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I was cleaning the house and getting the dinner ready for the kids and the babysitter. Hubby and I had a get together tonight. I was excited it’s been awhile since we been out. He’s been working so hard and I’ve been so busy with the kids and all their activities and no time for us. Jill was having a co-ed Passion Party and hubs didn’t know about it. Jill said the men was going to do their own thing which was cool but when it came to ordering time he was going to help pick out some stuff. I was lost in my thoughts about what we would be doing later when I heard my phone ringing. I walk over to it and saw Jessica on the id.


“Hey girl, what’s up.” I ask her.


“Hey Alexis, are you still going to Jill’s party tonight?” She asked me.


“Yeah, Seth and I are. Are you and Corey going?” I ask her.


“Yeah we are. I was just making sure you are.” She said.


“I’m making dinner now for the Natalie and the kids and then we are going to start getting ready. We are going to go out to eat and then head to the party. Do you guys want to go out with us?” I ask her.


“I would say yes, but let me check with Corey. He hasn’t made it home from work yet. I’ll call him in a few and I’ll text you.”She told me.


“That’s fine. Just let me know and we are going to Outback.” I told her.

“That’s sound good. Alright I’ll let you go and talk to him. I’ll talk to you in a little bit. Bye.” She said as she hung up.


I went back to finishing dinner and making snacks for after dinner. Seth went to pick up Natalie and grab some movies and video games for the kids. I was to involve in my thoughts about tonight that I didn’t even hear Seth come up behind me. He kisses my neck and I jump shrieking.


“I’m sorry baby I didn’t mean to scare you.” Seth says laughing.


“Yeah yeah sure you did.” I said mocking him


“What were you thinking about?” He asks as he picks at the snacks for the kids.


“Just about tonight.” I tell him slapping his hand away from the food.


“So am I. I’m looking forward to seeing what new toys you decide to get so we can play with tonight.” He say as he rubs on me.


“Oh by the way I invited Jessica and Corey to join us for dinner before going to the passion party tonight.” I told Seth.


“That’s fine honey. I always enjoy their company. I’ll get the kids situated and why don’t you go ahead and start getting ready so we can head out.” Seth tells me.


 “Sure baby.” I tell him giving him a quick kiss. On my way to the bedroom I heard my phone chirp in my hand I quickly look and I saw it was Jessica say they will be joining us for dinner. I tell her great that I was about to start to get ready and I’ll see them in a couple hours.




“OH..MY..GOD..Alexis you look amazing in that outfit!!” Jessica praised as I blushed.

“Thank you. You look HOT girl.” I tell her and she does look hot.

“Thanks honey. How are the kids?” She asks.

“They are good. They are growing but no kid talk tonight.” I tell her smiling.

“We need to have a girl night soon.” Jessica tell me.

“Hey what a minute what about us men here?” Corey says. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“We could never forget about the men in the group Corey.” I tell him.

 “Why don’t you MEN get a group together and have a night out. Go the the strip club, play poker or whatever.” I tell Corey.

“Babe, you seriously would be ok with me going to the strip club?” Seth asks me.

“Of course, you can look but don’t touch and I’ll even let you tip.” I smile at him.

“Oh how sweet of you babe.” Seth says with a laugh. Our waiter comes to take our order. Our conversations were made light with work, and plans for tomorrow. We slowly ate our meals and then left and made our way to Jill’s for a night of fun of passion.

Once we got to Jill’s house there was already a lot of people there and some were already tipsy. I knew tonight was going to be fun and full of laughter. We knocked on the door and Heath answered and invited us in.

“Hey guys, the women are in the living room and the men are in the kitchen and outside. Do you want anything to drink?”He asks us.

“I’ll get it if you show me where to go.” Jessica says.

“Me too.” I tell him

“I’ll take a beer.” The men says.

