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Night Filled of Fun II

Posted: 08/27/2013 in erotica




I don’t know how in the hell we managed to get all the men to the vehicles but we did. I guess you can say never doubt a woman’s strength. Not really it took about three of us to get each man into a car home with their wives or a cab home. I seriously thought about leaving Seth in the car to sleep but I would manage to get him out some how. After telling everyone bye and telling Jessica to call me in the morning for our girls night our plans. She said alright we both we our separate way.


I got Seth home FINALLY!! I swear he’s the worst drunk but a funny drunk. He had me laughing all the way home with singing, dancing and just acting a fool. He manage to some what help me to get inside and strip him down and put in bed.


“Come mere waby and get wakey with me.” Seth said


“Honey you are wasted. Go to sleep.” I told him laughing


“But I reed swex.” He mumble as he drifted off to sleep. I went to check on the kids and they were done sound a sleep.  I went to find Natalie so I could take her home. I found her in the kitchen doing dishes.


“Hey honey, how were the kids tonight?” I asked Natalie.


“Oh hey, they were great. We are an awesome time. I think I wore them out tonight. I’ll just finish these up and I’m ready to go.” Natalie said.


“Nat you can leave those and we can go ahead and take you home I know you must be tired.” I told her


“Yeah I am. Those kids have some energy.” She laughed as she grabbed her bag and I grabbed the keys and left a note on the counter just in case Seth got up to let him know I left to take Natalie home.


On our way to her house we made some chit chat about her school and sports. As we pulled in to her house I pulled out $30 to pay her. I told her I will call her again soon and have a good weekend. I watch her as she walked in the house. Once I knew she was alright I backed out of the drive way and headed back home. Once I made it back I checked on the kids and they were still sound asleep. I pulled the covers over them and gave them kisses on their cheeks and made my way to my bed.


Once I got into my bedroom I had a wonderful view of a full moon. I wonder why in the hell did he stripped down to nothing. I walk to his side of the bed to make sure he was still breathing. He had drool all over his pillow and still coming out of his mouth. I thought to myself he is soooo washing the sheets tomorrow. I went to the bathroom washed my face and handle all my business and made my way to bed. As I closed my eyes I couldn’t help but think of Jessica and what she would do to me. I got so wet thinking about I was trying to figure out if I wanted to bring myself to climax or brink of frustration. I chose the later because I wanted to give her all of me.


I woke up to giggling at first I thought I was dreaming it. I peeked open an eye and saw the kids drawing on Seth. I couldn’t contain my giggles either. Seth started to wake up and glanced around and saw the kids in front of his laughing and then heard me.


“Please tell me they didn’t.” Seth said in a groan.


“Oh babe, they did BIG TIME!! Oh by the way you are sooo washing the sheets.” I tell him laughing.


“Well shiiii…crap. Daddy is getting in the shower.” He said as he started to get up but they I remember he was naked last night and I don’t want our kids to have nightmares. So I grabbed him and kissed him hard and whispered “Honey you are naked under those blankets and we have innocents in here.” He groaned.


“Come on kids let’s get some breakfast while daddy showers and get all the stuff off of him.” I said giggling at him as I ushered the kids out giving him a wink. He smile back and mouthed sorry. I knew it was for passing out. Little did he know what my night will include.






I was getting the kids clothes packed for their grandparents’ house. Seth walked in Corey following behind him.


“Hey Alexis, how are you?” Corey asked.


“I’m good. How are you? Are you recovering from a hangover?” I asked with a smile knowing how wasted they were.


“Nope but I was wondering how in the hell did you and Jessica get us in the cars last night though.” He ask.


“Did she tell you?” I ask and he laughed while shaking his head no.


“She said that was not my concern if I was too wasted to take care of her then it she’ll keep it a secret how she got me in the car and home.” He said


“Well then I’ll honor that secret.” I smiled back at him real big.


“Women, I should have know better.” Seth said laughing.


“You girls still going out tonight.” Seth ask me.


“That I’m aware of yes. I haven’t talked to Jessica today.” I told him while I put the last couple things in the backpack.


“Well that’s one reason why I’m here. Jessica wanted me to come here and hang out do our man thang as she said and for you to get your stuff and get ready at our place.” Corey told me.


“Alright. Seth’s mom is suppose to pick up the kids in 15 minutes. So that gives me enough time to pack my stuff.” I tell Seth handing him the bag and walking towards our room.


Once I got to our room I heard my phone beep. I went to see what I had missed and I saw a text from Jessica.


Jessica: Bring a short skirt and a shirt that shows cleavage and something that has heels. I’m ready to get my tongue wet. 😉


Alexis: I’ll get this pack any other request?


Jessica: Nope just be ready for tonight



I quickly got my bag ready. I knew I wouldn’t need much. Jessica always like to do my hair and makeup when we go out. So I figure she would do the same thing tonight. As I gathered everything I heard the doorbell. I was getting more anxious as time slowly went by. I gave the kids love and told them to be good for grandma and grandpa. They were too excited to return the love to daddy or me. As soon as I saw the car leave the driveway I quickly told Corey and Seth to have fun tonight and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do while giving Seth a kiss goodbye. I quickly pulled out my phone on the way to the car.


Alexis: I’m on my way


Jessica: Sweet. See you soon 🙂





As we walked into the club I was surprised she brought me to a strip club but hell right now I’m down with whatever.


“So tell why are we here?” I ask her as I followed her to a table.


“We are here for three reasons. One to get drunk and two to get lap dances and the best reason of all to have some damn fun!!” She hollered. We sat at the table and our waitress took our order. We watched several girls do their dances.


“Watch the girls and pick out your favorite so we can pull them for a lap dance in a little bit. Then we are going to go back to my house and we are going to fuck hard.” Jessica told me with a wink.


As I glanced around I saw some girls that peeked my interest but nothing that really PEEKED it. Jessica done had her girl and had talked to her and told her that she was waiting for me to chose mine so we could be in the same room together. The girl agreed and just to let her know when she was ready. I heard the DJ announce the next stripper Vibrant. DJ started playing Kat Deluna Drop it Low and I was already moving and I was in awe with her moves.


“I think you found the girl, didn’t you?” Jessica asks me


“Fuck yeah I did.” I laughed


“Alright. I’ll tell Lily that you want Vibrant after she’s done and we’ll go wait for them in the private room, that sound good?” She asks.


“Yeah that sounds good. Bring back a couple shots of tequila.” I tell Jessica on her way to the bar. I keep on watching Vibrant and she has spark about her and she’s turning me on more than I already am. I wonder what would happen when we are all in a room.  She’s a few inches taller than my 5 ft. She has short jet black hair with vibrant red highlights. She has nice full C cup I would guess. She’s curvy and yummy. She isn’t skanky looking either like the rest them either that I have notice.


“It’s all set. Drink this real fast and let’s head back.” Jessica said as she passed me my shot. I threw the shot back. I notice Vibrant was smiling at me and I had just enough courage to wink at her and I left the table to wait for her arrival.


“Are you nervous Jess?” I ask her


“Not really, I got enough liquid courage. How about you Lex?” She returns the question.


“Same here.” I tell her and we continue our some chit chat.


The knock on the door made us jump and I big, bald guy walks in.


“I’m checking the room to make sure it’s only two of you and no more. I’ll be on the outside of this door. Vibrant and Lily will give you the instruction on what to do and what not to do. If there are any problems I will be escorting you out and you will not be returning. Do you understand that?” He said


“We do.” We both said at the same time


“Good, Enjoy ladies.” He said as he walked out and held the door open and walks in Vibrant and Lily.


“Lily and I talked and we both agreed that we don’t want any rules for you ladies. So anything can go. You can touch us and we can touch you. We normally don’t do that, but we do agree something in you both has us interested. Our one rule is we will tell you when to touch us and we can take off your clothes. Once we give you the go ahead then it’s fair game anything goes and I mean anything.” Vibrant said as she walk to the dock station and starts the music.


As the music plays Lily is already rolling her hips teasing Jessica. I saw her eyes were hypnotized by Lily. I smirk at Jessica without her knowing and I turn to Vibrant and gave her my full attention.


“I’m glad I have your attention now sweetness.” Vibrant said.


“Sorry, making sure my girl was good.” I told her.


“Your girl will be taken care of. It’s time for me to take care of beautiful Alexis.” She told me as she bent down and lightly kiss me behind my ear. She gave my goosebumps.


“I’m glad I have an affect on you and I can’t wait to taste you and then I will watch you and your friend fuck each other.” She whispered as she started to dance.


Vibrant grinded her body against mine making wetter than I was before I came into the strip club. I heard fuck from across the room. So I knew something was going on but I didn’t care. I locked eyes with the woman in front of me for now.


“You want to see my tits Alexis?” She asked. I couldn’t answer her so I just nodded my head. She slowly stripped out of her see-through pink bra she had on while massaging and pinching her nipples. I couldn’t help let out a low moan.


“You like that don’t you.” I nod again and she stopped dancing and pulled out my more than handful tits out of my lavender tube top shirt. She bent down and kissed below my jaw and lightly caress my nipples.  I couldn’t help but let out a louder moan. I heard more moans and vocals coming from Jessica and Lily but I didn’t care to pay attention right now.


“Play with your nipples while I dance.” Vibrant told me. I smiled at her and placed my hand on my tits and slid down on the couch while the black skirt rode up on my thighs. I felt the cool air on my bare pussy. I decided to be bold and not wear any panties tonight and I’m glad I did. I was already dripping and I wanted to show Vibrant I was bare and wet. She had her back to me grinding her pussy on the pole while she was playing with her tits. I was in awe with her movements and steadily pinching and twisting my own handfuls.


“I see someone is wet and ready.” She tells me as she teases me stripping her thong off.


“I’m very wet. Do you want to do something about it?” I ask her while I’m moving my hands further down.


“Oh I definitely will do something about it.” She said as she get on her hands and knees and crawl to me slowly. Once she gets in front of me her hands goes to my knees and she slowly pushes them open. She leans down and pushes my skirt all the way up.


“I’m going to make you come then your friend will fuck you.” She said then dives right into my soaking wet hole. I throw my head back and let out a “oh fuck” and put my hands in her hair. I looked over as saw that Jessica was completely naked as well as Lily. Jessica’s eyes were locked on me and Lily was in between her legs enjoying tasting her sweet nectar. I couldn’t help but picture myself where Lily was tasting Jessica on my tongue. I could tell Jessica was thinking the same thing.  I was lost in my thoughts on her when Vibrant spoke I look at her.


“You thinking about her. I know you are. I can tell she’s thinking about you.” She said as she slide two fingers in me and I raised my hips to meet her. She kisses me on my lips and I meet that kiss hard. When she pulls back she can tell I’m about to come. I can hear Jessica telling Lily she is coming. Vibrant stops and pulls away from me. She pulls me up and slowly strips me down to nothing and then pushes me back to the couch.


“Lay down Alexis and spread your legs wide.” She told me and I did as she said. She laid down on her stomach between my legs and went back to my pussy. She was eating me out like she was starving. I went to put my hands back in her hair when someone put my arms down by my head. I looked up and saw it was Jessica. She smiled real big at me. I became anxious and nervous. She straddle my face but before she could lower herself all the way down. I started to come on Vibrant tongue.


“OH..FUCK…YES!!” I screamed while Jessica pinched my nipples hard causing me to push my hips in Vibrant’s mouth causing her to suck harder on my clit. I pull Jessica to my mouth hard and wrapped my arms around her waist so she couldn’t move. I latched on to her clit sucking it while my tongue was giving it enough pressure going back and forth. I was so involved in what I was doing I didn’t even notice that Vibrant had stop and moved. I had a new mouth on me and new moans I was hearing but I was so involved in the new taste in my mouth. I could tell it would be my new addiction. I pulled my mouth off her clit and I glance and see that Lily and Vibrant and in 69 just the same as Jessica and me. They are moaning loud and I notice the knob on the door turning and I tense. Jessica senses me and she stops and looks in the direction of the door. The door opens the big bald guy walks in and smiles real big. I knew that everything would be ok.


“Girls what is going on?” He said. I felt fingers go inside my wet pussy again and I let out a small grunt.


“Oh you know Eddie enjoying each other company. You want to stand against the door and watch?” Lily ask


“You know Lilycake I would never pass up an opportunity to watch a group of beautiful ladies enjoy each company.” He said as he leans again the door and unzips his jeans and pulls out his thick cock and slowly strokes it.


“You two go back to what you were doing.” He said with a nod. I look up to Jessica’s wet cunt in my face and I shove two fingers in her wet pussy and fuck her fast and I nibble and lick on her clit. She start grinding her hips on my face. I could tell she was getting closer. She latched on to my clit and licking and sucking on it like a Popsicle while she was adding another finger.  I was coming hard and I felt myself squirting and Jessica was coming all over my face. She got off of me and smiled. We didn’t realize Lily and Vibrant was done dressed ready to go back out and Eddie was cleaning himself up.


“That was really hot ladies. I hope you get some more action.” Eddie said as he lead the girls out.


We quickly got dressed and walked out of the club and called a taxi back to Jessica’s house. Once we got to her place. I looked at her and smiled.


“I have an idea. Let’s text our hubbys and tell them to come over because we are bored and give them a surprise of our own.” I tell her. She nods so we quickly text our husbands and they responds quickly that they are on their way. Little did they know what to expect when they find us.


© 2013 Elizabeth Meek All Rights Reserved




I was cleaning the house and getting the dinner ready for the kids and the babysitter. Hubby and I had a get together tonight. I was excited it’s been awhile since we been out. He’s been working so hard and I’ve been so busy with the kids and all their activities and no time for us. Jill was having a co-ed Passion Party and hubs didn’t know about it. Jill said the men was going to do their own thing which was cool but when it came to ordering time he was going to help pick out some stuff. I was lost in my thoughts about what we would be doing later when I heard my phone ringing. I walk over to it and saw Jessica on the id.


“Hey girl, what’s up.” I ask her.


“Hey Alexis, are you still going to Jill’s party tonight?” She asked me.


“Yeah, Seth and I are. Are you and Corey going?” I ask her.


“Yeah we are. I was just making sure you are.” She said.


“I’m making dinner now for the Natalie and the kids and then we are going to start getting ready. We are going to go out to eat and then head to the party. Do you guys want to go out with us?” I ask her.


“I would say yes, but let me check with Corey. He hasn’t made it home from work yet. I’ll call him in a few and I’ll text you.”She told me.


“That’s fine. Just let me know and we are going to Outback.” I told her.

“That’s sound good. Alright I’ll let you go and talk to him. I’ll talk to you in a little bit. Bye.” She said as she hung up.


I went back to finishing dinner and making snacks for after dinner. Seth went to pick up Natalie and grab some movies and video games for the kids. I was to involve in my thoughts about tonight that I didn’t even hear Seth come up behind me. He kisses my neck and I jump shrieking.


“I’m sorry baby I didn’t mean to scare you.” Seth says laughing.


“Yeah yeah sure you did.” I said mocking him


“What were you thinking about?” He asks as he picks at the snacks for the kids.


“Just about tonight.” I tell him slapping his hand away from the food.


“So am I. I’m looking forward to seeing what new toys you decide to get so we can play with tonight.” He say as he rubs on me.


“Oh by the way I invited Jessica and Corey to join us for dinner before going to the passion party tonight.” I told Seth.


“That’s fine honey. I always enjoy their company. I’ll get the kids situated and why don’t you go ahead and start getting ready so we can head out.” Seth tells me.


 “Sure baby.” I tell him giving him a quick kiss. On my way to the bedroom I heard my phone chirp in my hand I quickly look and I saw it was Jessica say they will be joining us for dinner. I tell her great that I was about to start to get ready and I’ll see them in a couple hours.




“OH..MY..GOD..Alexis you look amazing in that outfit!!” Jessica praised as I blushed.

“Thank you. You look HOT girl.” I tell her and she does look hot.

“Thanks honey. How are the kids?” She asks.

“They are good. They are growing but no kid talk tonight.” I tell her smiling.

“We need to have a girl night soon.” Jessica tell me.

“Hey what a minute what about us men here?” Corey says. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“We could never forget about the men in the group Corey.” I tell him.

 “Why don’t you MEN get a group together and have a night out. Go the the strip club, play poker or whatever.” I tell Corey.

“Babe, you seriously would be ok with me going to the strip club?” Seth asks me.

“Of course, you can look but don’t touch and I’ll even let you tip.” I smile at him.

“Oh how sweet of you babe.” Seth says with a laugh. Our waiter comes to take our order. Our conversations were made light with work, and plans for tomorrow. We slowly ate our meals and then left and made our way to Jill’s for a night of fun of passion.

Once we got to Jill’s house there was already a lot of people there and some were already tipsy. I knew tonight was going to be fun and full of laughter. We knocked on the door and Heath answered and invited us in.

“Hey guys, the women are in the living room and the men are in the kitchen and outside. Do you want anything to drink?”He asks us.

“I’ll get it if you show me where to go.” Jessica says.

“Me too.” I tell him

“I’ll take a beer.” The men says.

