Sweet Sweet Revenge

Posted: 06/22/2013 in erotica

Sweet Sweet Revenge


I was walking to the apartment  for lunch to grab my workout clothes that I forgot so I could meet up with Gabbi after work. I slowly climbing the steps making my way to the door and slide the key in the deadbolt and noticed that it wasn’t locked. I thought that was weird because I locked it when I left this morning. I thought maybe Jared came home real quick for lunch. So I slowly and quietly as possible peeked in. I didn’t see anything out of place so I quietly closed the door just in case there was somone in the apartment.

I took off my shoes and left them by the door with my purse. Then I heard noises coming from the bedroom. So I tipped toed toward the bedroom. As I got closer and closer I could hear the noises better and could tell what they were. Someone was fucking in my apartment and in my fucking bed. I was livid!! I stood to the corner and looked. What I saw I would have never believed in a million years. Not even if my best friend would have told me. As I kept watching what was happening in front of my very own eyes.

“Harder Baby” Girl said

“Oh god yes” Jared said. The girl started to scratch his back.

“Don’t do that baby remember we have to stay quiet because of Lorelei. We don’t have much longer baby.” Jared said.

“God Jared I can’t wait. Please fuck me harder.” Girl said

“You are so much responsive that Lorelei. I’m getting close.” Jared said.


I heard enough I quietly left without my workout bag. I quickly and quietly put my shoes on and grab my purse. I quickly bolted the door without thinking on my way out. I quickly text Gabbi and told her change of plans and hitting to club instead and will explain everything then. She ask where we were meeting and I heard at work about a new club called Voltage so I told her there at exactly 6. That was a set deal. So now I need to set up the plan on revenge. No one get to play with me and get away with it not like a coward.

Lorelei: Hey baby checking to see how’s your day

Jared: Good. Busy at work. What time are you going to be home tonight

Lorelei: I should be home same time. How about you?

Jared: I’ll be about an hour late working on a last minute project.

Lorelei: Alright baby but no plans for either one of us tomorrow night I have a HUGE  surprise for you. So as soon as you are off of work come home so we can get ready for out night.

Jared: Wow babe! You really have something plan. Alright I’ll be right home.


Now that part was taking care of I need to find a man that was willing to help me. Maybe I could call an ex FWB. I would just have to wait and see. I have to put my game face on and get back to work.




“Now tell me why are we here and not getting a good workout?” Gabbi said

“Well you know I went to the apartment to grab my bag. (Gabbi nods) The deadbolt was unlock and I thought that was unusal so I slowly checked out the place and I heard noises coming from the bedroom and went to check them out and I found Jared and some girl fucking on the bed. He said she was more responsive that I was and she couldn’t scratch him on the back because I couldn’t find out about them yet.” I told her and took a drink.

“Are you fucking serious Lore? I’ve would have busted my ass in there and caused all kinds of problems.” Gabbi told me.

“I know and I thought about that. Then I thought no one plays me likes a damn fool and get away with it like a coward. I mean how long has this been going on and who in the hell is this bitch, ya know.” I told her.

“I feel ya honey so what’s the game plan. I’m in all the way just tell me what I need to do.” She tells me.

“I done did step one which was put the plan in motion. I told him I had a surprise for him tomorrow and for him to come home right after work. Step two would be for me to find a man to make Jared jealous like no one business and see if he would agree to my game plan.” I look at with with my evil with a hint of angel smile.

“Oh shit I know that smile Lore. Please tell me this game plan if this man agrees to it. I want to no change that I need to know.” Gabbi says.

“I can’t Gabs. I want that between the man and I only because I want Jared expression and yours to be priceless when I tell the story afterwards. But I will tell you this tomorrow you and I will be calling in sick. We are hitting the store for the things I need to get this party started.” I tell her.

“Brent I need two shots of Patron, please.” Gabbi tells the bartender. He places the shots in front us and mumbles about putting it on our tab.

“To Sweet Sweet Revenge” Gabbi cheers

“To Sweet Sweet Revenge” I cheer back. As we knock back our shots. We continue our conversation about work and catch up on each other lives. I feel my pocket vibrate and I pull out my phone and see it was a text from Jared.

Jared: I’m running a litte later than I thought. Be home soon.

Lorelei: You still at work?

Jared: Yeah why wouldn’t I be?

Lorelei: I thought I just saw you. Since you said you’ll be home late I decided to workout with Gabbi and it looked like you.

Jared: Hmm must be my twin. LOL I’m busting my ass to come home to you babe. I’ll hurry I promise.