So we make our way to the kitchen and Jessica and I make our drinks and head to the living and see the girls talking and having a good laugh. Jill gets up and introduce us to everyone. She says that she is waiting on a couple more people then the passion party will get on the way.

“Are the men coming in here during the passion party?” One of the girl asks.

“No they will come in here either during the toys or when we order. We’ll take a vote once everyone get here.” Jill tells everyone. So we continue our small talk and about fifteen minutes later the last few couples arrive. We left the decision up to the men because we could tell some of them were really embarrassed so we didn’t want to push them.

The party went on as we carried on trying the samples of lotions, oils, and candle wax. That was a must in my book but hubs didn’t know it yet. He was sampling it tonight.

“Do you have all of this with you or do we have to wait?” One of the girls ask.

 “No I play a huge order prior to this party just for Jill. So I should have everything in stock. My biggest hit I did buy multiples of and not so big I only bought one or two. So if I don’t have it I will give you a discount.” Sandy told us. She got a cheer from us.

“I’m going to select three ladies, I want you to follow me to the back and I give you instructions on what to do. Afterwards you will come back out here and explain your experience.” She tells us.

“Alexis, Jessica and Belinda please come follow me.” She tells us. We all three get up and follow her to the back. She stops in the bathroom.

 “This is called Pure Satisfaction. What you do is rub a little bit over your clit. You will get a warm and tingling feeling. That is normal. Belinda you can go first.” Sandy tells her and give her a little dab on her finger.

“I can go ahead and give you both a dab now since I done told Belinda what to do you two will do the same. When you are done come have a seat.” She says as she starts to walk off Belinda walks out flushed.

“OMG I’m so buying this!” She says as she walks off. We both look at each other and smile.

“You want to go in together so we can get out faster?” Jessica asks.

 “Sure why not.” I tell her as we both go in the bathroom. I pull my skirt up and push my panties to the side and rub the gel over my clit and I look up and notice Jessica is just staring at me.

“What? Am I doing it wrong?” I ask.

“No, you are making me horny.” She tells me.

 “Oh I am. I didn’t know you were interested.” I tell her teasing. She walks over to me while I back up against the bathroom door still holding my skirt up. She kisses my neck. I notices her other hand that had the gel is in her panties no doubt on her clit now. Her other hand is now lightly touching my leg and making its way to my wet throbbing pussy. She moves my panties to the side and pushes two fingers in me. I gasp and moan and the same time.

“Can you tell now?” She says and then she kisses me hard as I’m grinding on her hand. I want to come but she stops.

“We have to go back out there and Seth can take care of you tonight but tomorrow night you are all mine.” She says as she gives me one more kiss. I’m left speechless as we walk out the bathroom door and back to the living.

We explain what we feel from the gel. So many women there love hearing about it and course it’s a big it. Now it’s time for the toys. Sandy gives us some time to grab some food and our husbands. I go check on Seth and he’s completely drunk and so is Corey. So I know I’m not getting lucky tonight. I leave Seth where he is. I go back to the party and finish out the night full of fun and laughter and most of all a bag full of toys with all the goods with a night of fun with Jessica. How did I know that a fantasy could become a reality.

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All Aboard

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I was sitting at home when I had an idea. My hubs birthday was coming up and we were talking about fantasies a lot lately. One of his fantasies was being with a cougar and me. I’ll admit I don’t care about being with another girl but sometimes you do things to make your husband or wife happy. So I started my search. My husband has a variety in taste when it comes to women. He loves big tits the bigger the better in his eyes. He doesn’t like them skinny he likes them curvy. He like women who have sleeves arms I agree some are hot. I didn’t want to put an add on craiglist or anything but I knew I had time and I had patience. I knew the right woman would come around. Little did I know how soon I would meet her.


I was at Victoria Secret finally picking up some new bras and panties since recovering breast implants. I had a pair blue jean shorts with strapless bra with a VS top. I wanted to make sure my boobs look like they were suppose to and not sag. So I was there standing in the mirror and the sales rep Angie was bringing more bras in my room for me to try on.