So we make our way to the kitchen and Jessica and I make our drinks and head to the living and see the girls talking and having a good laugh. Jill gets up and introduce us to everyone. She says that she is waiting on a couple more people then the passion party will get on the way.

“Are the men coming in here during the passion party?” One of the girl asks.

“No they will come in here either during the toys or when we order. We’ll take a vote once everyone get here.” Jill tells everyone. So we continue our small talk and about fifteen minutes later the last few couples arrive. We left the decision up to the men because we could tell some of them were really embarrassed so we didn’t want to push them.

The party went on as we carried on trying the samples of lotions, oils, and candle wax. That was a must in my book but hubs didn’t know it yet. He was sampling it tonight.

“Do you have all of this with you or do we have to wait?” One of the girls ask.

 “No I play a huge order prior to this party just for Jill. So I should have everything in stock. My biggest hit I did buy multiples of and not so big I only bought one or two. So if I don’t have it I will give you a discount.” Sandy told us. She got a cheer from us.

“I’m going to select three ladies, I want you to follow me to the back and I give you instructions on what to do. Afterwards you will come back out here and explain your experience.” She tells us.

“Alexis, Jessica and Belinda please come follow me.” She tells us. We all three get up and follow her to the back. She stops in the bathroom.

 “This is called Pure Satisfaction. What you do is rub a little bit over your clit. You will get a warm and tingling feeling. That is normal. Belinda you can go first.” Sandy tells her and give her a little dab on her finger.

“I can go ahead and give you both a dab now since I done told Belinda what to do you two will do the same. When you are done come have a seat.” She says as she starts to walk off Belinda walks out flushed.

“OMG I’m so buying this!” She says as she walks off. We both look at each other and smile.

“You want to go in together so we can get out faster?” Jessica asks.

 “Sure why not.” I tell her as we both go in the bathroom. I pull my skirt up and push my panties to the side and rub the gel over my clit and I look up and notice Jessica is just staring at me.

“What? Am I doing it wrong?” I ask.

“No, you are making me horny.” She tells me.

 “Oh I am. I didn’t know you were interested.” I tell her teasing. She walks over to me while I back up against the bathroom door still holding my skirt up. She kisses my neck. I notices her other hand that had the gel is in her panties no doubt on her clit now. Her other hand is now lightly touching my leg and making its way to my wet throbbing pussy. She moves my panties to the side and pushes two fingers in me. I gasp and moan and the same time.

“Can you tell now?” She says and then she kisses me hard as I’m grinding on her hand. I want to come but she stops.

“We have to go back out there and Seth can take care of you tonight but tomorrow night you are all mine.” She says as she gives me one more kiss. I’m left speechless as we walk out the bathroom door and back to the living.

We explain what we feel from the gel. So many women there love hearing about it and course it’s a big it. Now it’s time for the toys. Sandy gives us some time to grab some food and our husbands. I go check on Seth and he’s completely drunk and so is Corey. So I know I’m not getting lucky tonight. I leave Seth where he is. I go back to the party and finish out the night full of fun and laughter and most of all a bag full of toys with all the goods with a night of fun with Jessica. How did I know that a fantasy could become a reality.

© 2013 Elizabeth Meek All Rights Reserved

All Aboard

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I was sitting at home when I had an idea. My hubs birthday was coming up and we were talking about fantasies a lot lately. One of his fantasies was being with a cougar and me. I’ll admit I don’t care about being with another girl but sometimes you do things to make your husband or wife happy. So I started my search. My husband has a variety in taste when it comes to women. He loves big tits the bigger the better in his eyes. He doesn’t like them skinny he likes them curvy. He like women who have sleeves arms I agree some are hot. I didn’t want to put an add on craiglist or anything but I knew I had time and I had patience. I knew the right woman would come around. Little did I know how soon I would meet her.


I was at Victoria Secret finally picking up some new bras and panties since recovering breast implants. I had a pair blue jean shorts with strapless bra with a VS top. I wanted to make sure my boobs look like they were suppose to and not sag. So I was there standing in the mirror and the sales rep Angie was bringing more bras in my room for me to try on.


“That bra does makes them look bigger and where they to be. Which bra is it? I might need to get me one” I heard someone say. I look at her and looked around and I realized she was talking to me.


“Um, I’m not sure Angie is helping me. I’m recovering from breast implants and one thing before I had them when I wore a strapless bra my boobs were never where they were suppose to be. So now I’m like paranoid.” I said with a small laugh.


“With these big knockers you either find a bra that doesn’t fit or makes them look bigger.” She said.


“My husband wanted me to be around your size but I refused.” I told her.


“I think your size looks great on your body if you went bigger it would just look wrong.” She said.


“That’s what I told him. Some people look good being at a certain size but others that go beyond that size look ridiculous.” I told her.


“Ms. Meek, do you need anything else?” Angie said.


“No, but I’ll take this one and the matching panties. I’ll try on everything else. I’ll press the button if I need you.” I tell her and walk back to my fitting room.


As I finish trying on the other bras and of course I modeling them in the mirror and taking pictures sending them to Jace. He was on the road well the train. He was a conductor but now a fireman in training as they call it which mean he’s a Engineer in training. He responded quickly which was a HELL YES and a simply no. He even sneak me a quick picture of his hard cock through his jeans.


I walk out and went to the check out counter and Angie put all my items in a bag and told me my amount as I handed her my credit card. I thanked her and walked out the door going toward Bath and Body Works. Before I could get to the store I heard someone calling me.


“Ms. Meek?” I heard a voice say. So I stop and turn to answer her.


“Yes?” I answer realizing who she was.


“I normally don’t do this but would you like to go to lunch or exchange numbers?” She ask. I look at her and it hit me. She is exactly who I’m looking for as my surprise birthday gift for Jase.


“Sure, we can do lunch. I have time before I need to get home.” I told her.


“Great I know a quiet Italian place not far from here.” She said.


“That’s sound great. I”m Azura by the way.” I told her.


“I’m Candi. Do you want to ride together or separate cars?” She asked.


“We’ll take separate so afterwards I can head home to my trouble makers.” I told her as I laugh.


“I understand I’m park this away what about you?” Candi told me as she pointed to the left.


“I am to so we’ll walk together.” I told her as we walk that direction. We made conversation light. She was an easy person to talk
to I could tell. I was hoping she was the person I can use to make his fantasy come true. If she could make it happen I might do it soon rather than later.


“Here’s my car.” Candi stated.


“Mine is a few more down.” I told her.


“Jump in a I’ll drive you down and you can follow me.” She said so I did what she asked and I told her to pull up to my Durango. She ask if the Olive Garden was alright and I said it was and off we went.




“I done put our names down. They said it would about 10 minutes.” Candi said.


“That’s fine. So what do you do?” I ask her.


“Nothing. I’m a stay at home mom. My youngest left for college. So my days are left with visiting friends, reading, or finding a hobby. What about you?” Candi ask.


“I’m also a stay at home mom. My kids are still in school. I still have a while before college days. I read, workout or write. My husband is an engineer in training so he’s on the road some.” I told her

“That must be hard raising the kids by yourself. My husband is always home, it might be late but he’s home.” She replied.


“It can be especially when they are all in sports or have activities going on. So good thing I have family near by so we split up. The kids are understanding about it. Normally it kinda works out some how.” I said with a light laugh.


“I like your laugh.” She said.


“Thanks.” I replied with a blush.


“You never gotten a complement from a woman before?” Candi ask me.


“Well not from family or friends no.” I told her honestly


“Have you ever been with a woman before?” She asks me and it shock me because I wasn’t expecting the turn of questioning so soon my drink went down the wrong way.




“Give me one second.” I told her through my coughs. When I finally calmed the coughs down


“I wasn’t expecting the turn of events it just caught me off guard but to answer your question no I haven’t.” I told her.


“I hope you don’t mind me saying this but you are hot and I wouldn’t mind seeing what you have and to even taste you.” Candi whispered.


“Is that right Candi? What would your husband think about you being with another guy without him being there?” I ask


“Oh honey he doesn’t care as long as I tell him the details and hopefully he’ll get to have some fun by himself. We have an open marriage. So why do you ask?” She said with a questionable look


“Well my husband has this fantasy to be with a cougar. You have what I’m looking for to share him but the thing is he doesn’t know it yet. He doesn’t even know I’m looking or anything. If you are up for it I’ll plan everything out you’ll get to have me and him and we’ll make a little road trip. What do you say?” I ask her.


“I think you have yourself a deal.” She said.


“Great. I’m going to the restroom I’ll be right back. If the waiter comes back just give me the lasgana.” I tell Candi. I walk to the restroom. I go the the big stall and I lock the door and I catch my breath. I couldn’t believe she said yes. So now the details and planning which could be the night of when he left. I was so in my thoughts with my eyes close I didn’t know Candi had manage to unlock the door and get in the stall with me.


“You alright?” She ask me as we rubs her hands up and down my arms. I couldn’t answer as I was getting turn on by her touch.


“I know that you are nervous and slightly turn on. I don’t blame you and I was in the exact same spot as you were years ago. What I’m going to do is unbutton your shorts slide my hand in them. Play with the pussy of yours and make you cum and while you cum on my hand I’m going to kiss you. Then we are going to go back on to the table and make plan to fuck your husband. Ok?” She told me. I just nodded.


She did exactly what she said. Her hand were so tender and knew exactly where I wanted them to touch me and how. She pinch my clit and she realized I had a piercing there. “You naughty girl I’m going to have to see this in person one day very soon.” She whisper on my lips and she kissed me passionately and as she shoved three fingers in me. While I was fucking her hand and she was fucking me with a pinch with her pinky and thumb on my clit I came and moan in her mouth.


We cleaned up and went back to table. We swap numbers and had all the details, set and plan for the  plan call All Aboard. We just need to wait on Jase and the right time to head out.




Jase got the call in the early afternoon. He mention something that they were going to be meeting a lot of trains that day so if I was feeling a little frisky. Jase always wanted to try something on a train but was too careful to try. Well today he got luck his Engineer was a good friend of his and the Conductor is another good friend so he would be good for at least 30 minutes. I told Candi if we did do it we had a short time frame but I told her if her husband was up for a foursome that I think my hub would be game.


“Az meet me at depot by the tunnel. You’ll have to walk to the siding so leave here around 545 and you’ll see the train go by.” Jase told me.


“Sure honey, promise you aren’t changing your mind on me?” I ask him.


“Fuck no! I want to fuck you on a train and I’m so doing this.” He said as he kisses me and he’s hard a fuck.


“Quit teasing Jase. I can’t that coke can now and you won’t let me have it.” I told him pouting.


“You’ll get it alright later. I’m going to head out now. I have to run by and pick up a few thing before going in. Love you Azura.” He said as he kisses me


“I love you to baby. I’ll see you in a little bit.” I tell him as he walks out the door. I quickly grab my phone and text Candi.


Azura: Can you do All Aboard?


Candi: When?


Azura: today leave my house 545


Candi: FUCK YEAH I want to taste your sweet pussy. Send me your address


Azura: 632 Howard Loop


Candi: What time you want me there?


Azura: He just left and I need to shower. So you can get here whenever.


Candi: I’ll be there within an hour.

I couldn’t help that my pussy was wet and ready for Candi and for Jase.



We were at the depot waiting for the train to go by. I had Candi in the back seat laying down because I didn’t want Jase to see her when he went by and wonder what was going on. I knew that we would be going in the second locomotive.  Jase would text me the clear and then I would text her to come on board to and I would leave the door open and to confirm which train etc.


“Are you nervous?” Candi asks


“Yeah just a little but more of his reaction.” I told her.


“He’ll love it don’t sweat it.” She said and the train come creeping by.


“All Aboard is in action.” I told her.


“So he’ll text me and once I get there I’ll text you and I’ll leave the door open. We only have a short window. So strip I’ll be in doggy and I’ll move so he can fuck you and I’ll straddle your face and then we’ll swap and we’ll suck him off.” I tell her.


“Sounds like a plan.” She said as my phone goes off. It’s Jase so I get out of the car and hand her my keys.


“Lock up.” I tell her.


I’m so nervous but its for Jase. He’ll love it. I know he will.


“Hey baby.” Jase says as he meets up to give me a kiss.


“Hey sexy. I’m ready for his cock. Hurry I’m horny.” I tell him. He quickly pulls me up to the second locomotive. I send Candi the text to confirm the second and we are climbing in. Jase and I rush to take our clothes off.


“I’m sorry babe but we don’t have much time. We have only 30 minutes. So I quickly get on my knees I lick his dick up and down. His dick is so thick I can’t even put my whole mouth around it. I can only do the head. Jase quickly pulls me off and sits in the chair.


“No baby, I want it doggy style.” I tell him so his back is away from the door. I lean over the chair which is enough room for me to sit in.


“Whatever you want baby.” He positions his cock and slowly pushes in. After 7 years of his cock I still love the way it feels. He starts to pound me harder and harder. Then I hear her and I know that Jase doesn’t. Then I make my que for her to join.


“ALL ABOARD JASE” I told him pulling myself off his dick and sitting in the spreading my legs wide. “You stay right there and eyes on me Jase.” I tell him and I nod for Candi to walk in. She’s about 5’4, 34 FF she has curves all in the right places. She has long fire red hair with half sleeve tattoos. She glances at him and smiles and I know that Jase takes a peek and quickly locks eyes on me. Candi bends over with her pussy in front of Jase’s cock but he doesn’t do anything and I know he wants too. Candi smiles at me and dives in on my clit.


“I knew this clit piercing would look hot but damn this pussy taste fucking good.” Candi says. Jase stares hard at me like what the fuck.


“Jase happy early birthday baby. She is your birthday present. She is your cougar. Now fuck her. You will get another chance because her husband and her have a open marriage but I thought you might like this. SO. FUCK. HER. NOW!” I told her and he did. He pounded her pussy hard and she was moaning in my cunt and I was moaning loudly.


“We need to switch.” I told them and we quickly switch. I think Jase got turned on even more seeing me eat another girl out while he was fucking me. Candi’s pussy didn’t taste bad. It tasted different that I was expected but I liked it. I knew Jase was taking the view of Candi and that was the whole point. I wanted him to look at her when I was eating her out.


“Fuck Az. I’m about to cum.” Jase said. I was about to pull myself off when Candi pulled my face deeper in her pussy. I shoved four fingers deep in her pussy while Jase pounded me harder and I was on edge close to cuming Jase slide this thumb into my back door and I let loose screaming into Candi’s pussy. Jase pulled out and look at his watch.


“Shit we leave in like 3 minutes.” He said. We through our clothes on and I gave him a kiss. Candi and I ran out the door.


As I was getting ready to pull out the depot my phone chirp.


Jase: That was the best fantasy gift ever but I have the best gift of all. I have you. I love you.


Azura: You are welcome I hope you liked it. I love you too. We’ll talk more about it when you get to your location. Be safe fireman.



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Watching Them II

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As Midnight climb into my car, my cock couldn’t help but get excited, hell I couldn’t either. I wanted to drive 120 just to get back to my crib and strip this beautiful woman naked again.

“How long have you and Chad been friends?” Midnight asks.

“We been friends for 12 years. How about you and Pixie?” I ask her

“Funny story. We use to hate each other but then we starting working here together and kinda became friends. The owner is her brother but before that the place was about to close down so Pixie and I ask to become part co-owners with him. So that’s where we are.” She said.

“Do y’all always share guys or play with each other?” I ask her.

“We don’t share men. Usually if we like on guy and the other knows we back off unless it a mutual agreement that we want to share the guy. We have played with each other before when we were drunk but never really sober.” She tells me.

“Well that was fucking hot as hell, but I’m anxious to get you one on one.” I tell her.

“Hmm. I am too. How about we get started on that right now.” She said as she leans over kissing my neck and lightly caressing my cock.

“We don’t have much longer until we get to my place.” I mumble to her.

“I just want to have a little fun before we get there Luke.” She says.

“I want you to fuck me in the car before we go in. I want to ride you while you are in the driver seat.” She says as she pulls my dick out of my jeans.

“Fuck Midnight. I don’t think I can refuse an offer like that.” I tell her.

“Then don’t.” She says as her mouth covers the head of my dick lightly teasing me.

I want to close my eyes but I remember that I’m driving. I moan as she slowly goes lower on my cock. She has a nice firm grip with her mouth while her tongue is doing circles around my dick and then licking it like a lollipop. I want to come in her mouth so bad. I notice we are a few blocks away from my place. I have an idea that pop in my head but instead I button her jeans and slide my hand down to her soaking wet pussy. I knew then I was going with my idea.

“Take those damn pants off NOW MIDNIGHT!” I demanded. She pulled her mouth off my cock and quickly pulled her heels off and pants.

“Now what sir.” She said seductively.

“We are a couple blocks from my place and you said you wanted to fuck in a car. So I want you to climb on my dick and ride me while I drive but you keep to my left side so I can see and try to focus on getting us there safely. I want you to take control where I don’t want to lift my hips and thrust into you, do you understand me?” I told her.

“Oh yes I do. Can I get on you now? I’m so horny and wet. I need your big dick in me, please.” She whined.