Lorelei: Sure babe


I tap Gabbi on the shoulder and gave her my phone so she could see what Jared text me. While she was looking at my phone I was glancing around the club and I saw some guys that I could use but nothing that could make Jared eat his damn words. He has no idea how I can play a game so well.

“What a fucking ass! He was going to meet her, wasn’t he?” Gabs said.

“I would assume so, since he got paranoid about the part me saying I saw him but I don’t care because he’s going to be eating his damn words soon enough.” I tell her.

“Let’s hit the dance floor Gabs and have some damn fun before I go to the damn fool.” I tell her laughing.


We go out to the floor and the perfect song comes on Maroon 5 “One More Night” comes on. Gabbi and I look at each other and smile so big and let loose and just dance. Then the song changes to Rihanna “S&M” and we decide to dance a sexy with each other. As I turn around to put my ass around in front of her and she put her hands on my hips. Then I feel another set of hands but these are bigger. I glance up and I look up into beautiful emerald eyes. He gives me a small smile and I couldn’t help but return it and he steps closer. I tap Gabbi hand and she looks over my shoulder and nods and walks to the bar. I really look at emerald eyes. He has short black hair that spiked with some gel and has a goatee with a strong jaw line. I look over his body. He’s very tall and tone. He has tattoos on both arms.

“You see something you want honey.” I couldn’t answer I just nod at him.

“I see something I want too. So tell me honey what can I do to have you.” He tells me in my ear. Is this my dream come true? Is this the man that suppose to help me?

“Well I can tell you but I rather sit down and tell you emerald eyes.” I tell him.

“Sure but first tell me your name.” He says

“Lorelei and what is yours?” I reply

“Bentley and follow me Lorelei.” He tells me. I follow him to a booth and I lock eyes with Gabbi and I nod and letting her know I’m alright while she talks to a guy at the bar.

“So tell me Lorelei what do I have to do to have you?” Bentley tells me

“I will tell you Bentley but I want your honest answer. Why is it some important that you have to have me?” I ask him

“Lorelei in life you have a dream girl that you know you’ll never have. She may never have the qualities you want maybe just the features you want. I just have the feeling that you have a lot of qualities I want in my dream girl. You definitely features I want in my dream girl. You have the brown eyes, average height, curvy, nice tit, beauitful smile, brownish red hair, and you can tell you keep your body in shape. That is a short version I hope that is enough.” Bentley said.

“It is I hope its the truth. I caught my boyfriend fucking another girl in our bed today during my lunch hour. He told her I wasn’t as responsive as she was and she couldn’t leave scratches on his back because they couldn’t tell me about them yet.” I tell him.

“Ouch. What did you do?” He asked. I smile my devilish smile at him.

“Nothing yet. That is where you come in Bentley.” I tell him

“Oh I knew I saw a quality in you I liked. So please do tell.” Bentley said

“I done put my first part of the plan done in motion which was to tell Jared that I had a surprise for him tomorrow night. He accepted and it’s set. Now I some what of part two in motion.” I tell him

“What is the rest of part two? I have a feeling since I’m part of it.” He says smiling at me.

“Yeah you are. My plan is to take off work tomorrow with my friend, Gabbi, and get everything I need for tomorrow. I was going to get a gag, rope, toys and whatever you might suggest after I tell you my plan and then I’ll be open for suggestions.” I tell him

“So far I like the sound of it. So lets hear what the plan sounds like and we’ll go from there.” He says

“Alright so….” I tell him the plan and the details for tomorrow and he agrees to it completely. It shocks me but hey I’m happy. Bentley and I exchange numbers and agree to call each other in the morning. Gabbi and I head out to the cab and I tell her Bentley agree to help me. So we made plans to meet at her house as if I was going to work like I always do. We said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways.


I got to the apartment and I went to check to see if it was locked and it wasn’t. So I walked in and lock the door behind me. I went to the bathroom washed my face, brushed my teeth, and I looked in the trash can and noticed a condom wrapper. Jared and I don’t use condoms. I’m on the pill. Well he gotten careless another thing I will bring up tomorrow. I climb in bed and Jared is done in bed asleep and laying on his stomach. I see light scratches on his back. Yeah he saw that girl tonight. So I rolled over and went to sleep.

I woke up to Jared nudging me.

“Babe wake up.” Jared said

“What Jared.” I said

“You’re going to be late babe.” He said

“Thanks I’m getting up.”