“That bra does makes them look bigger and where they to be. Which bra is it? I might need to get me one” I heard someone say. I look at her and looked around and I realized she was talking to me.


“Um, I’m not sure Angie is helping me. I’m recovering from breast implants and one thing before I had them when I wore a strapless bra my boobs were never where they were suppose to be. So now I’m like paranoid.” I said with a small laugh.


“With these big knockers you either find a bra that doesn’t fit or makes them look bigger.” She said.


“My husband wanted me to be around your size but I refused.” I told her.


“I think your size looks great on your body if you went bigger it would just look wrong.” She said.


“That’s what I told him. Some people look good being at a certain size but others that go beyond that size look ridiculous.” I told her.


“Ms. Meek, do you need anything else?” Angie said.


“No, but I’ll take this one and the matching panties. I’ll try on everything else. I’ll press the button if I need you.” I tell her and walk back to my fitting room.


As I finish trying on the other bras and of course I modeling them in the mirror and taking pictures sending them to Jace. He was on the road well the train. He was a conductor but now a fireman in training as they call it which mean he’s a Engineer in training. He responded quickly which was a HELL YES and a simply no. He even sneak me a quick picture of his hard cock through his jeans.


I walk out and went to the check out counter and Angie put all my items in a bag and told me my amount as I handed her my credit card. I thanked her and walked out the door going toward Bath and Body Works. Before I could get to the store I heard someone calling me.


“Ms. Meek?” I heard a voice say. So I stop and turn to answer her.


“Yes?” I answer realizing who she was.


“I normally don’t do this but would you like to go to lunch or exchange numbers?” She ask. I look at her and it hit me. She is exactly who I’m looking for as my surprise birthday gift for Jase.


“Sure, we can do lunch. I have time before I need to get home.” I told her.


“Great I know a quiet Italian place not far from here.” She said.


“That’s sound great. I”m Azura by the way.” I told her.


“I’m Candi. Do you want to ride together or separate cars?” She asked.


“We’ll take separate so afterwards I can head home to my trouble makers.” I told her as I laugh.


“I understand I’m park this away what about you?” Candi told me as she pointed to the left.


“I am to so we’ll walk together.” I told her as we walk that direction. We made conversation light. She was an easy person to talk
to I could tell. I was hoping she was the person I can use to make his fantasy come true. If she could make it happen I might do it soon rather than later.


“Here’s my car.” Candi stated.


“Mine is a few more down.” I told her.


“Jump in a I’ll drive you down and you can follow me.” She said so I did what she asked and I told her to pull up to my Durango. She ask if the Olive Garden was alright and I said it was and off we went.




“I done put our names down. They said it would about 10 minutes.” Candi said.


“That’s fine. So what do you do?” I ask her.


“Nothing. I’m a stay at home mom. My youngest left for college. So my days are left with visiting friends, reading, or finding a hobby. What about you?” Candi ask.


“I’m also a stay at home mom. My kids are still in school. I still have a while before college days. I read, workout or write. My husband is an engineer in training so he’s on the road some.” I told her

“That must be hard raising the kids by yourself. My husband is always home, it might be late but he’s home.” She replied.


“It can be especially when they are all in sports or have activities going on. So good thing I have family near by so we split up. The kids are understanding about it. Normally it kinda works out some how.” I said with a light laugh.


“I like your laugh.” She said.


“Thanks.” I replied with a blush.


“You never gotten a complement from a woman before?” Candi ask me.


“Well not from family or friends no.” I told her honestly


“Have you ever been with a woman before?” She asks me and it shock me because I wasn’t expecting the turn of questioning so soon my drink went down the wrong way.




“Give me one second.” I told her through my coughs. When I finally calmed the coughs down


“I wasn’t expecting the turn of events it just caught me off guard but to answer your question no I haven’t.” I told her.