“Fuck yes climb on NOW!” I growled. I couldn’t refuse those words. She quickly climbed on my dick and did exactly as I told her. She stayed to my left side. We both moaned together when she sat her wet cunt on my dick. It was the best feeling in the world at that moment. I could see my house coming in view.

“Midnight, fuck my brains out right now.” I tell her. She started to ride me hard and fast by coming up half way and slamming back down on me then grinding froward and backwards and repeating with twisting her hips. It was hitting all the right places. She was moaning louder and louder. My name on her lips. I pulled in the drive way and threw the damn car and park and left the car running. I quickly put my hands in her hair and yank her head back kissing and biting her bare neck. I was close and I could tell by the way she was gripping my cock tighter she was closer.

I heard the car door open but I didn’t pay any attention because I knew it was Chad and I was too busy with this beauty in front of me getting off. I threw my hips up and met her as she was coming down on my cock and she gasp and screaming she was coming and I quickly mumble I was too. We locked in a passionate kiss.

“Damn that was hot. I want car sex now. Chad let’s go for a ride.” Pixie told him.

“Fuck that I need inside of you now. Lets go inside.” He told her pulling her inside. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“That was very hot Midnight. I want you to stay with me.” I tell her.

“Yes I will. Let’s get dress and watch Pixie and Chad. I get hot watching other people.” She said with a smile. I couldn’t agree more. We quickly got dressed and I turned off the car. Walk into the house ready for more action.

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Sweet Sweet Revenge

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Sweet Sweet Revenge


I was walking to the apartment  for lunch to grab my workout clothes that I forgot so I could meet up with Gabbi after work. I slowly climbing the steps making my way to the door and slide the key in the deadbolt and noticed that it wasn’t locked. I thought that was weird because I locked it when I left this morning. I thought maybe Jared came home real quick for lunch. So I slowly and quietly as possible peeked in. I didn’t see anything out of place so I quietly closed the door just in case there was somone in the apartment.

I took off my shoes and left them by the door with my purse. Then I heard noises coming from the bedroom. So I tipped toed toward the bedroom. As I got closer and closer I could hear the noises better and could tell what they were. Someone was fucking in my apartment and in my fucking bed. I was livid!! I stood to the corner and looked. What I saw I would have never believed in a million years. Not even if my best friend would have told me. As I kept watching what was happening in front of my very own eyes.

“Harder Baby” Girl said

“Oh god yes” Jared said. The girl started to scratch his back.

“Don’t do that baby remember we have to stay quiet because of Lorelei. We don’t have much longer baby.” Jared said.

“God Jared I can’t wait. Please fuck me harder.” Girl said

“You are so much responsive that Lorelei. I’m getting close.” Jared said.


I heard enough I quietly left without my workout bag. I quickly and quietly put my shoes on and grab my purse. I quickly bolted the door without thinking on my way out. I quickly text Gabbi and told her change of plans and hitting to club instead and will explain everything then. She ask where we were meeting and I heard at work about a new club called Voltage so I told her there at exactly 6. That was a set deal. So now I need to set up the plan on revenge. No one get to play with me and get away with it not like a coward.

Lorelei: Hey baby checking to see how’s your day

Jared: Good. Busy at work. What time are you going to be home tonight

Lorelei: I should be home same time. How about you?

Jared: I’ll be about an hour late working on a last minute project.

Lorelei: Alright baby but no plans for either one of us tomorrow night I have a HUGE  surprise for you. So as soon as you are off of work come home so we can get ready for out night.

Jared: Wow babe! You really have something plan. Alright I’ll be right home.


Now that part was taking care of I need to find a man that was willing to help me. Maybe I could call an ex FWB. I would just have to wait and see. I have to put my game face on and get back to work.




“Now tell me why are we here and not getting a good workout?” Gabbi said

“Well you know I went to the apartment to grab my bag. (Gabbi nods) The deadbolt was unlock and I thought that was unusal so I slowly checked out the place and I heard noises coming from the bedroom and went to check them out and I found Jared and some girl fucking on the bed. He said she was more responsive that I was and she couldn’t scratch him on the back because I couldn’t find out about them yet.” I told her and took a drink.

“Are you fucking serious Lore? I’ve would have busted my ass in there and caused all kinds of problems.” Gabbi told me.

“I know and I thought about that. Then I thought no one plays me likes a damn fool and get away with it like a coward. I mean how long has this been going on and who in the hell is this bitch, ya know.” I told her.

“I feel ya honey so what’s the game plan. I’m in all the way just tell me what I need to do.” She tells me.

“I done did step one which was put the plan in motion. I told him I had a surprise for him tomorrow and for him to come home right after work. Step two would be for me to find a man to make Jared jealous like no one business and see if he would agree to my game plan.” I look at with with my evil with a hint of angel smile.

“Oh shit I know that smile Lore. Please tell me this game plan if this man agrees to it. I want to no change that I need to know.” Gabbi says.

“I can’t Gabs. I want that between the man and I only because I want Jared expression and yours to be priceless when I tell the story afterwards. But I will tell you this tomorrow you and I will be calling in sick. We are hitting the store for the things I need to get this party started.” I tell her.

“Brent I need two shots of Patron, please.” Gabbi tells the bartender. He places the shots in front us and mumbles about putting it on our tab.

“To Sweet Sweet Revenge” Gabbi cheers

“To Sweet Sweet Revenge” I cheer back. As we knock back our shots. We continue our conversation about work and catch up on each other lives. I feel my pocket vibrate and I pull out my phone and see it was a text from Jared.

Jared: I’m running a litte later than I thought. Be home soon.

Lorelei: You still at work?

Jared: Yeah why wouldn’t I be?

Lorelei: I thought I just saw you. Since you said you’ll be home late I decided to workout with Gabbi and it looked like you.

Jared: Hmm must be my twin. LOL I’m busting my ass to come home to you babe. I’ll hurry I promise.

Lorelei: Sure babe


I tap Gabbi on the shoulder and gave her my phone so she could see what Jared text me. While she was looking at my phone I was glancing around the club and I saw some guys that I could use but nothing that could make Jared eat his damn words. He has no idea how I can play a game so well.

“What a fucking ass! He was going to meet her, wasn’t he?” Gabs said.

“I would assume so, since he got paranoid about the part me saying I saw him but I don’t care because he’s going to be eating his damn words soon enough.” I tell her.

“Let’s hit the dance floor Gabs and have some damn fun before I go to the damn fool.” I tell her laughing.


We go out to the floor and the perfect song comes on Maroon 5 “One More Night” comes on. Gabbi and I look at each other and smile so big and let loose and just dance. Then the song changes to Rihanna “S&M” and we decide to dance a sexy with each other. As I turn around to put my ass around in front of her and she put her hands on my hips. Then I feel another set of hands but these are bigger. I glance up and I look up into beautiful emerald eyes. He gives me a small smile and I couldn’t help but return it and he steps closer. I tap Gabbi hand and she looks over my shoulder and nods and walks to the bar. I really look at emerald eyes. He has short black hair that spiked with some gel and has a goatee with a strong jaw line. I look over his body. He’s very tall and tone. He has tattoos on both arms.

“You see something you want honey.” I couldn’t answer I just nod at him.

“I see something I want too. So tell me honey what can I do to have you.” He tells me in my ear. Is this my dream come true? Is this the man that suppose to help me?

“Well I can tell you but I rather sit down and tell you emerald eyes.” I tell him.

“Sure but first tell me your name.” He says

“Lorelei and what is yours?” I reply

“Bentley and follow me Lorelei.” He tells me. I follow him to a booth and I lock eyes with Gabbi and I nod and letting her know I’m alright while she talks to a guy at the bar.

“So tell me Lorelei what do I have to do to have you?” Bentley tells me

“I will tell you Bentley but I want your honest answer. Why is it some important that you have to have me?” I ask him

“Lorelei in life you have a dream girl that you know you’ll never have. She may never have the qualities you want maybe just the features you want. I just have the feeling that you have a lot of qualities I want in my dream girl. You definitely features I want in my dream girl. You have the brown eyes, average height, curvy, nice tit, beauitful smile, brownish red hair, and you can tell you keep your body in shape. That is a short version I hope that is enough.” Bentley said.

“It is I hope its the truth. I caught my boyfriend fucking another girl in our bed today during my lunch hour. He told her I wasn’t as responsive as she was and she couldn’t leave scratches on his back because they couldn’t tell me about them yet.” I tell him.

“Ouch. What did you do?” He asked. I smile my devilish smile at him.

“Nothing yet. That is where you come in Bentley.” I tell him

“Oh I knew I saw a quality in you I liked. So please do tell.” Bentley said

“I done put my first part of the plan done in motion which was to tell Jared that I had a surprise for him tomorrow night. He accepted and it’s set. Now I some what of part two in motion.” I tell him

“What is the rest of part two? I have a feeling since I’m part of it.” He says smiling at me.

“Yeah you are. My plan is to take off work tomorrow with my friend, Gabbi, and get everything I need for tomorrow. I was going to get a gag, rope, toys and whatever you might suggest after I tell you my plan and then I’ll be open for suggestions.” I tell him

“So far I like the sound of it. So lets hear what the plan sounds like and we’ll go from there.” He says

“Alright so….” I tell him the plan and the details for tomorrow and he agrees to it completely. It shocks me but hey I’m happy. Bentley and I exchange numbers and agree to call each other in the morning. Gabbi and I head out to the cab and I tell her Bentley agree to help me. So we made plans to meet at her house as if I was going to work like I always do. We said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways.


I got to the apartment and I went to check to see if it was locked and it wasn’t. So I walked in and lock the door behind me. I went to the bathroom washed my face, brushed my teeth, and I looked in the trash can and noticed a condom wrapper. Jared and I don’t use condoms. I’m on the pill. Well he gotten careless another thing I will bring up tomorrow. I climb in bed and Jared is done in bed asleep and laying on his stomach. I see light scratches on his back. Yeah he saw that girl tonight. So I rolled over and went to sleep.

I woke up to Jared nudging me.

“Babe wake up.” Jared said

“What Jared.” I said

“You’re going to be late babe.” He said

“Thanks I’m getting up.”

I get up and walk to the bathroom and handle my business and I look in the trash can again and I notice that he tried to cover it up. I quickly freshened up and got dress.

“Jared don’t forget we have plans tonight. I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR SURPRISE BABY” I tell him.

“So you are serious about that.” He says walking to the bedroom

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?” I ask him

“I thought you was just saying that.” He said. I got up walking to him put my hand over his dick and massaged it and felt it get hard and bit his earlobe.

“I have some naughty plans for us and a very naughty surprise for you but we do have other plans too so please let me surprise you. I even bought a nice sexy outfit for you.” I tell him while still play with his dick.

“I’m going to be horny all day now.” He says

“Good I want you to stay like that because I will be too.” I smile at him.

“I’ve got to go to work babe. I’ll be here at 5:45 sharp. I promise.” He tells me as he turns and grabs his works stuff and walks out the door.

I grab my phone and text Gabbi that I’ll be there soon. Then I text Bentley

Lorelei: Game on

Bentley: What time of arrival?

Lorelei: 5

Bentley: Address

Lorelei: 3439 Sunset Cross Apt 8E

Bentley: Can’t wait don’t forget to get what I told you




I was dress in the outfit that Gabbi and I picked out. I was in seductive red push up bra show my tit more than they needed too. The red was outline with black lace and a matching cheeky panty with a pair of garter thigh highs and stripper shoes as Gabbi would call it. I loved them when I first saw them solid black shoes at list 6 inch heel with a complete open toe. So we got pedicure to complete the look and a manicure so while I was at it I got my hair done just to at some spice to it. I put a robe on so no one would see what was underneath. I was excited for Bentley to get a hold of me now it was time to wait and there was the knock I was waiting for.


“You look WOW Lorelei!” Bentley said.

“You look damn good too Bent.” I told him

“Come in.” I said stepping to the side. He walked in and looked around as I closed the door.

“Would you like anything to drink before I put you in your hiding place?” I ask him

“Do you have any water?” He ask me

“Sure you want a glass or bottle?” I ask him

“Bottle would be better then I can take it with me.” He replied back.

“Sure.” I went to the fridge and grab the bottle and hand him the bottle.

“Are you sure about the Lorelei?” He ask me.

“Oh yes and after I’m done. He’s gone. Gabbi and I talk about it. She doesn’t know the details of what is going to happen because I want her expression as well as Jared to be priceless but she knows how I can be when someone tries to play me. I told her after I complish my plan I told her I was done I want him out of my apartment.” I told Bentley.

“Do you want me to stay to make sure he leaves?” He ask me.

“I’ll probably go stay with Gabbi afterwards.” I told him.

“If you want you can come back with me and I’ll leave you that option.” He said

“So I do have quick question. Do I need a condom or not?” He ask.

“NO! He has been using protection with her. He knows I’m on the pill. So I don’t know why he’s being causious with her. So I want to show him that I’m taking risks with you and plus I want to fill your cum in me.” I tell him.

“Alright then sweetness lets put me in my hiding spot.” He said. I lead him to my closet.

“I put a chair in there so you wouldn’t have to sit on the floor or anything. Once I get Jared gagged and tied down. I’ll open the closet door and I want you to be down to your boxer, briefs or whatever you wear or don’t wear and we’ll get started. It shouldn’t be much longer.” I tell him and give him a short kiss on the lips and close the door.



I notice it was 5:40 and Jared would be home in 5 minutes. I got two wine glasses down and pour wine in them. I done had the chair in the bedroom directly in front of the bed with the rope and gag ball under the bed out of eyesight. I took off my robe and went into the living room and sat on the arm of the chair. I cross my legs, leaned forward with my chest sticking out,  one arm hanging on the back of the chair with a glass of wine with the other hand I was slowly sipping the wine…..waiting on my game player.

“Lorelei I’m…ho….me. Holy shit. Is this for me?” Jared says. I give him my good girl smile.

“Sure is baby. I figure you might like it. Do you if you don’t I can change?” I say quickly getting up walking to him confidently.

“Oh no I want you to stay like that.” He says looking me up and down. That is what I was hoping for.

“Here baby drink up. You are going to need it.” I tell him as I hand him his wine and he chugs in down. I slowly kiss him on his neck and un dress him but I won’t let him get naked as part of my plan. I notice he want to strip down.

“No baby I have a surprise. Come on.” I take his hand and lead him to the bedroom. He looks around and doesn’t notice anything but the chair in front of the bed and gives me a questionable look and I smile. I push him in it. I kneel in front of him.

“I have a little game baby. I’m going to tie you to this chair because I have a surprise for you in that closet but you can’t touch you have to watch.” I tell him.

“Alright baby. I’m so horny right now. Tie me up baby but hurry. I want in your tight pussy. What has gotten into you?” He says in a growl.

“You have no idea.” I tell him as I bound is legs to the chair then his arms and I even his chest. I wait for the gag ball because I want him to respond to some of my questions I will have for him. I want him to beg me to stop fucking Bently then I’ll put the gag in and finish fucking Bently and let Jared watching.

“Are you ready Jared?” I ask him.

“Yes baby.” He says. So I go to my closet and open the door. There is Bentley and I just stood there look at him for the first time and he is like a Greek God and he’s completely nude. His dick is at least 9 inches like and width is a little smaller than a coke can. I hope I can handle that. He smiles at me. I take a deep breath. I whisper “Lets go.” He nods.

“What the fuck!!” Jared screams.

“OH now you want to give piss that I have a man in our bedroom Jared. Bentley, will you please strip me down in front of Jared but leave my thigh highs and shoes on?” I tell the both of them.

“I’ll be honor Lorelei.” Bentley responds as he slowly takes off my bra and panty and kisses my bare flesh and I let out moans as he does it.

“I’ve never cheated on you Lore.” Jared said.

“Really Jared you are playing that card on me. You didn’t have some dumb blonde bitch in our bed yesterday during lunch.” I tell him and his face pales.

“Bentley lets climb on the bed. You can enjoy my wet pussy while I moan and scream in pleasure.” I tell him.

“Only while you are saying my name.” Bentley says

“Oh yes Bentley only your name.” I tell him

“Lore don’t do this. I won’t see her anymore. Please.” He begs. I let out a huge moan and then call out Bentley’s name and grab his hair and shove his head deeper in my pussy.

“You know Jared the never of you to tell her she was more responsive than I am and for her not to leave scratches on your back because I can’t find out about you two. Tells me (I let out another huge moan) this has been going on a lot longer. So I want to know who she is?” I tell Jared while Bentley is eating my pussy.

“Lore please.” Jared begs but he has no tears as I glance at him but he’s embarrassed.

“NOW JARED!!” I yelled.

“Samantha, my ex and it’s been going on for 4 months.” He tells me.

“Bentley I want you to fuck me hard with your big cock.” I tell him.

“You want me to put a rubber on.” He ask like he’s suppose to.

“No.” I tell him

“LORELEI” Jared said shocked because he knows he’s been the only one.