I get up and walk to the bathroom and handle my business and I look in the trash can again and I notice that he tried to cover it up. I quickly freshened up and got dress.

“Jared don’t forget we have plans tonight. I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR SURPRISE BABY” I tell him.

“So you are serious about that.” He says walking to the bedroom

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?” I ask him

“I thought you was just saying that.” He said. I got up walking to him put my hand over his dick and massaged it and felt it get hard and bit his earlobe.

“I have some naughty plans for us and a very naughty surprise for you but we do have other plans too so please let me surprise you. I even bought a nice sexy outfit for you.” I tell him while still play with his dick.

“I’m going to be horny all day now.” He says

“Good I want you to stay like that because I will be too.” I smile at him.

“I’ve got to go to work babe. I’ll be here at 5:45 sharp. I promise.” He tells me as he turns and grabs his works stuff and walks out the door.

I grab my phone and text Gabbi that I’ll be there soon. Then I text Bentley

Lorelei: Game on

Bentley: What time of arrival?

Lorelei: 5

Bentley: Address

Lorelei: 3439 Sunset Cross Apt 8E

Bentley: Can’t wait don’t forget to get what I told you




I was dress in the outfit that Gabbi and I picked out. I was in seductive red push up bra show my tit more than they needed too. The red was outline with black lace and a matching cheeky panty with a pair of garter thigh highs and stripper shoes as Gabbi would call it. I loved them when I first saw them solid black shoes at list 6 inch heel with a complete open toe. So we got pedicure to complete the look and a manicure so while I was at it I got my hair done just to at some spice to it. I put a robe on so no one would see what was underneath. I was excited for Bentley to get a hold of me now it was time to wait and there was the knock I was waiting for.


“You look WOW Lorelei!” Bentley said.

“You look damn good too Bent.” I told him

“Come in.” I said stepping to the side. He walked in and looked around as I closed the door.

“Would you like anything to drink before I put you in your hiding place?” I ask him

“Do you have any water?” He ask me

“Sure you want a glass or bottle?” I ask him

“Bottle would be better then I can take it with me.” He replied back.

“Sure.” I went to the fridge and grab the bottle and hand him the bottle.

“Are you sure about the Lorelei?” He ask me.

“Oh yes and after I’m done. He’s gone. Gabbi and I talk about it. She doesn’t know the details of what is going to happen because I want her expression as well as Jared to be priceless but she knows how I can be when someone tries to play me. I told her after I complish my plan I told her I was done I want him out of my apartment.” I told Bentley.

“Do you want me to stay to make sure he leaves?” He ask me.

“I’ll probably go stay with Gabbi afterwards.” I told him.

“If you want you can come back with me and I’ll leave you that option.” He said

“So I do have quick question. Do I need a condom or not?” He ask.

“NO! He has been using protection with her. He knows I’m on the pill. So I don’t know why he’s being causious with her. So I want to show him that I’m taking risks with you and plus I want to fill your cum in me.” I tell him.

“Alright then sweetness lets put me in my hiding spot.” He said. I lead him to my closet.

“I put a chair in there so you wouldn’t have to sit on the floor or anything. Once I get Jared gagged and tied down. I’ll open the closet door and I want you to be down to your boxer, briefs or whatever you wear or don’t wear and we’ll get started. It shouldn’t be much longer.” I tell him and give him a short kiss on the lips and close the door.



I notice it was 5:40 and Jared would be home in 5 minutes. I got two wine glasses down and pour wine in them. I done had the chair in the bedroom directly in front of the bed with the rope and gag ball under the bed out of eyesight. I took off my robe and went into the living room and sat on the arm of the chair. I cross my legs, leaned forward with my chest sticking out,  one arm hanging on the back of the chair with a glass of wine with the other hand I was slowly sipping the wine…..waiting on my game player.

“Lorelei I’m…ho….me. Holy shit. Is this for me?” Jared says. I give him my good girl smile.

“Sure is baby. I figure you might like it. Do you if you don’t I can change?” I say quickly getting up walking to him confidently.

“Oh no I want you to stay like that.” He says looking me up and down. That is what I was hoping for.

“Here baby drink up. You are going to need it.” I tell him as I hand him his wine and he chugs in down. I slowly kiss him on his neck and un dress him but I won’t let him get naked as part of my plan. I notice he want to strip down.

“No baby I have a surprise. Come on.” I take his hand and lead him to the bedroom. He looks around and doesn’t notice anything but the chair in front of the bed and gives me a questionable look and I smile. I push him in it. I kneel in front of him.

