Watching Them II

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As Midnight climb into my car, my cock couldn’t help but get excited, hell I couldn’t either. I wanted to drive 120 just to get back to my crib and strip this beautiful woman naked again.

“How long have you and Chad been friends?” Midnight asks.

“We been friends for 12 years. How about you and Pixie?” I ask her

“Funny story. We use to hate each other but then we starting working here together and kinda became friends. The owner is her brother but before that the place was about to close down so Pixie and I ask to become part co-owners with him. So that’s where we are.” She said.

“Do y’all always share guys or play with each other?” I ask her.

“We don’t share men. Usually if we like on guy and the other knows we back off unless it a mutual agreement that we want to share the guy. We have played with each other before when we were drunk but never really sober.” She tells me.

“Well that was fucking hot as hell, but I’m anxious to get you one on one.” I tell her.

“Hmm. I am too. How about we get started on that right now.” She said as she leans over kissing my neck and lightly caressing my cock.

“We don’t have much longer until we get to my place.” I mumble to her.

“I just want to have a little fun before we get there Luke.” She says.

“I want you to fuck me in the car before we go in. I want to ride you while you are in the driver seat.” She says as she pulls my dick out of my jeans.

“Fuck Midnight. I don’t think I can refuse an offer like that.” I tell her.

“Then don’t.” She says as her mouth covers the head of my dick lightly teasing me.

I want to close my eyes but I remember that I’m driving. I moan as she slowly goes lower on my cock. She has a nice firm grip with her mouth while her tongue is doing circles around my dick and then licking it like a lollipop. I want to come in her mouth so bad. I notice we are a few blocks away from my place. I have an idea that pop in my head but instead I button her jeans and slide my hand down to her soaking wet pussy. I knew then I was going with my idea.

“Take those damn pants off NOW MIDNIGHT!” I demanded. She pulled her mouth off my cock and quickly pulled her heels off and pants.

“Now what sir.” She said seductively.

“We are a couple blocks from my place and you said you wanted to fuck in a car. So I want you to climb on my dick and ride me while I drive but you keep to my left side so I can see and try to focus on getting us there safely. I want you to take control where I don’t want to lift my hips and thrust into you, do you understand me?” I told her.

“Oh yes I do. Can I get on you now? I’m so horny and wet. I need your big dick in me, please.” She whined.

“Fuck yes climb on NOW!” I growled. I couldn’t refuse those words. She quickly climbed on my dick and did exactly as I told her. She stayed to my left side. We both moaned together when she sat her wet cunt on my dick. It was the best feeling in the world at that moment. I could see my house coming in view.

“Midnight, fuck my brains out right now.” I tell her. She started to ride me hard and fast by coming up half way and slamming back down on me then grinding froward and backwards and repeating with twisting her hips. It was hitting all the right places. She was moaning louder and louder. My name on her lips. I pulled in the drive way and threw the damn car and park and left the car running. I quickly put my hands in her hair and yank her head back kissing and biting her bare neck. I was close and I could tell by the way she was gripping my cock tighter she was closer.

I heard the car door open but I didn’t pay any attention because I knew it was Chad and I was too busy with this beauty in front of me getting off. I threw my hips up and met her as she was coming down on my cock and she gasp and screaming she was coming and I quickly mumble I was too. We locked in a passionate kiss.

“Damn that was hot. I want car sex now. Chad let’s go for a ride.” Pixie told him.

“Fuck that I need inside of you now. Lets go inside.” He told her pulling her inside. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“That was very hot Midnight. I want you to stay with me.” I tell her.

“Yes I will. Let’s get dress and watch Pixie and Chad. I get hot watching other people.” She said with a smile. I couldn’t agree more. We quickly got dressed and I turned off the car. Walk into the house ready for more action.

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