“Now Bentley take me make me yours.” I tell him while I’m looking him in the eyes. My body responds to him like it never did with Jared. Bentley kisses me on the neck and by the ear and whispers “It’s going to be to be sore either way so shove it in or slowly?” He asks. “Both. Slowly as first then shove the rest of the way please baby. I need you.” I whisper.

Bentley takes his time working his cock in me. I block out Jared for a few minutes while Bentley is getting me use to his cock. I arch my back my body begging more for him for his body. “Now” I whisper. Bentley nods and shove his cock all the way in me and I scream “FUCK….OH…MY….FUCK….SHIT…..BIG”

“Give me a sec Bent.” I tell him.

“Sure baby.” He replies

“Jared, when I came home last night you had scratches on your back and the condoms you used with Samantha was still in the trash. Since this apartment is in my name only I want you gone. I’m done with you. I can’t believe you weren’t man enough to tell me you were seeing her and wanting to be with her. I’m not a fool and a pawn in a game. I do seek revenge and honey this is your revenge so you will watch since I am responsive to Bentley and once I’m done coming on his big dick. I’ll sweet Samantha and tell her to come untie you and GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY APARTMENT! Bentley dear fuck me hard.” I tell them.

Bentley does as he ask. He fucks me hard and fast and I’m panting screaming his name and he’s moaning mine. It’s a fast fuck but I don’t care. He comes deep in my pussy. We lay there catching our breath. I get up throwing our clothes on. I pull out Jared phone and find Samantha number and call her. She answer quickly I tell her I know all about her and Jared and she can come get him and keep him I want him out of my apartment within 12 hours. If I ever saw them again I was going to do damage and the door would be unlock because he’s a little tied up at the moment.

I packed a bag of the unused toys I bought earlier while Bentley got dressed. I quickly made sure I had everything and grab my keys. Bentley grab my hand and smiles “My place?” He asks. I smile and nod.

“Unfinish business.” I tell him.


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As I sat at the comedy club with the boys, when I spotted to damn fine ass women. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. One had medium length black hair with vibrant red highlights, nice oval face with perfect pouty lips. She had a pair of dark skinny jeans on with shaped out her ass nicely. I could tell right away she was fit. As I raise my eyes to look up she had a sparkle tube top on that was blue. She had a nice set of tits. I could tell her friends were a lot bigger. I couldn’t tell her eye color from here but her makeup made her ten times hotter. She was already making my dick hard. I look over to check out her friend and she was smoking too. She was just a couple inches shorter than her friend. She had a cute pixie cut going on, not normally my style of girl with short hair but yeah she’s fine. She had blonde hair and the tips were hot pink. She was wearing a white mini skirt with a purple low cute tank top that show off her tits. I was starting to imagine them together and how hot it would be to join them when I felt a nudge.


                “You see what I see man.” Chad asked me.


                “You talking about the smoking chicks in front of us?” I replied back to him.


                “Duh dumbass! Who else would I be talking about Luke?” Chad laughed.


                “Oh shut the hell up. I’m going to order them drinks.” I tell Chad and I wave our waitress over to us.


                “What can I get for you?” The waitress said.


                “I would like to buy those to ladies over there with the blue tube top and skinny jeans and the lady with purple low cut tank top and white mini skirt a drink of their choice please.” I tell her.


                “Would you like for me to tell them who it’s from?” She asked.


                “If they ask, then yes I do.” I tell her giving her a few bills and I watch her walk over to the table and talk to the girls. I notice the shake their head no and then stop. They both look at each other with questions like what is going on and then the waitress pointed to me and I tipped my beer in their direction and smiled.  The blonde seem to blush and turn quickly. The black hair one talks to the waitress again and smile back at me. Then turn toward her friend and got up and notice her coming my way.


                “Damn Luke she’s coming.” Chad said. I nodded and smiled.


                “I know and that was my intention.” I said back


                “Damn that girl is fine as sugar.” Donny said as she walks to me.


                “Hi there, my name is Midnight.” She told me.


                “Midnight, that is very unique name but for some reason it fits your beautifully.” I tell her.


                “My name is Luke.” I hold my hand out to shake her but she doesn’t take it. She leans forward and places a kiss on my cheek close to my ear.


                “We would like to thank you personally for our drinks. In ten minutes meet Pixie and I in the men’s bathroom and we’ll make you really happy.” She whispers in my ear and pulls away and smiles at me and walks back to her table who now I know the other friend is Pixie.


                “Luke what did she say?” Chad ask while Donny and the rest of the guys looking waiting for me to respond.


                “They want to personally thank me for buying their drinks.” I said still trying to get over the shock what she said. I quickly look down to see what time it was. I had 10 minutes. Oh hell yes I was going to be happy alright.


                “What else did she say and by your look it was more than that.” Brian said. I looked at them and smirk.


                “That’s all I’m telling you.” I tell them. I glance back at their table and I notice they are standing up and the waitress return with their drinks. Midnight talks to her for a minute and she writes something down a napkin and nods in my direction and walks off.


                “I was told to give this to Luke?” The waitress said.


                “I’m Luke” I tell her. She smiles and hands me the napkin.


I open the napkin and read it quickly before the guys could get a hold of it.  Luke, Nancy will come get you in a couple of minutes. She is your waitress. She will tell you the owner would like to see you in regarding a contest. She will lead you to Pixie and me. Be ready. By the way Pixie digs the guy next to you so if you want bring him along. We all could have a little fun. When you walk in my door I want your dick rock hard!! Midnight

Fuck that made me hard right away. I can have two girls and I can share with Chad. We both have talk about finding a couple of girls and sharing. I guess now is the time.


                “Chad here in a few the waitress is going to come back and get me.” I tell him.


                “What is going on?” Chad asks.


                “Remember we talk about a fantasy about sharing girls?” I whispered.


                “Yeah what about it?” He whispered back


                “You want to make it happen.” I looked at him. Chad’s eyes go big.


                “Who?” He asked.


                “Those two girls that I bought drinks for.” I told him


                “Fuck yeah I’m in.” Chad said.


                “Good because the blonde wants you.” I tell him and he nods as Nancy walks up to our table.


                “Excuse me Luke?” She ask


                “Yes?” I replied.


                “The owner would like to speak with you alone please.” She said


                “Sure do you mind if a friend comes along.” I ask.


                “Not at all sir. Please come right this way.” She smiles and leads the way to the smokin hot women we were about to fuck.


As she lead us to a door that said “STAFF ONLY’ she turn the knob and open the door. We continued to follow her to we saw a door that said “JONES” on the outside. We heard moaning and oh yeahs. Chad and I look at each other and like what the hell.


                “This door is for you. You don’t have to knock just walk in. I have to get back to my tables. Enjoy.” Nancy said as she walked away.


                “What do you think is going on behind this door?” Chad asks me.


                “I don’t know but those noises are fucking noises and I’m not waiting any longer.” I said as I open the door. I saw the fucking hottest scene ever. Pixie and Midnight were on the desk in the 69 position. Pixie was on bottom and Midnight is on top. They don’t even notice we are in the room and we are stripping fast out of our clothes. I pointed to Chad for him to go where Pixie’s pussy was and I was going to where Midnight’s was. I knew going in this position was going to be hot. Having Pixie’s tongue on my cock and Midnight’s clit while I’m fucking her pussy, I just want to cum thinking about it.


I walk up to Midnight and I place two fingers at her wet pussy. I noticed both girls jumped. I looked up and Chad was doing the same thing I was. We just smiled at each other. I look back down and Pixie looks up at me with lustful eyes and lowers her head back down on Midnight’s bare, wet pussy. She grabs my hand and makes me start fingering Midnight. I take over and Pixie’s drops her hand and focuses on her duty. I felt a hand go around my cock and I realize Pixie is stroking me and getting me ready for her friend. She pulls away for a few minutes and sucks on my cock. God does she suck my dick like a vacuum while she licks it like a lollipop. I pull out quickly and line myself up to thrust hard into Midnight and right before I push in her.


                “Oh fuck! Shit!” Pixie moans.


                “Hurry Luke fuck me. I’m getting jealous over here.” Midnight says and I just thrust in her hard.


                “Damn it warn a girl. What are you fucking 12?” She gasps.


                “Why don’t you be a good girl Midnight and lick and suck on Pixie clit and Chad dick over there while I fuck you tight pussy.” I tell her while I pull out a little and slam back in her and she moans.


                “As long as you fuck me hard I’ll do whatever you want me too.” She replied back.


                “Good because Pixie is going to do the same thing over here and Chad and I are going to cum in your nice pussies and then you ladies are going to suck us hard again then I’m going to take Pixie’s pussy while Chad over there is going to take yours. How does that sound?” I tell them.


                “FUCK YES!!” Is all I hear from all three of them.


Chad and I pound the girls harder as we hear their muffle moans in each other pussies. I couldn’t take much more with the tightness and lick of Pixie’s tongue on my cock while she was playing with Midnight.


                “I’m about to cum” Pixie said


                “Oh god me too” Chad agreed


                “Fuck I’m cuming now” Midnight screaming as she gripped around my cock and milked me. I couldn’t hold it any longer.


                “Damn I’m cuming in your tight cunt Midnight.” I said panting. I noticed we were all catching our breathes and slowly pulling away. I grabbed Midnight and kissed her hard and I heard kissing noises so I knew Chad was doing the same thing. I pulled away from her and I looked at her and her eyes I noticed her so dark brown they were almost black.


                “Your eyes are beautiful.” I look at her. She actually blushes.


                “Thanks. They were like that since I was born. That’s how I got my name Midnight.” She answer back.


                “How about we take round two to somewhere more comfortable?” Chad said


                “Yeah lets do that.” I smile at Midnight. We start to get dress and I look at Chad.


                “My place” I said to him


                “I agree.” Chad said


                “Is that ok ladies?” I ask them.


                “Sure. I’ll ride with you and Pixie can ride with Chad.” Midnight said.


                “I want you again all to myself though.” I whispered to her.


                “I do too.” She replied back. 


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I start thinking about you. I to get wet and I’m laying naked in your bed as you told me to stay from last night. I let my hand wonder down to my wet pussy teasing my clit and I let my mind think back to last night.

I thought of your brown eyes, they so deep with so much soul.

Your masculine hands rubbing all over my body slightly teasing everywhere, just like a feather

Your lips full and plump so ready for kissing just like last night.

I remember all the teasing you did to my body to make it ache for you making me beg for more. I remember your laughter and telling me to be patient. I wanted to flip you over and ride you hard if it wasn’t that my hands were tied.

You tasted every inch of me and savored it like I was your last meal. It turned me on so much to know that you had desired me that much you were taking this much time to savor it.

You kissed me with such fierce passion I never knew existed before and I loved it. I wanted to live in it. He pulled back and I noticed a hint of honey in his brown eyes. He really must be turned on.

He moved down to tease and suck on my nipples. I arched towards him silently begging him for more and push me back down to the bed and attack my full breasts with perky nipples again.

He kissed his way down my stomach to my sacred place and spread my legs wide smiling like he got his prey. He slowly goes down and attached his lips to my throbbing clit and starts sucking while pushing two fingers in slowly. I try to get you to go faster but you held me down with your other hand. I was only there to received pleasure and nothing else.

I screamed I was cuming hard and fast. You never once let up. After I calm down a little you came up kissed me with that same fierce passion.  You pulled back never pulled eye contact away from me. I heard a ripping down and I felt you down something and then I realized you put a condom on. Before you enter me you ask me one question. You asked me if I was ready. I never looked away from those amazing brown eyes and I said yes.

You pushed in and let me adjust to your size. I didn’t get to see your size but you felt extremely huge but so good. I whisper to you please make me feel good. I knew it wouldn’t take long.

“You need help there Maya?” Joe asked me. He caught me playing with myself. I blushed and nodded yes.

He dropped his pants and rolled a condom on and pulled his shirt off and climbs on the bed. He kisses me and he thrust in me hard and fast not like last night. This still feels amazing.

“My naughty girl playing with herself, you turned me on so much by doing that. Now tell me what were you thinking about?” Joe asked me.

“You, Joe only you and what we did last night.” I told him. He started going harder and faster.

“Baby I’m going to cum now.” I told him as I came.

“Yes baby. I’m glad I found you.” He kissed me briefly on the lips and quickly got dressed. Yes I’m glad I have found you too I thought to myself.

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I was walking home from the bar I worked at around the corner when I felt someone following me.  I started to get scared and walk a little faster to my apartment. As I came up to the alleyway before my apartment, a man jumped out and pulled me to him.

“It’s ok Anna. Someone is following you and I heard him at the bar saying he was going to rape you. I knew where you lived because I had a crush on you but too shy to ask you out.” The stranger told me.

“I’m sorry.  Thank you for coming to my rescue. Should we stay here and hide or what should we do?” I ask this gorgeous stranger.

“He should be along any minute and I’m going to kiss you hard.” He told me. I just nodded at him. He leaned in his lips where soft and tasted of Irish cream liquor. I heard voices in the background but I didn’t care anymore. I cared about kissing this beautiful man. I took the kiss deeper and I heard the stranger moan. He pushed me into the wall and was in between my legs. I felt his thick tool get hard against my cunt.  I started to grind myself against him. He pulled himself away and looks at me.

“If you don’t stop Anna don’t think I won’t take you here in the alley. I’m trying to be a gentleman but you are making really hard for me right now.” The stranger said.

“Please just fuck me right now. You can be a gentleman later and take me out on a date for being my hero.” I told him. I heard him let a low growl.

I felt him unbuckle his pants and let down his zipper. I put my hand his cock instantly and start stroking his cock. As he unbuckles my shorts and pulls them down along with my thong and he places two fingers at my entrance.  I moan as he pushes them in me.

“Oh Anna, you are so wet for me.” He says as he pulls out his wallet and takes out the condom and rolls it on his cock. He lines it up to my wet pussy and slowly pushes it in letting me adjust to his size little by little. I grab his hair and pull hard and moan.

“Give it to me now!” I tell him in pleasure.  He does as I requested. He shoves the rest of his cock in me and pounds my pussy hard. While I’m getting scrapes again my lower back from the brick wall but I didn’t care. His dick was giving me the greatest pleasure at this very moment.  I felt my orgasm building rapidly and I knew it was going to hit hard. I just hope he was close too.

“God I’m going to come. Please come with me.” I tell him as I kiss him hard on the lips. He growls against my lips as I feel his cock twitch and he stops thrusting.  I pull back looking at this stranger who saved me and I’m glad he came to me in the alleyway.

“So Anna, how about that date, what do you say about tomorrow night?” He asks.

“I’ll be honor, but first tell me your name.” I tell him.

“I’m Thomas.” He says as he pulls out of me and pulls the condom off and throws in the dumpster. We both pull ourselves together before leaving the alleyway.

“Take me home stranger and we can agree on the time.” I tell him as we head to my apartment.

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Old Love

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I laid in bed flipping through the TV channels couldn’t find anything worth a damn on. I heard my cell phone ring. I glance at the screen and I didn’t know the number. I was hesitant to answer afraid it would be my ex-husband calling me for a booty call which I wasn’t interested in. I’ve finally moved on from him after he was caught in a nasty affair.

“Hello?” I said.

“Is Gabbi there?” A familiar voice from the past asks.

“This is she. Who is this?” I ask the guy making sure it was who I thought it was.

“This is Michael.” He said. I thought BINGO!

“Hey, what are you doing? I haven’t seen you in a long time stranger.” I asked him.

“Not much really. I had you on my mind a lot actually. I went through a divorce recently and I remember a lot of stuff in high school and thought we could catch up.” Michael said.

“That sounds good. When are you thinking?” I ask Michael.

“I’m not busy now. Is now ok or is that too much to ask?” He asks in a chuckle.

“Well I’m in my pjs but you know me I was always comfortable around you. I’ll text you my address and I’ll see you in a little bit.” I told Michael.

“Sure thing sweet lips.” Michael said noticing he used my nickname.

I started thinking back to the first day I met Michael. I saw him when I walked into my English classroom in 9th grade. I was anxious and shy being the new student. Everyone was so welcoming and nice it was a relief. I saw his blue-green eyes and his smile that was infectious.  We started dating right away. I remember his lips were so smooth and always so passionate.

I remember the day we both went our separate way. It broke my heart I was always drug free but he couldn’t give up his pot. The day he broke his promise is the day I let him go. We remained friends at a distance and he eventually got kicked out of school which upset me even more. But what could I do he had chosen his path. We had the same network of friends so we were in the loop on each other.

I heard he got his GED and went off to school where he met the girl he married and had a little girl together.  She had an affair with a co-worker and he caught them in bed. I felt bad for him when I heard but I was also facing my own problems with my now ex. He was caught shoving his dick in an ugly whore while a dick was going in his ass and a dick in his mouth. Needless to say I snapped a pic and that caught his attention and I said “YOU BEEN CAUGHT FUCKER NOW I’M GETTING MY DIVORCE” and walked out and filed the next day.

I heard the doorbell pulling me out my old memories. I walk to the door and look through the peep hole and saw it was Michael. So I unlock and pulling it open and looking him up and down. Noticing those blue-green eyes that are looking me up and down as well and that smile is getting wider. I walk to him and throw my arms around his neck and give him a big hug. I didn’t have to wait long Michael wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer and held me close. I closed my eyes and breathed him in and he still wore the same cologne. God I missed his smell, I missed his arms. What am I saying I just missed him.