“I hope you don’t mind me saying this but you are hot and I wouldn’t mind seeing what you have and to even taste you.” Candi whispered.


“Is that right Candi? What would your husband think about you being with another guy without him being there?” I ask


“Oh honey he doesn’t care as long as I tell him the details and hopefully he’ll get to have some fun by himself. We have an open marriage. So why do you ask?” She said with a questionable look


“Well my husband has this fantasy to be with a cougar. You have what I’m looking for to share him but the thing is he doesn’t know it yet. He doesn’t even know I’m looking or anything. If you are up for it I’ll plan everything out you’ll get to have me and him and we’ll make a little road trip. What do you say?” I ask her.


“I think you have yourself a deal.” She said.


“Great. I’m going to the restroom I’ll be right back. If the waiter comes back just give me the lasgana.” I tell Candi. I walk to the restroom. I go the the big stall and I lock the door and I catch my breath. I couldn’t believe she said yes. So now the details and planning which could be the night of when he left. I was so in my thoughts with my eyes close I didn’t know Candi had manage to unlock the door and get in the stall with me.


“You alright?” She ask me as we rubs her hands up and down my arms. I couldn’t answer as I was getting turn on by her touch.


“I know that you are nervous and slightly turn on. I don’t blame you and I was in the exact same spot as you were years ago. What I’m going to do is unbutton your shorts slide my hand in them. Play with the pussy of yours and make you cum and while you cum on my hand I’m going to kiss you. Then we are going to go back on to the table and make plan to fuck your husband. Ok?” She told me. I just nodded.


She did exactly what she said. Her hand were so tender and knew exactly where I wanted them to touch me and how. She pinch my clit and she realized I had a piercing there. “You naughty girl I’m going to have to see this in person one day very soon.” She whisper on my lips and she kissed me passionately and as she shoved three fingers in me. While I was fucking her hand and she was fucking me with a pinch with her pinky and thumb on my clit I came and moan in her mouth.


We cleaned up and went back to table. We swap numbers and had all the details, set and plan for the  plan call All Aboard. We just need to wait on Jase and the right time to head out.




Jase got the call in the early afternoon. He mention something that they were going to be meeting a lot of trains that day so if I was feeling a little frisky. Jase always wanted to try something on a train but was too careful to try. Well today he got luck his Engineer was a good friend of his and the Conductor is another good friend so he would be good for at least 30 minutes. I told Candi if we did do it we had a short time frame but I told her if her husband was up for a foursome that I think my hub would be game.


“Az meet me at depot by the tunnel. You’ll have to walk to the siding so leave here around 545 and you’ll see the train go by.” Jase told me.


“Sure honey, promise you aren’t changing your mind on me?” I ask him.


“Fuck no! I want to fuck you on a train and I’m so doing this.” He said as he kisses me and he’s hard a fuck.


“Quit teasing Jase. I can’t that coke can now and you won’t let me have it.” I told him pouting.


“You’ll get it alright later. I’m going to head out now. I have to run by and pick up a few thing before going in. Love you Azura.” He said as he kisses me


“I love you to baby. I’ll see you in a little bit.” I tell him as he walks out the door. I quickly grab my phone and text Candi.


Azura: Can you do All Aboard?


Candi: When?


Azura: today leave my house 545


Candi: FUCK YEAH I want to taste your sweet pussy. Send me your address


Azura: 632 Howard Loop


Candi: What time you want me there?


Azura: He just left and I need to shower. So you can get here whenever.


Candi: I’ll be there within an hour.

I couldn’t help that my pussy was wet and ready for Candi and for Jase.



We were at the depot waiting for the train to go by. I had Candi in the back seat laying down because I didn’t want Jase to see her when he went by and wonder what was going on. I knew that we would be going in the second locomotive.  Jase would text me the clear and then I would text her to come on board to and I would leave the door open and to confirm which train etc.


“Are you nervous?” Candi asks


“Yeah just a little but more of his reaction.” I told her.


