My Story XII

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I ran as fast as I could without looking back. I knew he would come after me. I didn’t go up the stairs like I had plan. I took the first door down on the left. It appears to be a library or office. I really couldn’t tell. I knew there was a desk. So I decide to climb on the desk and spread my legs wide open and prop myself up on my elbows. I notice he was taking too long. My mind started to wonder what he would do to me. My hands start to drift down to my wet shaven pussy and lightly tease my clit.
            “I see you started without me.” Jon said as he walks closer. I rise up to where my legs are hanging off the desk and smile at him and slide down. I walk to him meeting him in the middle of the room.
                “So I did Mr. Blue eyes what are you going to do about it?” I ask him taunting him wanting him to punish me with his cock but before he could grab my arms I dodge left and took off again laughing.
                “I see Mr. Blue eyes you are too slow yet again.” I yell at him while running yet again to hide for him to seek me out to capture me and the pleasure he wants.
                “Oh kitten, come out where ever you are.” I hear Jon say while I’m hiding in the laundry room on top of the washing machine. I decide to play with myself a little more until he seeks me out. I start to giggle because he still can’t find me because he repeats his phrase “come out where ever you are” I can’t but try to give him a hint. So I start the washing machine and sit on the edge and wait for him.
A couple seconds later he barges in the laundry room with his robe completely gone and his cock completely hard and his eyes blazing with desire. I look at him with an evil and seductive grin.
                “You see something you want to conquer lover.” I ask him. He grabs my legs spread them wider and then slam his cock in my wet pussy. He leans down and latches on to my nipple and I grab my other nipple with my hand twisting and pinching it. I moan for him loud while he growls for me. I knew it was time to stop and play the game again.
                “Oh god, Jon, stop for a second it’s too much baby. Please give me a second.” I tell him. He pulls back and pulls his cock out and I gasp feeling the emptiness of him. I smile at him. I climb down and kiss him hard and I feel his hands on my ass. I pull back and look at his eyes and push his against the wall. His eyes go wide I kneel down in front of him grab his cock and put it in my mouth. I tease the tip licking it sucking it like a lollipop. He went to put his hands in my hair and I grab his hands. I force them on the wall and moan on his cock. He growl when he felt the moan. I watch as he close his eyes. Once I saw his close his eyes I slowly got up without him knowing and took my mouth off and took off yet again.
                “Mr. Keem, you thought you had me ready to submit you. Guess again blue eyes.” I said while I ran upstairs into a guest bedroom. I knew I was ready to let him conquer me but I want him to find me in his bed.
                “I know you are up here somewhere, kitten. There are only 5 bedrooms so you are in one of them.” He said teasing and laughing. I heard him in the room I was in but I was in the closet behind the luggage he had. I was hoping he didn’t find me.
                “So I guess you aren’t in this room.” He said walking out as I heard the click. I wait until I heard him say that the third time then I knew my coast was clear to sneak in his bedroom to set up my capture.
                “Ok kitten you aren’t in the fourth bedroom so that means you are in the fifth bedroom so get ready for your punishment.” He said in a seductive tone.
I giggled to myself. Little did he know I was done in his room going through his duffle bag full of goodies. He had nipple clamps, lube, different sizes of dildos, butt plugs and not sure what the rest was and not sure I wanted to experience the rest of it. I pull out the lube and a dildo close to his size. Climb onto his bed lube up the dildo glide into my wet pussy and slowly start fucking myself.
                “Kitten where are you?” I heard him. I didn’t want to give myself away but I want him to find me here on his bed like I was. So I didn’t do anything I kept quiet no matter if I wanted to moan or not. Then I heard the door knob turn and I turn my head towards the door and I saw his eyes go wide. He stops and starts stroking his cock fast.
                “So blue eyes since you found me all you have to do is catch me.” I said teasing him while I was still fucking myself with the dildo slowly. He slowly moves towards the bed.
                “You know you said you want to fuck my ass. Since I have done have something here in nice wet tight pussy you can use my virgin ass but you’ll have to go slow.” I told him while he staring at the scene in front of him. He grabs a condom and puts it on him.
                “Get on all fours kitten now” He told me in a demand. I pull out the dildo turn over onto my stomach raise up on my knees with my ass up. I got up on one elbow with the other hand I put the dildo back in. I felt something cold on my virgin hole. I realize it was the lube. I tense up and leaned forward.
                “Relax kitten and breath. When I push in I want you to breathe out and push out and back understood.” He said in a confident voice. I notice he was stretch me out with his fingers first and they felt different but good. I slowly relax.
                “Now kitten I’m going to try my dick. I’m going to go slow with you so breathe and do what I told you to do.” He said reassuring me.
I felt his head pushing in my virgin hole. I took a deep breath and realize I just rather go ahead and have his whole cock in me and adjust to his size. So once his head was in he stop and I realize he was letting me get to use to it and I nodded my head for him to go on. I took a deep breath and slowly breathe it out push out and back and he slid all the way in me with the help of lube and playing beforehand.
                “Oh fuck kitten you are so tight and you feel so fucking good!! Oh my…oh…shit…I’m not going to last kitten.” He said growling and grinding his teeth.
So with that notice I fuck myself with the dildo hard and then I felt his hand on my clit and that push me closer to my ultimate orgasm.
                “Jon I’m getting close cum on my ass please.” I beg him. He pounds my ass harder when he heard me to cum on me. I fuck myself harder with the dildo and his fingers are working my clit faster. I can’t help but release the building orgasm.
                “OH FUCK JON I’M CUMMMING!!” I scream at Jon.
                “OH ME TOO KITTEN!” He says as he pulls out and rips the condom off and cum all over my ass. We stay like that for a few minutes catching our breathes.
                “How about a shower kitten?” Jon asks.
                “That’ll be grand.” I say smiling at him over my shoulder.

© 2013 Elizabeth Meek All Rights Reserved

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