“You look great Gabbi.” He said in my ear.

“You too.” I whispered back in his ear.

He looked deep into my hazel eyes and his lips came down on me hard. I meet him back with just as much force meeting each other tongue. I heard him moan making my panties wet. He picked me up easily as I wrapped my legs around his narrow hips. I felt his cock harden against my wet sex. I started to grind myself against him.

He pulled away from me and looks at what I was wearing. He pulled my tank top over my head and ripped my shorts and panties off with his hands. He looks down at my wet completely shaved pussy. He licks his lips. I watch him unbuckle his pants pull his thick long dick out. I swear his just as thick as a coke can and at least 9 maybe 10 inches long. I’m starting to panic thinking he won’t fit. I think he senses that he gently rubs my cheek which somewhat calms me and his lips meets mine again.

I feel his dick rubbing against my clit making me arch against him. One hand grabs my nipple and pinches it. I moan against his mouth and he pulls back and opens his eyes and I see raw passion in them.

“God Gabbi you don’t know how long I’ve wanted you.” He mumbles to me.  God I’ve wanted him for just as long too.

“I want you Michael. Please take me here against this door. I’m begging you make me yours.” I tell him just a little above a whisper.

“Gabbi, it’ll be fast and hard but I promise I’ll make it up to you.” Michael whispers back to me.

Michael’s cock is at my entrance I don’t respond I move myself just a little where now I’m slowly sliding down on his huge cock. I notice he grinding his teeth he must really be holding back and I can feel myself getting closer to cuming.

“Michael to fuck me hard please I’m close to cuming. Just shove that big huge cock in me please Mikey.” I begged him.

He didn’t have to be told twice. He shoved it in me so hard I felt like I was being split in two. I scream in pleasure and pain but I felt so damn good. I had my hands under his shirt with my fingernails digging in his back. He thrust harder and harder and deeper in me not giving me any time to adjust to anything and I loved every minute of it.

“Gabbi, baby, I’m going to cum please let me cum in this tight pussy of yours. Please let me claim it.” Michaels says panting in my ear as he kisses my neck.

“YES MICKEY MAKE ME YOURS!” I scream and moan as I feel his cum shooting inside of me. I lean my head against the door catching my breath while Michael’s face is in my neck. He starts kissing my neck again. He then whispers in my ear “I’m not letting you go again Gabbi. I’m here to stay.” Then he takes my lips with full passion and takes me to the bedroom.

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I’m walking around in the lingerie store looking for a sexy number for my special someone. I grab a few things I like. I go to grab for a sexy black corset that has hot pink bows and matching panties and stockings. Once my hand grabs it another hand grab the same item. I glance up I see the most amazing brown eyes staring back at me.

“Go ahead ma’am I believe this would look nice on you. If you need a man’s opinion I would be honor to give you mine.” He told me.

“Thank you. I might take you up on that.” I tell the good looking man. I walk back to the dressing room. I tried on the first couple lingerie and they were ok but I wasn’t feeling it. So I put on the black corset and pulled back the curtain just a little looking around to find the good looking man from earlier.

I spotted him and to my surprise he was near the dressing rooms as if he was waiting for me. I gave him a nod for him to come here. He glanced around and quickly walked into my dressing room. He looks me at me with pure lust in his eyes. He slowly pushes me up against the wall. He starts kissing my neck and I hear his zipper and then I feel warm hard flesh again my inner thigh. I start grinding against him wanting him in me.  He pushes the panties to the side and shoves his big cock inside hard. He doesn’t give me a chance to get use to him. He takes me hard and fast. God I love the way he feels. I hear him moaning in my ear.

“You need to get this ma’am I think you make someone very happy.” He said in my ear as his cum start shooting in me. Which makes me start cuming on his cock.

“Yes I think I will.” I tell him. He pulls out of me and pulls himself together. I undress and put my clothes and when I turn around to get the black corset it’s gone. When I pull the curtain back the sales person is there.

“Ma’am I have your item at the front for you if you come with me please?” She tells me.

So I follow up to the front and the black corset is in a box and there is a card it read “Be prepared for what I have plan for next week. Be ready Friday 3PM Jack”

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His Dream Girl

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I get the text I’ve been waiting for Room 208 Meet me there at 3pm. I smile at the text I start to get anxious I see I have two hours so I jump in the shower. I lather myself with my favorite strawberries n crème body wash and shave all my favorite body parts to make sure in nice and smooth for him. I rinse off and make sure I don’t have time to pleasing myself.

I dry myself off but not putting lotion on remembering what he told me about his fantasy. So I bring my lotion with me this time. I put on black loose skirt with a pale pink blouse with a black pair of slip on. I blow dry my hair quickly adding some curls to it. I grab my keys and purse making sure I have my phone and lotion is there.

I text him tell him I’m on my way. He responds quickly “I’m here waiting on you.”  Twenty minutes later I arrive at the hotel. I park the car and walk to the room number 208. He opens the door and smiles at me I go to ask him a question. He places a finger on my mouth.

“I don’t want you to say anything unless it’s you screaming, moaning or calling my name.” He tells me.

“Do you understand me Cyndi?” He asks me. I nod my head. He grabs my hand leads me in the room places my bag in the chair and pulls my lotion out and lays it on the bed.

“Stay right here.” He tells me as he walks away. I then hear water running. I start wondering what he is doing. Then I realize he running a bath. He comes back and smiles and me. He slowly unbuttons my blouse and let it drop to the floor and he sucks in a breath when he sees I didn’t wear a bra for him. Then he anxiously yanks down my skirt to see if I’m bare underneath as well. I see his smile is wide so I know he is pleased with what I have done.

He grabs my hand and leads me to the bathroom where he the tub is running and bubble still forming. He picks me up with ease and puts me in the tub. He turns off the water. Then grabs the soap and wash cloth and lathers it up and washes my body well. He pays close attention to my ample breast and moisten love spot. Once he was satisfied with washing and rinsing me off. He picked me back up and carries me to the room and places back on my feet then slowly and lightly pats me down dry.

“On the bed now Cyndi” He tells me. So I climb on the bed doing as he says without a question.

As I lay on my bed on the bed I watch his eyes dilate and go full of desire. He slowly climbs on the bed as he spreads my legs. I look in eyes once more and I see fire in them as he looks down at my wetness leaking from me. He kneels down in between blowing lightly on my bare pussy and I gasp. He dove right in into my wetness. He licked, nibbled, and teased every inch of my pussy and clit having me on edge of cuming. I need to cum so bad and he knew it. He knew my body and knew what I he need suck on my clit and place two fingers in my opening and pushed them in. I knew a couple more times I would cum on his fingers. Like sensing what could happen he fingered me harder and pulled out and place his tongue in me drinking me and moaning in the process. I grab his hair push him further in my pussy.

He pulled away stroking his very thick cock staring at me with desire and passion. He slowly enters me letting adjust to his size.  He slowly to thrust in me taking his time. I grab his tight ass showing him I want him faster and harder. I hear him telling me he’s getting close.  He shifts just a little hitting the right spot making me cum all over his cock. All I can do is moan and I start screaming his name.

“I’m cuming RJ. Cum deep in my pussy baby. YES!!” I scream in pleasure. I hear him moan and saying my name. I felt his warm cum deer inside. We lay there holding each other for a few minutes. He slowly pulls out and starts another bath. Rewash my body just like before but after he’s done drying me off he lathers me up with my lotion and helps me dress. He walks me to the door but he stops and looks at me.

“Is there anything you would like to say?” RJ asks me.

“Thank you.” I say to him and smile. I give him a kiss on the cheek and walk to the car.

A few minutes later I get a text that says “Enjoy your day shopping. I’ll pick the kids. P.S. That was HOT!!” Oh yes that was hot!!

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Fun in the Kitchen

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It’s a nice warm day for spring so I have the windows open and I love hearing the sounds of nature. I glance at the clock and see its 5:07 so I need to start dinner I figure it would be perfect day for steaks on the grill with fried potatoes and a nice salad. As I gathered the ingredients for the salad Dex came home from work.

He walks over to me raises my dress up and sees that I’m not wearing any panties. I hear him moan. I smiling to myself, he always loves it when it’s easy access for him. His hands start to roam on my body slowly inching toward my wettest sacred spot just for him.

“Damn Jaci, what are you trying to do to me?” Dex growls in my ear as touches my clit. I know he feels that I’m beyond soaking wet.

“I’ve been waiting for you baby. I’ve been lonely.” I tell him as I look over smirking at him. He pulls away from me yanks his tight gray shirt off and toss over on the floor. He then pulls off his boots with his socks and looks up at me. I lick my lips anxious for his lips to be on mine. He slowly unbuckles his pants and pulls them off teasing and driving me crazy at the same time.

“Oh god Dex please hurry and get over here and kiss me baby.” I tell him whining with a slight of begging. I’ve begged him plenty times of before. He was in a teasing mood and I was happy to oblige.

Dex walks to me and grabs the hem of my dress to pull it off of me leaving me completely naked in front of him. He picks me up and places me on the counter top with my ass on the edge. He then put my legs over his shoulders and looking at my juices dripping down onto the counter.

“Jaci baby, did you play earlier today without me?” Dex asks me.

“No baby” I tell him speaking partial truth.

“Did you play with Mr. Bob, Jaci?” Dex asks being serious. I knew I couldn’t lie to that tone.

“I did a little bit but I couldn’t bring myself to cum. Baby please I need you.” I beg Dex while he was watching my juices drip more and more as I was getting more and more turned on by the minute. He knew I hated to admit when I play with myself to him but at the same time it fuckin turns me on.

“Yes baby you do need to cum and I’m your man to do it.” He tells me as he dives right into my wet pussy. His mouth goes right my clit and sucks on it lightly with his tongue doing his movements. Oh god then he shoves two fingers in me and that does me in I let lose my orgasm hard. I grab Dex’s short blonde hair and shove his face deeper in my pussy while I moan and scream his name. I don’t care that our windows are open and that our neighbors can hear me.

“Dex please shove your big cock in me now. Please make me squirt on you. Please I need it bad.” I beg him. Dex does what I ask and forcefully and in just the damn right spots. He tilts me to the side dropping one leg and keeping one leg on his shoulder. Fucking me with such force that the drawers are rattling. I start pinching my nipples.

“Jaci you are so fuckin hot baby. I’m going to cum in this tight pussy. You ready to let loose baby?” Dex asks me but I can’t respond because it feels too damn good I moan and scream “YES.” Dex puts his thumb on my clit and pounds faster. I can feel I’m right there I just can’t let go. Dex sees what I need his lips comes down close to mine and whispers “COME NOW JACI” we both cum hard and we stay there forgot about dinner just holding each other.

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In Her Lover Eyes

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I walk into the club feeling the bass going through my body. I was ready to grab a drink from the bar and hit the dance floor. None of the girls could meet up tonight because the babysitters cancel but tonight was the only night I could get away Lane was at home watching the kids or supposed to anyways.

I walk up to the bar and wait for the bartender. I notice there were two of them one was tall, skinny but tone not really my type but I would totally do him. The other bartender was so my type. Just looking at his backside made my panties wet. He was a few inches taller than the other guy.  You could tell he was very built by his back in nice shape ass, tone with a small curve. Nice ripple of muscles in the back until he turn around and OMG was he very muscular in the front with the tight ass shirt he had on. You can literally see his 6 pack.

“What can I get ya?” The guy with the 6 pack said.

“I want Sex on the Beach and a Leg Spreader, please.” I told him.

“$13 Please.”  He said. I hand him a $20. He walks away to the cash register with my change. I smile at him then quickly drank my Sex on the Beach.

“Here’s your change.” He said. I shook my head at him.

“Keep the change as your tip for being too damn hot, sexy and (pointing my finger at him to come closer) making me want you.” I said as I got up from the bar with my drink and walk away.

“Who was the sexy thing?” Joe ask me ask I watch her walk away.

“Fuck I don’t know but she just told me to keep the change as my tip for being too damn hot, sexy and making her wants me. I mean what female says that.” I look at Joe over my shoulder as I’m serving other customers

“I don’t Mike but I’ll tell you one thing when you go on break in like 20 go find her and take her.” He said chuckling. I had to agree what she said made my cock rock hard. I was definitely going to find her later.

As I was dancing on floor with some girls I knew from way back when having a good time when I felt that feeling someone was watching me. I start glancing around and found the suspect right away. I knew right away why he was here it was time to play his game which I was ready for.

“Hey little tease, you want to talk for a minute?” The bartender asks me. I nod my head as he grabs my hand and lead the way. Before I got too far I lock eyes with the guy who has been watching me. He nods his head for me to go ahead to let me know the game was on. This made me very happy because this beautiful man was definitely a man I want for this game.

He lead me into a stock room towards the back where it looks to be used for sole purpose of fucking which pleases me because he wants what I want.

“I’m Mike and I want you to know I’m going to fuck you hard. The thing you said to me affected me in the worst way and now you are going to take care of it.” He said pulling my skirt up and pulling down my panties which I was unbuckling his pants and pulling his briefs and pants down as well.

I glance over the boxes and see the guy watching the scene unfold in front of him. He nods yes to proceed. I want to so rough and I want going to tell Mike I want it that away too.

“Mike I’m Sydney and I need to tell you I want it hard, rough and against the wall. Now I want you to fuck me NOW DAMN IT!!” I tell him as I raise my voice a little louder each time. He rolls on the condom and picks me up he looks me in the eye and smiles.

“Good because that’s what I’m going to give you.” He smiles and he slams my back into the wall and I moan so loud when he did it. I then felt his huge ass cock stretch my throbbing pussy.

“Fuck you are so tight.” He groans in my ears. He doesn’t even give me time to adjust he pounds into my pussy hard and fast. His hand comes up to my neck and slightly starts choking me. Causes me to cum so hard I find my stalker. I could tell he was stroking his cock.

“Fuck I’m cuming.” Mike said as I felt the twitch of his cock. He then pulled out of me. Look at me and smiles. He pulls up his briefs and pants and then kisses me on the cheek.

“That was fucking great. Thank you. There are some wipes over there. You can clean up and just walk out won’t no one pay attention.” Mike says as he walks out of the stock room.

Once Mike leaves my stalker walks over to me while I’m cleaning up. He grabs ahold of me and kisses me hard.

“Let’s go home Sydney because that made me fucking hard and want you even more.” My husband says to me. I couldn’t help but smile because I made his fantasy come true.

My Story I

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When I checked my caller ID I and saw my girl Stacy’s number flash on the screen I was hippy to have something to remove me from the boredom of my otherwise normal day.
                “Hey girl, what’s up?”
                “Not much girl, are we still on for tomorrow night?” she asked.
                “Yeah, should be. I’m getting a pedicure and a haircut before we go though. When are we heading out? Are you picking me up?”
                “I’ll go with you for the pedi.” She laughed as she admitted, “God, I need one too! I’ll pick you up; I figured we’d head out around 8 and get something to eat. Then we can go from there.”
                “All right, girl, I’ll pick you up around 1 for the pedi,” I agreed.
I hung up the phone thoughtfully. She might get us in all kinds of trouble, but going out with Stacey was always fun, amazing, and even downright fucking hot.
It was probably because I hadn’t had a chance to go out with Stacy in a while, or maybe because I’d heard so many good things about the club, but I woke up feeling like Saturday was going to be a very good day. Even though it wasn’t how I wanted to spend my morning, I decided to clean up my house. Sometimes Stacy needed a place to crash when the vodka got the better of her. Of course, another, better, reason was in the back of my mind. Maybe I wouldn’t be coming back alone.
Once my hair was done I looked in the mirror critically.
                “What do you think?” I asked.
Stacy leaned over the back of the chair and her green eyes met my brown ones in the mirror as she examined the stylist’s work
                “Looks good,” she said finally. “You look hot!” She brushed her own brown hair away from her face and said, “I wish I’d taken the time to do something with all this!”
                “Girl you have the volume I wish I had.” I chuckled at her.  “Leave it down and when you blow dry your hair adds some curls not a lot but some and I think it’ll be all you need.” I grinned at Stacy and the stylist just nodded in agreement.
As we finished with the salon we went over the mall. We browsed around at the stores and looking at eye candy. I spotted a new store in the mall and said “what the hell why not” to myself.
                “Stace lets go in this store. I got a feeling I will find THE OUTFIT for tonight.” I looked at her. She nodded in agreement as we walked in the store.
                “Welcome to the Rave, How can I help you?” A cute petite blonde around mid 20’s asking when we walked in.
“I’m looking for an outfit to go out tonight and I want it to be the outfit if you catch my drift.” I smiled at her.