“He’ll love it don’t sweat it.” She said and the train come creeping by.


“All Aboard is in action.” I told her.


“So he’ll text me and once I get there I’ll text you and I’ll leave the door open. We only have a short window. So strip I’ll be in doggy and I’ll move so he can fuck you and I’ll straddle your face and then we’ll swap and we’ll suck him off.” I tell her.


“Sounds like a plan.” She said as my phone goes off. It’s Jase so I get out of the car and hand her my keys.


“Lock up.” I tell her.


I’m so nervous but its for Jase. He’ll love it. I know he will.


“Hey baby.” Jase says as he meets up to give me a kiss.


“Hey sexy. I’m ready for his cock. Hurry I’m horny.” I tell him. He quickly pulls me up to the second locomotive. I send Candi the text to confirm the second and we are climbing in. Jase and I rush to take our clothes off.


“I’m sorry babe but we don’t have much time. We have only 30 minutes. So I quickly get on my knees I lick his dick up and down. His dick is so thick I can’t even put my whole mouth around it. I can only do the head. Jase quickly pulls me off and sits in the chair.


“No baby, I want it doggy style.” I tell him so his back is away from the door. I lean over the chair which is enough room for me to sit in.


“Whatever you want baby.” He positions his cock and slowly pushes in. After 7 years of his cock I still love the way it feels. He starts to pound me harder and harder. Then I hear her and I know that Jase doesn’t. Then I make my que for her to join.


“ALL ABOARD JASE” I told him pulling myself off his dick and sitting in the spreading my legs wide. “You stay right there and eyes on me Jase.” I tell him and I nod for Candi to walk in. She’s about 5’4, 34 FF she has curves all in the right places. She has long fire red hair with half sleeve tattoos. She glances at him and smiles and I know that Jase takes a peek and quickly locks eyes on me. Candi bends over with her pussy in front of Jase’s cock but he doesn’t do anything and I know he wants too. Candi smiles at me and dives in on my clit.


“I knew this clit piercing would look hot but damn this pussy taste fucking good.” Candi says. Jase stares hard at me like what the fuck.


“Jase happy early birthday baby. She is your birthday present. She is your cougar. Now fuck her. You will get another chance because her husband and her have a open marriage but I thought you might like this. SO. FUCK. HER. NOW!” I told her and he did. He pounded her pussy hard and she was moaning in my cunt and I was moaning loudly.


“We need to switch.” I told them and we quickly switch. I think Jase got turned on even more seeing me eat another girl out while he was fucking me. Candi’s pussy didn’t taste bad. It tasted different that I was expected but I liked it. I knew Jase was taking the view of Candi and that was the whole point. I wanted him to look at her when I was eating her out.


“Fuck Az. I’m about to cum.” Jase said. I was about to pull myself off when Candi pulled my face deeper in her pussy. I shoved four fingers deep in her pussy while Jase pounded me harder and I was on edge close to cuming Jase slide this thumb into my back door and I let loose screaming into Candi’s pussy. Jase pulled out and look at his watch.


“Shit we leave in like 3 minutes.” He said. We through our clothes on and I gave him a kiss. Candi and I ran out the door.


As I was getting ready to pull out the depot my phone chirp.


Jase: That was the best fantasy gift ever but I have the best gift of all. I have you. I love you.


Azura: You are welcome I hope you liked it. I love you too. We’ll talk more about it when you get to your location. Be safe fireman.



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As I sat at the comedy club with the boys, when I spotted to damn fine ass women. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. One had medium length black hair with vibrant red highlights, nice oval face with perfect pouty lips. She had a pair of dark skinny jeans on with shaped out her ass nicely. I could tell right away she was fit. As I raise my eyes to look up she had a sparkle tube top on that was blue. She had a nice set of tits. I could tell her friends were a lot bigger. I couldn’t tell her eye color from here but her makeup made her ten times hotter. She was already making my dick hard. I look over to check out her friend and she was smoking too. She was just a couple inches shorter than her friend. She had a cute pixie cut going on, not normally my style of girl with short hair but yeah she’s fine. She had blonde hair and the tips were hot pink. She was wearing a white mini skirt with a purple low cute tank top that show off her tits. I was starting to imagine them together and how hot it would be to join them when I felt a nudge.


