glanced at me briefly and then looked again. “Liz? Is that you?”
                “The one and only,” I teased.
                He gave me a huge hug and then pulled back to look at me once more. “Wow girl,” he said with an appreciative smile. “You look…wow!”
                “Thanks,” I said as I returned his grin.
                He glanced at Stacy and me and then said, “You know what? Go on in. It’s on me tonight.” Before we could say anything he went on, “You’ll be surprised how big of a treat you’ll be tonight Liz.”
                I gave him a confused look, but before I could question him, Stacy pushed me into the club.
We managed to find a table in the crowded club and Stacy ordered shots as I sent out some texts to our friends Erin, Stephanie, and Wendy. We stayed so they would be able to find us when they got there. It was easier to scan the room that way too. I didn’t see anyone to take home just yet, but I was optimistic. It was early.
                Our vodka shots arrived and we drank them down. As we swallowed the song changed to one Stacy and I both loved.
                “Oh hell yeah bitches!” Stacy shouted over the song with a smile. “Let’s grab some tequila shots!”
                “And then some Jell-O shots!” I shouted back. “The hell with driving back!”        
I saw the girls walking over to the table where Stacy and I were.
          “Hey ladies, how y’all been?” I raised my voice Erin looked around “Nice place y’all picked. I’m good Liz, you know same ole same ole.” She said with a chuckle. I nodded in agreement.
Wendy and Stephanie answered the same time “We are good. Hell we are out and looking for some eye candy. What do you think?” I busted out laughing.
We ordered some more drinks and shots. While we were waiting Stacy and Stephanie were chatting about work and I was about to join in when I felt I was being watched. I glanced around looking for that person but I couldn’t find where the feeling some coming from.
             “Liz you ok? You looking like you are searching for something.” Stephanie asked me
            “No, I’m fine just looking at the potential victim for later.” I told Stephanie but I still couldn’t shake the feeling someone was watching me.  But I quickly got over it and joined in the conversation.
Stacy got up and grabbed my hand after the fourth or fifth time I’d craned my neck around the dance floor trying to figure out who was looking at me. I guess she thought I was getting tired of sitting. The rest of our group joined us after they finished their drinks.
                I put my hands in the air and swished my hips as I closed my eyes, feeling the beat of the music in my stomach and through my blood. I’d been right this morning; this was a great night!
                Suddenly my eyes sprang open as I felt a big set of hands cupping my hips. I looked at Stacy. Her eyes were just as wide as mine, but her smile was bigger. She gave me her “Go for it, he’s a hottie!” nod so I kept dancing. I felt his breath on my neck and on my ear. He smell like cinnamon. I let loose and pressed into him. Moving one of his hand to my stomach with the other on my hip. I pushed chest out while grinding in his junk. I felt him getting hard. He put both hands back on my hips and grinding into me more. I was desperate to see what he looked like so I spun around in his arms and looked up at him. It was better than anything I’d imagined. I actually had to catch my breath in surprised amazement.
                His eyes were blue, but not like any kind of blue I’d seen before. They were a beautiful aqua blue. His dark brown hair was cut close but longer on the top. It was spiked out a little like he just woke up but god it was so hot on him. He was 6’4 and built. He had a navy blue shirt that was tight that showed off the impressive muscle in his arms and chest and dark denim jeans with black boots on.
                As impressive as that body was though, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his mouth. His lips were pouty and so damn kissable that I was getting wet just looking at him. I wanted to talk, to introduce myself, hell, to ask him to come home with me right now, when he spoke.
                 “Hey there, my name is Jon. I’d like to take you home,” he dropped his voice to a whisper and leaned down so I could hear him as he finished, “And give you multiple orgasms with my fingers, my mouth and my cock. What do you say?”

© 2013 Elizabeth Meek All Rights Reserved


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