                “I understand completely. My name is Shawna and I’ll being helping you. Come this way and I’ll get a fitting room ready for you and your friend. Then I’ll gather some outfits and you can try them on.” I nodded and said “Sure.”
Stacy and I walked to the fitting room. The fitting room was huge. I had a couch and a table with water and snacks. I raised an eyebrow toward Stacy and she shrugged her shoulders. I started to undress while I was waiting on Shawna. I looked at Stacy I always knew she was always a pretty girl. Not that I haven’t thought about experiencing some girl on girl action because I would do Stacy in a second. She was taller than me compare to my 5’3 she was 5’6. She wasn’t as curvy as I am, but she had nice set tits on her. If I remember correctly full B cup compare to my DD. She had sandy brown hair that volume that I was extremely jealous off, but she always through it up in a ponytail because of her job. I had nice wide hips with a desirable ass as the men called it. Stacy had a cute bubble butt but not much of one. We were complete opposites of each other. That’s probably why we were such good friends.
                “Here you go; I brought a strapless bra too. If you need anything just holla at me.” Shawna said as she was walking out the door. I went through all the dresses and I thought I wasn’t going to find the one but the last dress I put on I looked at myself in the mirror and I knew this was it.
                “Damn girl that is the OUTFIT if you know what I mean.” Stacy was wide eyed and walking around me.
                 “You think so?” I asked her. I felt confident but I needed the assurance from my best friend. She was just nodding her head. I put my clothes back on and went and saw Shawna at check out and said this is the dress.
               “I have some amazing shoes to go with this dress, if you are interested.” Shawna suggested.

I looked at Stacy and I thought real quick of my shoes at home and realized none would go with the outfit. “That would be great Shawna. I’m an 8.5 in shoes.” I told her. She walked to the back of the store and came back with some amazing shoes. She gave me the total. We left that mall. I dropped Stace off at home and said quick bye that I would see her later.
It was 5:30 by the time we were done with our shopping. I poured some vodka and downed it in one shot as I savored the burn of the liquor down my throat. It was a little early, but I wanted to take my time and look my best so I headed up the stairs to start getting ready.
I filled my tub with warm water and sank down with a sigh of pleasure. I poured some mango bath wash onto my loofah and began to soap myself as I inhaled the delicious, fruity scent.  I shave my appealing legs and, of course under arms. Once I finished I reached in the water felt my wet, smooth shaven pussy. It was still nice and soft. I teased myself pinching my clit while twisting my nipples with the other hand. I wouldn’t cum but I wanted to be more than a tease tonight. I will be bringing someone home. Oh yes I was. I got out and lathered up in my favorite lotion. I left my hair alone since it was styled for tonight. I looked at my clock it read 650. I got on with my makeup. I was going to take my time and do it right. I was going to smokin hot!! As I finished I heard the doorbell.
I yelled come in. “Where ya at hooker” I laughed.
            “Back here Stace.” She walked in the bedroom as I finished with my makeup.

             “Damn girl you aren’t ready yet.” I laughed at Stacy.
             “Chill girl I just have to put my clothes on and I’m ready.” I told Stace.
             “Well hurry up I’m hungry and I’m ready to party and find some hot men!!” Stace told me while she was doing a dance move.

          “Me too honey me too” I whispered. I pulled out my new black tube top dress that I had bought earlier. I had pulled out my stripper silver sparkle shoes with some silver hoops and my favorite charm necklace.

         “Damn girl I never seen you look this hot before.” Stace said to me with a smirk on her face.
         “Whatever Stacy you have seen me dressed like this.” I told her.
         “No way, No huh honey.” She said while shaking her head.

         “Oh shut up and let’s go eat since you are starving.” I told her as I grabbed my purse and keys. I locked up and head out for a fun night.
When we got to Zone, of course we had to stand in line. I could feel the base from the dance music throbbing in my veins. I could also feel myself getting impatient; I really wanted to get out there on the floor. I wanted to dance, to flirt, to touch, and tease.
                Once we got closer I saw that I knew the bouncer. His name was Jake and I hadn’t seen him in forever. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of seeing him again.
                Stacy and I stepped up.
                “ID’s please,” he said, all business.
                “Hey Jake, how are you?” I asked as I handed mine over.
                He glanced at me briefly and then looked again. “Liz? Is that you?”
                “The one and only,” I teased.
                He gave me a huge hug and then pulled back to look at me once more. “Wow girl,” he said with an appreciative smile. “You look…wow!”
                “Thanks,” I said as I returned his grin.
                He glanced at Stacy and me and then said, “You know what? Go on in. It’s on me tonight.” Before we could say anything he went on, “You’ll be surprised how big of a treat you’ll be tonight Liz.”
                I gave him a confused look, but before I could question him, Stacy pushed me into the club.
We managed to find a table in the crowded club and Stacy ordered shots as I sent out some texts to our friends Erin, Stephanie, and Wendy. We stayed so they would be able to find us when they got there. It was easier to scan the room that way too. I didn’t see anyone to take home just yet, but I was optimistic. It was early.
                Our vodka shots arrived and we drank them down. As we swallowed the song changed to one Stacy and I both loved.
                “Oh hell yeah bitches!” Stacy shouted over the song with a smile. “Let’s grab some tequila shots!”
                “And then some Jell-O shots!” I shouted back. “The hell with driving back!”        
I saw the girls walking over to the table where Stacy and I were.
          “Hey ladies, how y’all been?” I raised my voice Erin looked around “Nice place y’all picked. I’m good Liz, you know same ole same ole.” She said with a chuckle. I nodded in agreement.
Wendy and Stephanie answered the same time “We are good. Hell we are out and looking for some eye candy. What do you think?” I busted out laughing.
We ordered some more drinks and shots. While we were waiting Stacy and Stephanie were chatting about work and I was about to join in when I felt I was being watched. I glanced around looking for that person but I couldn’t find where the feeling some coming from.
             “Liz you ok? You looking like you are searching for something.” Stephanie asked me
            “No, I’m fine just looking at the potential victim for later.” I told Stephanie but I still couldn’t shake the feeling someone was watching me.  But I quickly got over it and joined in the conversation.
Stacy got up and grabbed my hand after the fourth or fifth time I’d craned my neck around the dance floor trying to figure out who was looking at me. I guess she thought I was getting tired of sitting. The rest of our group joined us after they finished their drinks.
                I put my hands in the air and swished my hips as I closed my eyes, feeling the beat of the music in my stomach and through my blood. I’d been right this morning; this was a great night!
                Suddenly my eyes sprang open as I felt a big set of hands cupping my hips. I looked at Stacy. Her eyes were just as wide as mine, but her smile was bigger. She gave me her “Go for it, he’s a hottie!” nod so I kept dancing. I felt his breath on my neck and on my ear. He smell like cinnamon. I let loose and pressed into him. Moving one of his hand to my stomach with the other on my hip. I pushed chest out while grinding in his junk. I felt him getting hard. He put both hands back on my hips and grinding into me more. I was desperate to see what he looked like so I spun around in his arms and looked up at him. It was better than anything I’d imagined. I actually had to catch my breath in surprised amazement.
                His eyes were blue, but not like any kind of blue I’d seen before. They were a beautiful aqua blue. His dark brown hair was cut close but longer on the top. It was spiked out a little like he just woke up but god it was so hot on him. He was 6’4 and built. He had a navy blue shirt that was tight that showed off the impressive muscle in his arms and chest and dark denim jeans with black boots on.
                As impressive as that body was though, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his mouth. His lips were pouty and so damn kissable that I was getting wet just looking at him. I wanted to talk, to introduce myself, hell, to ask him to come home with me right now, when he spoke.
                 “Hey there, my name is Jon. I’d like to take you home,” he dropped his voice to a whisper and leaned down so I could hear him as he finished, “And give you multiple orgasms with my fingers, my mouth and my cock. What do you say?”

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My Story XIII

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     Jon’s Point of View
As I lead Liz to the bathroom I decided to nice hot bubble bath in the Jacuzzi. I pick her up and lower her up in the luxurious bubbles that smells womanly and of passion. I climb in behind her massaging her neck and shoulders. I heard her groan as I press into her.
                “Oh god, Jon, that’s feels so good.” I heard Liz say as her body relaxes into me. Liz’s head fell back on my shoulder. I reach for the washcloth and grab the soap lathered it up really well. I rub her body down paying extra attention to her tight pebbles and sensitive pussy. I heard Liz groan and moan as I wash her whole body.
                “We are all down kitten. Let’s get dried off and lied down and try for some shut eye.” I told her. I was enjoying her company so much more than probably should but at this moment I didn’t give a shit. I’m going to enjoy it while I had her in my arms and in my house.
I watch her as she dried off her amazing body and towel dried her hair. She turn and smile at me and walk towards the bedroom. I slowly walk behind her I saw her climb in bed pulling the covers over her body patting the spot next to her.
                “Are you coming to join me sexy or are you going to sit there and stare at me?” She said in a sleepy haze. I couldn’t help but smile her. I walk towards the bed and laid down pulled her to me. She laid her head on my chest with her hand under cheek and her leg drape across mine. She smells so good.
                “Close your eyes sweetness because I’ll ravish you again later so you’ll need your sleep.” I told Liz as she started to fall asleep.
As the minutes went by I felt her breathes slow and deepen. I knew she was asleep. I ran my fingers through her hair. I started thinking about when I first met her. She was very confident and not shy about the person is she and I liked that about her. When she saw I had money she didn’t go into diva mode like some of the other girls I dated or messed around with. She reacted to me so perfectly with added fun and spice who wouldn’t love that. Man talking about a fucking wet dream what she did in the limo with her girlfriend man I’m starting to get hard just thinking about everything she has done in one night alone. Maybe I can get Landon, Bronson and I together and stuff every hole Liz available full of cock.
My cock got harder I slowly push my little kitten onto her back. She didn’t make a sound or move. I want to look at her beautiful body while I jack off. I knew she need her sleep before I wake her up in a couple of hours. I rise up to my knees slowly stroking my cock looking at her curvy body lying on my bed. I start to stroke a little faster just thinking about how her mouth felt on my cock earlier. The way she was teasing and sucking the head, oh my I never had that done before. She definitely had tricks I heard from the guys about girls they were screwing but I’ll be damn I caught one. I caught myself moaning a little loud and my little kitten rolls to her side squishing her tits together. Man what a beautiful sight that is and a wonderful place to put my cock in and fuck those nice set of tits but I couldn’t wake her yet.
                                “I know you want to fuck my tits blue eyes so come straddle me and cum so we can go to sleep.” I heard my kitten purr to me. I climb on top so quick before she could tell me no.
I place my dick in between those luscious tits and pump my cock fast and hard. I knew I wouldn’t last long. I had my mind reeling from everything from earlier.  I saw the desire in her eyes so I knew her like what I was doing and enjoying.
                “Cum on my face lover.” Kitten told me like she read my mind. I lost all control I came hard all over her gorgeous face. After I caught my breathe I got up and grab a washcloth and clean wipe her face of the cum. I put the washcloth in the dirty clothes pull her back to my chest and cuddle to her.             
                “Now go to sleep Mr. Keem or I’m going to spank you for being bad.” Liz told me in a teasing voice.
                “Oh kitten, that might be naughty but nice.” I said kissing her on the cheek.
                “Now kitten go to sleep or you will be getting the spanking.” I told her as she was already dozing in a restful sleep.

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My Story XII

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I ran as fast as I could without looking back. I knew he would come after me. I didn’t go up the stairs like I had plan. I took the first door down on the left. It appears to be a library or office. I really couldn’t tell. I knew there was a desk. So I decide to climb on the desk and spread my legs wide open and prop myself up on my elbows. I notice he was taking too long. My mind started to wonder what he would do to me. My hands start to drift down to my wet shaven pussy and lightly tease my clit.
            “I see you started without me.” Jon said as he walks closer. I rise up to where my legs are hanging off the desk and smile at him and slide down. I walk to him meeting him in the middle of the room.
                “So I did Mr. Blue eyes what are you going to do about it?” I ask him taunting him wanting him to punish me with his cock but before he could grab my arms I dodge left and took off again laughing.
                “I see Mr. Blue eyes you are too slow yet again.” I yell at him while running yet again to hide for him to seek me out to capture me and the pleasure he wants.
                “Oh kitten, come out where ever you are.” I hear Jon say while I’m hiding in the laundry room on top of the washing machine. I decide to play with myself a little more until he seeks me out. I start to giggle because he still can’t find me because he repeats his phrase “come out where ever you are” I can’t but try to give him a hint. So I start the washing machine and sit on the edge and wait for him.
A couple seconds later he barges in the laundry room with his robe completely gone and his cock completely hard and his eyes blazing with desire. I look at him with an evil and seductive grin.
                “You see something you want to conquer lover.” I ask him. He grabs my legs spread them wider and then slam his cock in my wet pussy. He leans down and latches on to my nipple and I grab my other nipple with my hand twisting and pinching it. I moan for him loud while he growls for me. I knew it was time to stop and play the game again.
                “Oh god, Jon, stop for a second it’s too much baby. Please give me a second.” I tell him. He pulls back and pulls his cock out and I gasp feeling the emptiness of him. I smile at him. I climb down and kiss him hard and I feel his hands on my ass. I pull back and look at his eyes and push his against the wall. His eyes go wide I kneel down in front of him grab his cock and put it in my mouth. I tease the tip licking it sucking it like a lollipop. He went to put his hands in my hair and I grab his hands. I force them on the wall and moan on his cock. He growl when he felt the moan. I watch as he close his eyes. Once I saw his close his eyes I slowly got up without him knowing and took my mouth off and took off yet again.
                “Mr. Keem, you thought you had me ready to submit you. Guess again blue eyes.” I said while I ran upstairs into a guest bedroom. I knew I was ready to let him conquer me but I want him to find me in his bed.
                “I know you are up here somewhere, kitten. There are only 5 bedrooms so you are in one of them.” He said teasing and laughing. I heard him in the room I was in but I was in the closet behind the luggage he had. I was hoping he didn’t find me.
                “So I guess you aren’t in this room.” He said walking out as I heard the click. I wait until I heard him say that the third time then I knew my coast was clear to sneak in his bedroom to set up my capture.
                “Ok kitten you aren’t in the fourth bedroom so that means you are in the fifth bedroom so get ready for your punishment.” He said in a seductive tone.
I giggled to myself. Little did he know I was done in his room going through his duffle bag full of goodies. He had nipple clamps, lube, different sizes of dildos, butt plugs and not sure what the rest was and not sure I wanted to experience the rest of it. I pull out the lube and a dildo close to his size. Climb onto his bed lube up the dildo glide into my wet pussy and slowly start fucking myself.
                “Kitten where are you?” I heard him. I didn’t want to give myself away but I want him to find me here on his bed like I was. So I didn’t do anything I kept quiet no matter if I wanted to moan or not. Then I heard the door knob turn and I turn my head towards the door and I saw his eyes go wide. He stops and starts stroking his cock fast.
                “So blue eyes since you found me all you have to do is catch me.” I said teasing him while I was still fucking myself with the dildo slowly. He slowly moves towards the bed.
                “You know you said you want to fuck my ass. Since I have done have something here in nice wet tight pussy you can use my virgin ass but you’ll have to go slow.” I told him while he staring at the scene in front of him. He grabs a condom and puts it on him.
                “Get on all fours kitten now” He told me in a demand. I pull out the dildo turn over onto my stomach raise up on my knees with my ass up. I got up on one elbow with the other hand I put the dildo back in. I felt something cold on my virgin hole. I realize it was the lube. I tense up and leaned forward.
                “Relax kitten and breath. When I push in I want you to breathe out and push out and back understood.” He said in a confident voice. I notice he was stretch me out with his fingers first and they felt different but good. I slowly relax.
                “Now kitten I’m going to try my dick. I’m going to go slow with you so breathe and do what I told you to do.” He said reassuring me.
I felt his head pushing in my virgin hole. I took a deep breath and realize I just rather go ahead and have his whole cock in me and adjust to his size. So once his head was in he stop and I realize he was letting me get to use to it and I nodded my head for him to go on. I took a deep breath and slowly breathe it out push out and back and he slid all the way in me with the help of lube and playing beforehand.
                “Oh fuck kitten you are so tight and you feel so fucking good!! Oh my…oh…shit…I’m not going to last kitten.” He said growling and grinding his teeth.
So with that notice I fuck myself with the dildo hard and then I felt his hand on my clit and that push me closer to my ultimate orgasm.
                “Jon I’m getting close cum on my ass please.” I beg him. He pounds my ass harder when he heard me to cum on me. I fuck myself harder with the dildo and his fingers are working my clit faster. I can’t help but release the building orgasm.
                “OH FUCK JON I’M CUMMMING!!” I scream at Jon.
                “OH ME TOO KITTEN!” He says as he pulls out and rips the condom off and cum all over my ass. We stay like that for a few minutes catching our breathes.
                “How about a shower kitten?” Jon asks.
                “That’ll be grand.” I say smiling at him over my shoulder.