“I have a little game baby. I’m going to tie you to this chair because I have a surprise for you in that closet but you can’t touch you have to watch.” I tell him.

“Alright baby. I’m so horny right now. Tie me up baby but hurry. I want in your tight pussy. What has gotten into you?” He says in a growl.

“You have no idea.” I tell him as I bound is legs to the chair then his arms and I even his chest. I wait for the gag ball because I want him to respond to some of my questions I will have for him. I want him to beg me to stop fucking Bently then I’ll put the gag in and finish fucking Bently and let Jared watching.

“Are you ready Jared?” I ask him.

“Yes baby.” He says. So I go to my closet and open the door. There is Bentley and I just stood there look at him for the first time and he is like a Greek God and he’s completely nude. His dick is at least 9 inches like and width is a little smaller than a coke can. I hope I can handle that. He smiles at me. I take a deep breath. I whisper “Lets go.” He nods.

“What the fuck!!” Jared screams.

“OH now you want to give piss that I have a man in our bedroom Jared. Bentley, will you please strip me down in front of Jared but leave my thigh highs and shoes on?” I tell the both of them.

“I’ll be honor Lorelei.” Bentley responds as he slowly takes off my bra and panty and kisses my bare flesh and I let out moans as he does it.

“I’ve never cheated on you Lore.” Jared said.

“Really Jared you are playing that card on me. You didn’t have some dumb blonde bitch in our bed yesterday during lunch.” I tell him and his face pales.

“Bentley lets climb on the bed. You can enjoy my wet pussy while I moan and scream in pleasure.” I tell him.

“Only while you are saying my name.” Bentley says

“Oh yes Bentley only your name.” I tell him

“Lore don’t do this. I won’t see her anymore. Please.” He begs. I let out a huge moan and then call out Bentley’s name and grab his hair and shove his head deeper in my pussy.

“You know Jared the never of you to tell her she was more responsive than I am and for her not to leave scratches on your back because I can’t find out about you two. Tells me (I let out another huge moan) this has been going on a lot longer. So I want to know who she is?” I tell Jared while Bentley is eating my pussy.

“Lore please.” Jared begs but he has no tears as I glance at him but he’s embarrassed.

“NOW JARED!!” I yelled.

“Samantha, my ex and it’s been going on for 4 months.” He tells me.

“Bentley I want you to fuck me hard with your big cock.” I tell him.

“You want me to put a rubber on.” He ask like he’s suppose to.

“No.” I tell him

“LORELEI” Jared said shocked because he knows he’s been the only one.

“Now Bentley take me make me yours.” I tell him while I’m looking him in the eyes. My body responds to him like it never did with Jared. Bentley kisses me on the neck and by the ear and whispers “It’s going to be to be sore either way so shove it in or slowly?” He asks. “Both. Slowly as first then shove the rest of the way please baby. I need you.” I whisper.

Bentley takes his time working his cock in me. I block out Jared for a few minutes while Bentley is getting me use to his cock. I arch my back my body begging more for him for his body. “Now” I whisper. Bentley nods and shove his cock all the way in me and I scream “FUCK….OH…MY….FUCK….SHIT…..BIG”

“Give me a sec Bent.” I tell him.

“Sure baby.” He replies

“Jared, when I came home last night you had scratches on your back and the condoms you used with Samantha was still in the trash. Since this apartment is in my name only I want you gone. I’m done with you. I can’t believe you weren’t man enough to tell me you were seeing her and wanting to be with her. I’m not a fool and a pawn in a game. I do seek revenge and honey this is your revenge so you will watch since I am responsive to Bentley and once I’m done coming on his big dick. I’ll sweet Samantha and tell her to come untie you and GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY APARTMENT! Bentley dear fuck me hard.” I tell them.

Bentley does as he ask. He fucks me hard and fast and I’m panting screaming his name and he’s moaning mine. It’s a fast fuck but I don’t care. He comes deep in my pussy. We lay there catching our breath. I get up throwing our clothes on. I pull out Jared phone and find Samantha number and call her. She answer quickly I tell her I know all about her and Jared and she can come get him and keep him I want him out of my apartment within 12 hours. If I ever saw them again I was going to do damage and the door would be unlock because he’s a little tied up at the moment.

I packed a bag of the unused toys I bought earlier while Bentley got dressed. I quickly made sure I had everything and grab my keys. Bentley grab my hand and smiles “My place?” He asks. I smile and nod.

“Unfinish business.” I tell him.


© 2013 Elizabeth Meek All Rights Reserved

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    haha love it!

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