                “You see what I see man.” Chad asked me.


                “You talking about the smoking chicks in front of us?” I replied back to him.


                “Duh dumbass! Who else would I be talking about Luke?” Chad laughed.


                “Oh shut the hell up. I’m going to order them drinks.” I tell Chad and I wave our waitress over to us.


                “What can I get for you?” The waitress said.


                “I would like to buy those to ladies over there with the blue tube top and skinny jeans and the lady with purple low cut tank top and white mini skirt a drink of their choice please.” I tell her.


                “Would you like for me to tell them who it’s from?” She asked.


                “If they ask, then yes I do.” I tell her giving her a few bills and I watch her walk over to the table and talk to the girls. I notice the shake their head no and then stop. They both look at each other with questions like what is going on and then the waitress pointed to me and I tipped my beer in their direction and smiled.  The blonde seem to blush and turn quickly. The black hair one talks to the waitress again and smile back at me. Then turn toward her friend and got up and notice her coming my way.


                “Damn Luke she’s coming.” Chad said. I nodded and smiled.


                “I know and that was my intention.” I said back


                “Damn that girl is fine as sugar.” Donny said as she walks to me.


                “Hi there, my name is Midnight.” She told me.


                “Midnight, that is very unique name but for some reason it fits your beautifully.” I tell her.


                “My name is Luke.” I hold my hand out to shake her but she doesn’t take it. She leans forward and places a kiss on my cheek close to my ear.


                “We would like to thank you personally for our drinks. In ten minutes meet Pixie and I in the men’s bathroom and we’ll make you really happy.” She whispers in my ear and pulls away and smiles at me and walks back to her table who now I know the other friend is Pixie.


                “Luke what did she say?” Chad ask while Donny and the rest of the guys looking waiting for me to respond.


                “They want to personally thank me for buying their drinks.” I said still trying to get over the shock what she said. I quickly look down to see what time it was. I had 10 minutes. Oh hell yes I was going to be happy alright.


                “What else did she say and by your look it was more than that.” Brian said. I looked at them and smirk.


                “That’s all I’m telling you.” I tell them. I glance back at their table and I notice they are standing up and the waitress return with their drinks. Midnight talks to her for a minute and she writes something down a napkin and nods in my direction and walks off.


                “I was told to give this to Luke?” The waitress said.


                “I’m Luke” I tell her. She smiles and hands me the napkin.


I open the napkin and read it quickly before the guys could get a hold of it.  Luke, Nancy will come get you in a couple of minutes. She is your waitress. She will tell you the owner would like to see you in regarding a contest. She will lead you to Pixie and me. Be ready. By the way Pixie digs the guy next to you so if you want bring him along. We all could have a little fun. When you walk in my door I want your dick rock hard!! Midnight

Fuck that made me hard right away. I can have two girls and I can share with Chad. We both have talk about finding a couple of girls and sharing. I guess now is the time.


                “Chad here in a few the waitress is going to come back and get me.” I tell him.


                “What is going on?” Chad asks.


                “Remember we talk about a fantasy about sharing girls?” I whispered.


                “Yeah what about it?” He whispered back


                “You want to make it happen.” I looked at him. Chad’s eyes go big.


                “Who?” He asked.


                “Those two girls that I bought drinks for.” I told him


                “Fuck yeah I’m in.” Chad said.


                “Good because the blonde wants you.” I tell him and he nods as Nancy walks up to our table.


                “Excuse me Luke?” She ask


                “Yes?” I replied.