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My Story XI

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I moan around his cock when he shoved it into my mouth. I didn’t know how far I can take his cock because he was longer and bigger than anyone I have been with. So I relax my mouth and ran my tongue under his shaft as he was fucking my mouth fast.
            “Relax your throat kitten, breathe through your nose kitten I want you to take all of my cock.” Jon told me. I was unsure but I did what he asks. I felt him go past my gag reflex I want to pull away. Then I remember what he told me to relax my throat and breathe. He pushes further and then I realize he was all the way in my mouth. I was getting turn on by knowing I can deep throat and I was doing it to this man. I start to moan on his cock. He starts pumping faster and he let out a growl. I knew he was getting close and when I moan I knew he love the vibrations so I kept on moaning.
            “Kitten I’m going to cum in your pretty little mouth. I want you to swallow all of my cum.” He said panting. I felt his cock get harder and longer if it was possible then the twitch. I felt the spurt of cum hit the back of my throat. He tastes sweet with a dash of salty but I like his taste. He stops pumping my mouth and bent down to kiss me hard after I swallow all of his spunk. I thought that was hot very fucking hot. So I kiss back deeper and harder.
            “I’m going to untie you kitten. We can have a small break and we can finish what we started.” Jon said while he was untying my hands. Once my hands were undone I rub the wrists and rose up. I watch him untie my ankles. Then he starts to rub them. His touch was soft and masculine.
            “I would love something to drink.” I told Jon
            “Sure kitten. Let’s go downstairs and we can find a snack too.” Jon said while getting up. He was walking towards the bathroom. He came back out with a bathrobe for me and he done had his wrapped around him.
            “Let’s go kitten.” He said holding his hand out for me to grab. I grab his hand and he pulls me up and put the robe on for me. He then held my hand as we walk downstairs. He led me to the kitchen and pulls the barstool out for me. I sat down watching him open the cabinets.
            “What about some cheese and crackers?” He asks.
            “That’ll be great. Could I please have coke too?” I ask looking at him.
            “While of course kitten.” He said with a smile. He pulls two glasses out fills them with ice and places two coke can beside it. He pulls out the crackers, cheese, turkey and ham. He lays them out on a big platter.
            “Eat up kitten because you are going to need the energy for later.” He said in a teasing voice.
            “I’m sure I will.” I laugh because I knew it was true.
            “So I figure we can get to know each other a little bit while we snack. Do you like your job?” Jon asks while grabbing a piece of cheese. I nod at him while I was taking a drink.
            “Actually I love my job. I get to help people and make them better if I can. What about you Jon do you like your job or should I say jobs?” I ask him
            “I have my good days and bad days of liking my job. Sometimes it’s really stressful but I wouldn’t change anything.” He said while watching my grab a piece of cheese, turkey and cracker.
            “Do you have any brothers or sisters?” I ask him while he takes a drink.
            “Yes I have a sister. She’s in college now. She’s a junior. What about you?” He asks me.
            “I have a brother and sister. They are younger than me. They are done with school.” I said I didn’t want him to know anything more if I had too.
            “So Jon are you ready to start round three in that big bed of yours? I’m ready to see what else you have in that black duffle bag.” I said taunting Jon.
            “Oh kitten I’m ready to pound my cock in your ass and fuck that pussy again harder than last time.” He said teasing me.
I walk over to him slowly untying my robe. I slowly slid it off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I pinch my nipples and gave him a teasing smile. His eyes went darker and pupils dilated. I knew he wants me again.
            “So Mr. Blue eyes if you can catch me and find me I’ll let you have your way with me.” I told him before he could respond I took off as fast as I could.

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My Story X

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I felt the bed dip which I would assume Jon climbing on to the bed. I was very eager to see what we were going to do to me. I knew I had to be patient but my body wouldn’t allow it. I knew my nipples were at top peak anxious and ready to be nibble, suck and lick on.
I felt warm air on my wet love tunnel then I felt big masculine hand opening my pussy lips. He flicks his tongue over my piercing then lowers his tongue to my wet opening. When I try to grab his head and force his head closer I realize I’m tied down. I can’t rush him or beg him because I’m gagged. Jon takes his time teasing and torturing me. He brings me to the edge of my orgasm then he stops and kisses my inner thighs.
                “Oh kitten I’m having so much fun right now. I bet you are ready to cum all over my face and tongue.” He tells me has kisses up my body. I can feel his above my breasts. Then I feel the pleasure of his warm, wet mouth on my hard nipple while he’s pinching and twisting my other nipple. I didn’t know the pleasure that even exist. I arch my back pressing my tits more in his mouth. He stops and takes the other nipple in his mouth. I try to moan with the ball in my mouth. I wish I could beg him to make me cum but ugh the frustration is turning me on.
I feel him going back down to my pussy. I feel his warm mouth go back on my clit and I then feel two fingers enter me. He starts to slowly enter and withdraw his fingers. He knows he’s driving me crazy. I’m on the edge. I felt him remove his mouth from my clit.
                “Liz I want you to come and I want you to come now!” He demanded. I then felt his mouth back on my clit sucking and now enter three fingers. Then I remember his demand to cum and I lost it. I came hard on his fingers. He slowly pulls his fingers out of my wet hole and shoves his tongue in and being sensitive I felt like I was peeing on myself. I didn’t know what was happening to me I start to panic and I think Jon sense that.
                “Its ok kitten you squirted. I’m assuming you never had that happen to you before. So just enjoy and feel.” He said panting.
I heard something being ripped open then I realize it was a condom wrap. I was getting more anxious knowing his big thick cock was about to fuck me hard and good. I felt my body being set on fire and right now Jon was the only man that could put that fire out.
                “Kitten you taste so good and sweet. I think I can have your sweet little pussy for every meal. I’m rock hard and I need, want you and I need and want you NOW!” He said then forces his cock in me to the hilt. He pauses for a minute and raise up slightly.
                “Kitten I’m going to take off your blindfold and your gag. I want to see your eyes when you cum and hear you when you scream my name. I want to hear all the noises you make.” He told me. I then felt the gag came undone. Once it was gone I move my jaw around. I felt the blindfold come off and I took a moment before I open my eyes to I can really look at this beautiful being. I open my brown eyes and I saw desire aqua blue eyes staring back at me. He then smiles at me and takes my lips and starts thrusting his cock in me. I moan in his passionate kiss and take the kiss deeper showing him my hunger for him.
                “Oh Jon you make me fill so full. God you are so deep.” I said panting and moaning.
He kisses my ear then my neck going lower to my breasts taking turn on each nipple.  He is teasing them, biting, sucking and doing it over again. He ups the thrusting a little faster which is driving me crazy I want him to take me hard and fast. I want to hurt in the morning by his lovely cock.
                “Jon please fucks me harder, faster. Please baby I want to be hurting by your big dick baby please take me harder.” I yell in pleasure.
                “Oh fuck yes kitten that’s what I want. I want you to remember who fucks you this good and hard baby.” Jon whispers in my ear.
Jon starts pounding my pussy harder. You can hear the slaps and pounding in the room. I feel my orgasm coming and its coming on fast. I feel my pussy being stretch and it feels so amazing. He continues to kiss my neck and my ear.
                “Oh fuck Jon I’m about to cum! Oh god Oh mmm oh yes!! Shit what are you doing to me?? Oh my god YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!” I moan, scream and yell as my orgasm hit. I tighten hard around Jon’s cock and I heard him growl so I knew he wouldn’t last much longer.
                “You like how tight my pussy is baby. Just think about me letting you fuck my tight ass.” As soon as I said those words I felt his cock twitch and his load shot in the latex.
                “Oh kitten you are on and I’m going to fuck that nice plump ass of yours.” Jon said panting.
                “Please blue eyes let me taste you. Take off that condom and fuck my mouth.” I told him. He pulls out of me lightening quick and dispose the condom in the trash and I notice his cock is semi hard.
                “Open up kitten you are about to start around two honey.” He said has he shoves his cock in my mouth.

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My Story IX

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Jon watches me with hunger in his eyes as I took off my clothes. As I slowly strip my clothes away I saw his cock get harder by the second. I thought oh yes I’m doing it to this to him without touching him. Most of the time I have to start sucking the guy’s cock before he gets rock hard but not for Jon he is by watching me and that is a big turn on for me.
                “So blue eyes now you have me naked are you going to strip too or do you want me to do the honors?” I ask Jon teasing him. I saw him shaking his head no. So I knew he had other plans for me which excited me even more.
                “Oh kitten I have so many ideas that I want to do you but it’ll take more than one night.” He told me as he walking up to me with his eyes on my full breast and my nipples were already at top peak.
                “I’m going to make you beg for my cock kitten.” He told me.
                “Are you so sure that’ll I’ll be begging and not you blue eyes?” I ask him in a taunting voice. He looks at me with an evil smirk and grabs my hips and pushes me on his bed.
                “I think I’ve heard enough of your sassy mouth kitten. I think I’m going to gag you while I tie you up and have my way with you.” He told me with possession and confidence. The thought of what he was going to do to me excited me so much that I was drench. I knew he could smell my arousal because his eyes dilate even more than they were.
I watch him walk to his black duffle bag and the things I saw him pull out had me anxious and squirming in the bed. He walks over to me and I saw he had a gag, rope and a blindfold all in his hands. I look at him questionably.
                “Don’t worry kitten you will enjoy this as much as I will. I won’t hurt you. I can tell you are very turn on and arouse about the idea of being gag, tie and blindfolded. All I need to know if you are protected just in case something happens to the condom.” He asks me while he untangles the rope.
                “Yes I’m protected. I’m on the shot have been for 3 years. I just had my physical and I’m clean.” I told him watching him getting prepare for me.
                “Good. I’m clean as well I had my physical done 3 weeks ago and I was cleared by my doctor.” He told me as he was getting on the bed still completely dress.
                “Now kitten I need to you to move all the way back. I want your head on the pillows and then your arms and legs complete spread open for me.” He said. I nod to him that I understood and move back like he asks.
Once I was lying on the pillows. I spread my arms open for him. I notice the headboard was hand carved. It was amazing all the unique designs and patterns in were outstanding. I glance at the footboard and notice the same design. He grabs the rope ties my wrist to each end of the headboard.
                “Raise your head kitten. I’m going to put this gag on for a while but I will take it off.” He said as he grab a red ball that snaps in the back. Then he grabs a couple pillows and stuck them under my backside.
                “Spread your legs for me kitten.” He said while I notice he was getting more turned on by the minute. He then grabs my ankles and ties them to the footboard. He got up as soon as he was done. He looks over my body the hunger. He looks down at my pussy and notice that my juices were completely leaking down on the comforter.
                “Kitten you are very excited and this pleases me. Now the fun begins.” He said as he climbs on the bed going straight for my wet pussy.

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My Story VIII

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Dan pulls up the front of the house. Once I saw the house I was really thinking, who was this man that is blowing my mind. I want to know who he is, what does he do. I had all these questions running my mind.
                “Welcome to my humble home kitten.” Jon said in a welcoming voice. As he open the doors into the living room. He grabs my hand and leads me to den. There I saw a huge fire burn in the fireplace. I look around the room saw it was fill with books. I look at the furniture that was black with black and red pillows. I felt Jon’s eyes on me while I was looking around the room.
                “Would you like something to drink wine, beer, coke, tea?” Jon asks me.
                “Sure coke would be great.” I told Jon. I watch him walk to an intercom and tell someone to bring a couple cokes to the den. He walks back over to me and smile like I was his prey. I couldn’t help but feel excited about what was going to happen later.
                “Our drinks will be in a few. What do you do kitten?” Jon asks while locking eyes with me.
                “I’m a nurse and currently in school to get my degree in Nurse Practitioner. What about you Jon what do you do? ” I look at him waiting to answer.
                “Well kitten, I own Zone and a few other places.” He said glancing at me.
                “Well that must be stressful owning more than one place.” I said to him
                “Not really when you have people you can trust working for you. I’ve learn quite a few lessons with people I thought I could trust but that is a story for another time.” He said closing the subject for now.
                Then there was a knock on the door in the den. “Enter” Jon said raising his voice. Then enters a young good looking couple pushing a cart that had different snacks and a bottle what appears to be whiskey or scotch with our cokes.
                “Kitten I would like for you to meet Brad and Denise.” He said in a pleasant voice. I walk over to them shaking each of their hands.
                “Hello Brad and Denise, I’m Elizabeth. It’s nice to meet you.” I told them as I grin. It was nice that he was introducing me to his workers.
                “Denise is my cook here and her husband Brad has several purposes. He does landscaping, repairs and helps out where I need him.” Jon said to me with confidence.
                “That’ll be all for the night. If you want take the Hummer and take the rest of the night off.” He said with a smile to the couple. Brad nodded.
“Sure Mr. Keem we’ll head out. Have a good evening.” Denise said as she grab her husband hand and walk out.
“It’s just us kitten and I would like to show you my room so I can ravish your sexy body.” Jon told me while staring me up and down.
“Lead the way blue eyes.” I told him as he turn and grab my hand and lead up me upstairs.
Once he led me into the bedroom it was magnificent. A huge king size bed and you can tell it was masculine. I notice he went to the closet and brought out a small duffle bag. I look up to him unsure on what would happen next. He notices me questioning him with my eyes. He smirks at me and it made me nervous and excited.
                “Remember kitten when we were in the Hummer and you didn’t obey me.” He asks me wanting me to remember.
                “Yes I remember but the last time I check you don’t control or own me blue eyes.” I told him knowing what he wants to control me tonight.
                “Oh yes kitten I don’t want to control you but you will obey me. Now I want you to strip slowly then come to me and kiss me.” He said in a power and dominating voice.
                “Oh blue eyes you’ll have to make me obey you because I don’t obey any man because they aren’t worthy of my trust or obedience.” I told Jon in an aggravating tone.
                “Oh kitten we are going to have so much fun.” He said as he kisses my neck and pulls down my dress with one quick pull and left me naked in front of him. I told myself be strong but I don’t think I can be and I was almost willing to give into anything, almost.

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My Story VII

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I went to my room to pack a small bag to take with me to Jon’s place. Not even 5 minutes I can hear Stacy and her guy in the guest room. I can honestly say I’m glad I’m leaving for the night. Sometimes she can get too loud and dramatic with her noises. It’s like a competition between us.  I laugh to myself at her. I grab extra set of clothes, bra, panties and my basic necessities for the night. I check to make sure I had everything and I walk to the door of the guest room and knock.
            “Hey girl, I’m heading out with Jon. So whenever you leave tomorrow lock up for me or you can stay and hang out. Be safe girl.” I yell through the door.
            “Oh…YES…OK….LIZ…OH YEAH BABY RIGHT THERE!” I heard Stacy through the door. I giggle and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on blue eyes in the living room. I continue down the hall I notice he was looking at the pictures on my wall of my family and friends. He was slowly going one by one.
            “Hey there, see anything interesting?” I ask him. I watch as his jump as I scared him.
            “Are these your kids?” He ask being curious.
            “No, those precious kids are my niece and nephews. Why are you curious? Don’t like girls with kids?” I ask mocking him
            “No I was just wondering. I love kids. Are you ready to go?” He asks me.
            “Sure let’s ride.” I told him.
He opens the door for me and he lock the door for as we walk out. The Hummer was still there with his driver. As we got closer he opens the door for us.
            “Where to Mr. Keem?” The driver asks.
            “Dan take us to my place please.” Jon told Dan I’m glad I learn his name. As we were in the Hummer I notice Jon’s eyes got darker. I could tell he was getting horny.
            “What’s on your mind?” I ask Jon in a taunting voice knowing what he was thinking.
            “Just thinking how hot you look with my cock in your mouth while Stacy was in your pussy.” Jon said in a husky voice.
            “So you enjoy that then Mr. Keem. What else would you think would be hot?” I ask him teasing.
            “Oh honey, I could think of many things that would be hot Ms. Liz but the question is how far, are you willing to go?” Jon asks me.
            “I don’t Mr. Keem I don’t scare to easily. My motto is to try something at least once as long as it interests me.” I told Jon being sure confidence.
            “Should I describe to you what I want to do to you, kitten?” Jon questions me. I wasn’t sure I would trust my voice. Just listening to him speak to me like this was making me hot and wet. I nod yes to him for him to continue.
            “So kitten, I would strip you down and as I’m doing that I would kiss every inch of your beautiful body. Then I would lay you down and tie you down to my bed open to explore every sensuous spot on your luscious body.” Jon said.
As he was describing what he would do to me I was rubbing my thighs together trying to prevent the wetness from dripping onto the leather. I know he notice me rubbing my thighs together.
            “Play with yourself Liz while I tell you what else I want to do to you.” Jon said as he inch closer to me.  I raise my dress up to show him my wet pussy. I inch my hands down rub my finger over my clit.
            “You like watching me playing with myself Jon?” I ask him spreading my legs wider pushing two fingers into my soaking wet pussy.
            “Yes kitten. I’m going to stroke my cock while I finish telling you what I’m going to do to you kitten.” He says as he pulls out his thick cock and starts stroking it. It’s hard and oozing precum and I know I want that thick piece of meat back in my mouth before he cum again.
            “Once I have to tie down I will start teasing your nipples to make sure the hard as little pebbles then easy my way down to your wet tunnel. I lick, tease, suck and fuck your pussy with my tongue and fingers until you are begging me to fuck you so hard.” Jon describes this to me and I start panting using now two hands to please myself. Three fingers in my wet pussy and my thumb over my clit while my other hand is teasing my nipples.
            “Once I have made you cum on my mouth, I’m going to driving my cock in your pussy and fuck you so hard you aren’t going to be able to walk. Then I’m going to fuck my pussy in every way in every position and before the night is over I’m going to take that nice ghetto ass of yours.” Jon said panting stroking his cock faster.  I stop playing with myself and lean over put my mouth over the tip of his cock. Licking and slowing sucking then I became hungry for his cum. I start to go down further and faster on his cock while he grab my hair and felt the cum spurt the back of my throat.
            “Mr. Keem we are arriving at the house, sir.” Dan told us.
Jon pulls his cock back in his pants and straight my dress. He looks me in the eyes and gave me an evil grin while his blue eyes twinkle.
            “Oh kitten you are going to be punish for what you did because I wanted you to play with yourself not with me. So be prepare for your punish little girl.” Jon said in a taunting voice. I couldn’t help but shiver but I knew it was going to be an interesting night.

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My Story VI

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I felt Stacy’s hands on my thighs. Her kiss became hungrier more determine. I felt another set of hands grab my luscious tits. I open my eyes for a few moments to see Jon beside me pulling my tits out of my dress.
            “This is so hot kitten. Why didn’t you tell me you were interest in some girl on girl stuff?” Jon asks me.
            “I’ve always thought about it but never acted on it.” I told him with a gasp because I felt Stacy’s finger on my soaking wet slit.
            “Oh kitten you are making my fantasy come true. I get to watch you with a girl while I fuck you. Oh yes kitten I will enjoy this fantasy.” Jon told me in a husky voice.
            “Liz you are so wet. I’ll let lover boy over here play with you tits because I really want to taste this smooth pussy of yours. I’ve always wonder what you taste like. Now I get to try it out.” She said as she pulls my dress up to my waist. She kisses me again and pulls away before I could enjoy it.
As soon as she pulls away from my lips Jon crushes his lips with mine. I remember those sweet lips being on me earlier. I kiss him back with the lust that was building. I felt Stacy tongue playing with my clit ring.
            “Liz, I’ve always want to taste you and tease this damn clit ring since you told me you had it pierce. Now it’s mine until you cum on my tongue.” She said as she lowered her head in between my legs.
            That is so hot watching my girl for the night to go down on her best friend.” He said and I notice he was panting a little bit. So I pulled back from kissing Jon and I notice Stacy’s guy had his cock out stroking it. I was shock his length was average but he was wide. I knew Stacy would enjoy him tonight.
            “Jon, I need your cock now. Please fuck my mouth Jon.” I told him panting. Stacy had her mouth around my sensitive spot sucking on it while she had three fingers in my wet tunnel fucking me hard. Jon unbuttons his pants and pulled his cock out and put it in my mouth. I knew with his length I couldn’t go always the way down the way I was. I knew Jon was watching Stacy eat me out and I was so turn on with Stacy in most sensual spot while Jon fucking my mouth. I felt my orgasm building quickly.
            “Mr. Keem will be arriving in a few moments at the missus address.” His driver spoke over an intercom.
            I completely lost myself in the sensations that Stacy was giving me and I felt Stacy start to moan in my pussy. I look behind her and realize her guy was fucking her hard and fast. Seeing that push me over the edge. I moan over Jon’s cock and start to go down further on his cock and before I realize I was deep throating this sexy beast.
            He grabs a handful of my hair and shoved my mouth further and I felt his cock twitch and jerk. I knew he was cumming and start to swallow all of his cum. He pulls his cock out of my mouth and comes down kisses me hard.   
            “Oh yes fuck yes I’m cumming you bastard.” I heard Stacy yelling at her guy.
            “Mr. Keem we are here.” Driver said in a curious tone.
            “We’ll be right out.” Jon told his driver while catching his breath.
            “That was unbelievable. I’m definitely not forgetting this night in a long time.” Stacy told me.
            “I agree.” I smiled at her.
We pulled ourselves together stepping out of the Hummer. Walk to my house and I open the door and Stacy and her guy went right to the guest room. I look at the gorgeous blue eyes and smiled at him.
            “Let me pack a few things and I’ll be ready to go.” I told him giving him a kiss on the cheek.

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My Story V

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“Is anyone going to be at your place kitten?” Jon asked me while catching his breath.

              “Stace mention something about coming home with me, but I’m not sure. I’m sure I can find out if she is, or if she is going to the guy’s house.” I told him casually.

              “Is this something you do all the time kitten?” Jon asks while I was pushing him away fixing my dress and make myself somewhat presentable.

              “Actually, not really, I pick up guys when I need them or the other way around. I wouldn’t say I do this all the time.” I giggle at him because I notice he was becoming slightly hard watching me.

             “Hmm kitten, I would like to do this all the time. You are divine.” Jon said becoming aroused again. Coming up to me kissing on my neck and nibbling on my ear.

         “Oh I bet you do. I’ve heard that line before.” I told him being honest, but I was still searching for the Mr. Right. I’m having fun with all the wrong ones until he comes around. I glanced over at Jon while he was putting himself back into his boxers and pants. He looks so much like a Greek God. I was all ready to jump his tail again. I need to find out what his fantasies are because I might really enjoy myself with blue eyes.

          “How about this, kitten, we go find your friends and ask them what their plans are. After that, we can decide if we need to go to my place or yours. How does that sound?” He asked me. I nodded my head in agreement. He walked over to the door and opens it.

         “Shall we kitten?” He asked.

         “We shall blue eyes.” I smiled at him. We walk down the stairs from the employee only door. I saw Landon first before Jon did.

           “Awe, Liz looks freshly fucked hard. Did you enjoy his cock little vixen?” Landon asked me. I blush at him.

           “I enjoyed it very much actually. I’m finding my friends to discuss our arrangements, so I can get my hands and mouth on him again.” I told Landon smirking at him because I know he wants me too.

          “Jon, my man, are you going to let me try her out for myself since you are taking her home? I know you never take anyone home unless you really want them.” Landon told Jon while staring at me in the eyes waiting for a response. I knew what Landon was doing but I wasn’t going to give it to him.

           “Landon you know the rules and how we play, my man. Look over everything and close up for me. If you run into any real problems call me.” Jon told Landon in a serious tone.

         “Sure my man, you know I got this. I’ll holla at you tomorrow.” Landon told Jon walking past them to his office.
We continue to the dance floor. I glance around, and I couldn’t spot my girls anywhere at first. I saw Erin taking shots with a cute, adorable, tall guy. She was going to be lucky to walk out of the place. I walked over to her. I know she hasn’t notice me yet, so I grabbed her by the shoulders and quickly twirled her around.

         “Hey girl, where is everyone at or have they ditched me?” I asked her being playfully.
          “Hey you. Bitch, where in the hell have you been?” She asked me. She glances over my shoulder and saw Jon grinning.

          “Oh girl, you done got laid. You bitch! I hate you now!” She laughed hugging me.

          “You know me,” I whisper in her ear. Erin knows the player I am and the men I go through.

         “Have you seen Steph, Stacy and Wendy?” I asked her while looking around the club.

         “Steph’s guy left or something, so now she’s trying her moves on a bartender. Stacy was at the table with a little hottie. Wendy, she was on the dance floor.” She told me.

        “So what are you doing for the night?” I asked Erin. She giggles and looks away. I knew that was her notion for going home with the guy. We always had our private little way to let each other know what we are doing.

        “What about you, Liz?” She asks me with her eyebrows raised.

        “That’s what I’m trying to figure out because normally Stacy comes to my place because of her roommates. So if she was coming then I was going to Jon’s place for the night.” I told her. She had a shocked look because she knows I normally don’t go home with men.

         “Then I would suggest head over to our table we were at.” Erin told me, then looks at her shot glass and chugs the shot down.

        “Alright babe, I’ll talk to you later. Remember to text me when you get to part A.” I told her while giving her a hug bye.

       “Be safe honey lips.” She giggles to me.

I walk over to our table. I glance back and notice Jon talking to Bronson. I continue to the table and to my non-shocking surprise Stacy is in the booth making out with a tall, tan skinny guy.

        “Damn girl, you are ready to take him home and fuck him already.” I told Stacy laughing.

         “What the fuck, Liz, you messin’ up my mojo.” She said completely wasted.

        “Mojo? Really Stace. You are so wasted honey. Do I need to go ahead and take you home or what?” I asked her. I knew I should have been watching her shots.

          “Umm, you probably should but ya know I kinda want to go to your place.” She said. That was my sign she wanted to take this guy home to my place. Thank god I had a guest room which had some of her stuff in it.

            “Ok girl, you want me to ride with you or are you good by yourself?” I asked her. I knew she had a spare to my place, but I wanted to make sure she got there without issues with the guy. She got up from the booth and stumble over to me. I caught her before she could fall.

           “If you don’t mind, go with me because I don’t know if I can make it there.” I laugh at her when she told me this.

         “Sure, honey, no problem. Jon wants me to go home with him. I wanted to check with you before I did anything, but if you are ready I’ll tell Jon so we can head out.” I told her.

       “Yeah, we can go.” She said. I look for Jon and he had his eyes on me. I nodded at him to let him know I needed him. As he was walking over, I noticed other girls trying to get his attention, but he only had eyes for me.

         “What’s up kitten?” He asked.

         “Well, change of plans. My girl Stacy here is ready to go with her guy here, but she wants me to go with her to my place to make sure she gets there safely. I’m going to grab a cab then you can come get me and head over to your place.” I told him while I had my arm around Stacy since she was now swaying.

           “What about this I call my driver and he can take us to your place. I’ll help you with your friend here. Then, we can leave after you are satisfied that she is safe. Is that alright with you kitten?” He asked being sincere.

          “That’ll be fine. I just need to let the other two girls know I’m leaving…..speaking of the devil.” I laugh to myself. It seems we always had perfect timing with each other. I love that about us because it’s like we sense each other.
            “Hey girls, I’m heading out and taking Stacy to my place. Then I’m heading over to Jon’s.” I told them.
            “Okay, Liz, be safe. Text me when you get to part A.” Steph said with a hug, and I hugged her back.

            “Don’t have too much fun little slut.” Wendy said laughing. I turn to Jon and told him I was ready to go.

            “The driver is at the front waiting on us when you are ready.” He said. I looked at him as if I was looking for his help with my friend.
            “Stace, it’s time to ride Clyde, so get your guy and let’s go.” I told her.

She walks over and tells the guy her talk. He gets up and follows her. I turn around to Jon, and he grabs my hand and leads me out of the club.

Once we are out of the club I notice a black stretch hummer, and it’s completely blacked out. I couldn’t help but smile. Oh, hell yeah! I’m going to fuck him in this before we get to his place I told myself.

             “Mr. Keem, where to sir?” The driver asked while opening the door. Jon looks over at me.

            “I’m in the village. 2211 Independence.” I told the driver while I let Stacy and her guy in first.

           “Yes ma’am.” He said as we climbed into the Hummer.

Once we got in, Stace sat by me. I know how she is when she drunks, so I was ready for her mumble jumble.
          “Liz, I love you so much. You know, you look fucking hot. I just want to kiss you right now.” She said.

          “Honey I know you love me and I love you too. I’m not that hot I look alright.” I heard Jon make a noise at my comment.
           “Stacy, you always say you want to kiss me when you are this wasted, so go to your guy and make out.” I told her.

          “Oh no, baby. I’m going to kiss you and tease these men we have here until we get to your place.” She said and then leans over and kisses me. My body reacted to her kiss. I was starting to get wetter.

          “Oh yeah, baby, play with her big tits.” Her guy said

I knew I should stop this, but I couldn’t help it. I want her to tease me in front of Jon. I have always thought about being with another girl. Now I can say that I have. Little did I know I wasn’t prepared for what Stacy had in mind.

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My Story III

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I watch that feisty little vixen walk away from me. All I could think about is exquisite lips around my cock all I was doing is making myself harder. Man this is going to be a long night unless I can get her home now. I told myself. I pulled down my shirt facing Bronson. He had a smirk that I wanted to punch off his face.
             “Boss I think you are letting the little vixen get to you.”  Bronson said.
               “I’m getting to her too but I know she’s going to be more than a piece of ass Bronson.” Jon said in a serious tone.
    “Man, I hate to tell you I seen those type of girls. That hottie isn’t ready to settle she’s in the playing field.” Bronson told Jon. Jon shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t want to be true but maybe Bronson was right I need to play the field too along with Liz.
            “Hey Boss, We have a problem.” I heard Landon talking to me over my shoulder.
            “Landon what problem do we have?” I was getting myself put back together in work mode.
            “There are some guys out front giving Jake some hell about getting in and the catch their ids are fake.” Landon said in a serious tone. Landon was my second in charge when I wasn’t running Zone or running my other club. I could always depend on Landon.
            “I need you to take care of something for me Landon while I take care of these boys.” I glanced at Landon. He nodded for me to continue but before I did. I looked for my lil kitten. I spotted her with one of the girls she was with. They were dancing together hell it looks like foreplay from where I was standing. They were grinding on each other. She was caressing herself on the dancing floor while her friend Stacy had her hands on her hips grinding her from behind. Landon caught on what I was looking at.
            “Damn that is a hot little scene going on there boss. Do we need to stop that and I can um put them in the office and we can take care of them.” Landon said with a smirk.
            “No, actually you see the woman in the black tube top dress with the silver sparkle shoes?” Jon asked Landon.
            “Oh yeah, I see her. What about her boss?” Landon asked with a questionable look.
            “I need you to tell her I need to speak with her and escort her to my office but before you do that take a couple shot glasses, salt, limes and tequila to the office.” I told Landon without taking my eyes of the sex goddess in front of me.
            Landon had a huge grin “Sure boss I’ll take care of it.”
I felt Stacy hands on my hips as we move moving and swaying to the music. As I closed my eyes and I was imagining blue eyes mouth on me and I let my hands move over my body.
            “Um excuse miss.” I jump startled. I looked up saw yet another handsome rugged man.
            “Yes, can I help you?” I asked the man. I looked at him. He had small lips but cute. He was tall and tone but nothing like Jon. He had tattoos on both of his arms and a lip ring which I found attractive. He was rough attractive but who doesn’t like a bad boy.
            “Jon asked me to escort you to his office. My name is Landon so if you don’t mind follow me please.” I looked at him like he lost his damn mind. I thought Jon was just another guy but did he own this club. 
            “Um sure Landon, lead the way but I need to tell my girls that I’m leaving or rather I’ll be away.” I told him.
            “That’s not a problem. I’ll go with you so if they need you they can ask for me and I will bring you to them or the other way around.” He said being sure to easy my confusion.
            “That’ll be great.” I told Landon. We walked over to the table where the girls were sitting with the guys.
            “Hey girls, I’m being escorted to Jon’s office by the lovely Landon. So if you guys need me look for him or.” I looked at Landon unsure what else to say.
            “Or go to the bar ask for Bronson and tell him you are looking for me and you need. I’m sorry I never got your name. Jon just called you kitten.” Landon chuckled at the name.
            “It’s Liz.” I said shaking my head. I told myself you would think he would have done asked but most of the men I took home I didn’t know their names either.
            “Well ladies if you need me you know where to find me.” I turned and waved at the girls while they did the hollers because they knew what was about to happen.
Landon grab my hand lead me to the office. His hand were soft, I never knew a man’s hands that were soft. I thought to myself did Jon always employ hot guys. I mean damn I’ll be here more often just to get laid.
Landon open the door for me and I walked in and he closed the door behind him.
            “Ya know you are pretty damn hot.” Landon said in a lusty tone
            “Thanks, you aren’t too bad yourself Landon.” I told him as he start walk toward me. I looked at him with a seductive but taunting smile.
            “I think I’m to kiss you.” Landon said.
            “Do you think you should with your boss walking through that door at any minute?” I asked him being unsure on what to do.
            “I assure you Jon probably won’t care if we shared you but for now I would settle for a kiss.” Landon said as he lean in closer to my lips. His breath smell of peppermint but I couldn’t resist I grab him by his short chocolate wavy hair. I thrust my tongue in his mouth. I was so wet and ready. He could take me now and I wouldn’t refuse this man.
I felt Landon’s hand rub up my thigh and pushed my legs open. He stepped in between my legs.
            “I can smell you Liz. I smell how bad you need to cum and I’m going to make you cum before boss comes in.” Landon said in a cocky tone.
            “YES…PLEASE….LANDON MAKE ME CUM!” I told him.
I felt him push my thong to the side and he push two fingers in my wet honey hole. I moan and start to grind on his fingers.
            “That’s right little slut. I want you to come for me.” Landon told me. He then grab my precious assets out of my dress and nibble on nipples and fingering harder.
            “Cum now Liz.” Landon said and I let go. I came so hard. I was panting and trying to catch my breath. When I glance up I saw Jon with his thick, hard cock out stroking it.
            “Landon I think I can handle it from here.” Jon told Landon
            “Sure Boss.” Landon responded with a smile.
All I thought in my mind was, ” FUCK!”

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