                “The owner would like to speak with you alone please.” She said


                “Sure do you mind if a friend comes along.” I ask.


                “Not at all sir. Please come right this way.” She smiles and leads the way to the smokin hot women we were about to fuck.


As she lead us to a door that said “STAFF ONLY’ she turn the knob and open the door. We continued to follow her to we saw a door that said “JONES” on the outside. We heard moaning and oh yeahs. Chad and I look at each other and like what the hell.


                “This door is for you. You don’t have to knock just walk in. I have to get back to my tables. Enjoy.” Nancy said as she walked away.


                “What do you think is going on behind this door?” Chad asks me.


                “I don’t know but those noises are fucking noises and I’m not waiting any longer.” I said as I open the door. I saw the fucking hottest scene ever. Pixie and Midnight were on the desk in the 69 position. Pixie was on bottom and Midnight is on top. They don’t even notice we are in the room and we are stripping fast out of our clothes. I pointed to Chad for him to go where Pixie’s pussy was and I was going to where Midnight’s was. I knew going in this position was going to be hot. Having Pixie’s tongue on my cock and Midnight’s clit while I’m fucking her pussy, I just want to cum thinking about it.


I walk up to Midnight and I place two fingers at her wet pussy. I noticed both girls jumped. I looked up and Chad was doing the same thing I was. We just smiled at each other. I look back down and Pixie looks up at me with lustful eyes and lowers her head back down on Midnight’s bare, wet pussy. She grabs my hand and makes me start fingering Midnight. I take over and Pixie’s drops her hand and focuses on her duty. I felt a hand go around my cock and I realize Pixie is stroking me and getting me ready for her friend. She pulls away for a few minutes and sucks on my cock. God does she suck my dick like a vacuum while she licks it like a lollipop. I pull out quickly and line myself up to thrust hard into Midnight and right before I push in her.


                “Oh fuck! Shit!” Pixie moans.


                “Hurry Luke fuck me. I’m getting jealous over here.” Midnight says and I just thrust in her hard.


                “Damn it warn a girl. What are you fucking 12?” She gasps.


                “Why don’t you be a good girl Midnight and lick and suck on Pixie clit and Chad dick over there while I fuck you tight pussy.” I tell her while I pull out a little and slam back in her and she moans.


                “As long as you fuck me hard I’ll do whatever you want me too.” She replied back.


                “Good because Pixie is going to do the same thing over here and Chad and I are going to cum in your nice pussies and then you ladies are going to suck us hard again then I’m going to take Pixie’s pussy while Chad over there is going to take yours. How does that sound?” I tell them.


                “FUCK YES!!” Is all I hear from all three of them.


Chad and I pound the girls harder as we hear their muffle moans in each other pussies. I couldn’t take much more with the tightness and lick of Pixie’s tongue on my cock while she was playing with Midnight.


                “I’m about to cum” Pixie said


                “Oh god me too” Chad agreed


                “Fuck I’m cuming now” Midnight screaming as she gripped around my cock and milked me. I couldn’t hold it any longer.


                “Damn I’m cuming in your tight cunt Midnight.” I said panting. I noticed we were all catching our breathes and slowly pulling away. I grabbed Midnight and kissed her hard and I heard kissing noises so I knew Chad was doing the same thing. I pulled away from her and I looked at her and her eyes I noticed her so dark brown they were almost black.


                “Your eyes are beautiful.” I look at her. She actually blushes.


                “Thanks. They were like that since I was born. That’s how I got my name Midnight.” She answer back.


                “How about we take round two to somewhere more comfortable?” Chad said


                “Yeah lets do that.” I smile at Midnight. We start to get dress and I look at Chad.


                “My place” I said to him


                “I agree.” Chad said


                “Is that ok ladies?” I ask them.


                “Sure. I’ll ride with you and Pixie can ride with Chad.” Midnight said.


                “I want you again all to myself though.” I whispered to her.


                “I do too.” She replied back. 


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