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As I sat at the comedy club with the boys, when I spotted to damn fine ass women. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. One had medium length black hair with vibrant red highlights, nice oval face with perfect pouty lips. She had a pair of dark skinny jeans on with shaped out her ass nicely. I could tell right away she was fit. As I raise my eyes to look up she had a sparkle tube top on that was blue. She had a nice set of tits. I could tell her friends were a lot bigger. I couldn’t tell her eye color from here but her makeup made her ten times hotter. She was already making my dick hard. I look over to check out her friend and she was smoking too. She was just a couple inches shorter than her friend. She had a cute pixie cut going on, not normally my style of girl with short hair but yeah she’s fine. She had blonde hair and the tips were hot pink. She was wearing a white mini skirt with a purple low cute tank top that show off her tits. I was starting to imagine them together and how hot it would be to join them when I felt a nudge.


                “You see what I see man.” Chad asked me.


                “You talking about the smoking chicks in front of us?” I replied back to him.


                “Duh dumbass! Who else would I be talking about Luke?” Chad laughed.


                “Oh shut the hell up. I’m going to order them drinks.” I tell Chad and I wave our waitress over to us.


                “What can I get for you?” The waitress said.


                “I would like to buy those to ladies over there with the blue tube top and skinny jeans and the lady with purple low cut tank top and white mini skirt a drink of their choice please.” I tell her.


                “Would you like for me to tell them who it’s from?” She asked.


                “If they ask, then yes I do.” I tell her giving her a few bills and I watch her walk over to the table and talk to the girls. I notice the shake their head no and then stop. They both look at each other with questions like what is going on and then the waitress pointed to me and I tipped my beer in their direction and smiled.  The blonde seem to blush and turn quickly. The black hair one talks to the waitress again and smile back at me. Then turn toward her friend and got up and notice her coming my way.


                “Damn Luke she’s coming.” Chad said. I nodded and smiled.


                “I know and that was my intention.” I said back


                “Damn that girl is fine as sugar.” Donny said as she walks to me.


                “Hi there, my name is Midnight.” She told me.


                “Midnight, that is very unique name but for some reason it fits your beautifully.” I tell her.


                “My name is Luke.” I hold my hand out to shake her but she doesn’t take it. She leans forward and places a kiss on my cheek close to my ear.


                “We would like to thank you personally for our drinks. In ten minutes meet Pixie and I in the men’s bathroom and we’ll make you really happy.” She whispers in my ear and pulls away and smiles at me and walks back to her table who now I know the other friend is Pixie.


                “Luke what did she say?” Chad ask while Donny and the rest of the guys looking waiting for me to respond.


                “They want to personally thank me for buying their drinks.” I said still trying to get over the shock what she said. I quickly look down to see what time it was. I had 10 minutes. Oh hell yes I was going to be happy alright.


                “What else did she say and by your look it was more than that.” Brian said. I looked at them and smirk.


                “That’s all I’m telling you.” I tell them. I glance back at their table and I notice they are standing up and the waitress return with their drinks. Midnight talks to her for a minute and she writes something down a napkin and nods in my direction and walks off.


                “I was told to give this to Luke?” The waitress said.


                “I’m Luke” I tell her. She smiles and hands me the napkin.


I open the napkin and read it quickly before the guys could get a hold of it.  Luke, Nancy will come get you in a couple of minutes. She is your waitress. She will tell you the owner would like to see you in regarding a contest. She will lead you to Pixie and me. Be ready. By the way Pixie digs the guy next to you so if you want bring him along. We all could have a little fun. When you walk in my door I want your dick rock hard!! Midnight

Fuck that made me hard right away. I can have two girls and I can share with Chad. We both have talk about finding a couple of girls and sharing. I guess now is the time.


                “Chad here in a few the waitress is going to come back and get me.” I tell him.


                “What is going on?” Chad asks.


                “Remember we talk about a fantasy about sharing girls?” I whispered.


                “Yeah what about it?” He whispered back


                “You want to make it happen.” I looked at him. Chad’s eyes go big.


                “Who?” He asked.


                “Those two girls that I bought drinks for.” I told him


                “Fuck yeah I’m in.” Chad said.


                “Good because the blonde wants you.” I tell him and he nods as Nancy walks up to our table.


                “Excuse me Luke?” She ask


                “Yes?” I replied.


                “The owner would like to speak with you alone please.” She said


                “Sure do you mind if a friend comes along.” I ask.


                “Not at all sir. Please come right this way.” She smiles and leads the way to the smokin hot women we were about to fuck.


As she lead us to a door that said “STAFF ONLY’ she turn the knob and open the door. We continued to follow her to we saw a door that said “JONES” on the outside. We heard moaning and oh yeahs. Chad and I look at each other and like what the hell.


                “This door is for you. You don’t have to knock just walk in. I have to get back to my tables. Enjoy.” Nancy said as she walked away.


                “What do you think is going on behind this door?” Chad asks me.


                “I don’t know but those noises are fucking noises and I’m not waiting any longer.” I said as I open the door. I saw the fucking hottest scene ever. Pixie and Midnight were on the desk in the 69 position. Pixie was on bottom and Midnight is on top. They don’t even notice we are in the room and we are stripping fast out of our clothes. I pointed to Chad for him to go where Pixie’s pussy was and I was going to where Midnight’s was. I knew going in this position was going to be hot. Having Pixie’s tongue on my cock and Midnight’s clit while I’m fucking her pussy, I just want to cum thinking about it.


I walk up to Midnight and I place two fingers at her wet pussy. I noticed both girls jumped. I looked up and Chad was doing the same thing I was. We just smiled at each other. I look back down and Pixie looks up at me with lustful eyes and lowers her head back down on Midnight’s bare, wet pussy. She grabs my hand and makes me start fingering Midnight. I take over and Pixie’s drops her hand and focuses on her duty. I felt a hand go around my cock and I realize Pixie is stroking me and getting me ready for her friend. She pulls away for a few minutes and sucks on my cock. God does she suck my dick like a vacuum while she licks it like a lollipop. I pull out quickly and line myself up to thrust hard into Midnight and right before I push in her.


                “Oh fuck! Shit!” Pixie moans.


                “Hurry Luke fuck me. I’m getting jealous over here.” Midnight says and I just thrust in her hard.


                “Damn it warn a girl. What are you fucking 12?” She gasps.


                “Why don’t you be a good girl Midnight and lick and suck on Pixie clit and Chad dick over there while I fuck you tight pussy.” I tell her while I pull out a little and slam back in her and she moans.


                “As long as you fuck me hard I’ll do whatever you want me too.” She replied back.


                “Good because Pixie is going to do the same thing over here and Chad and I are going to cum in your nice pussies and then you ladies are going to suck us hard again then I’m going to take Pixie’s pussy while Chad over there is going to take yours. How does that sound?” I tell them.


                “FUCK YES!!” Is all I hear from all three of them.


Chad and I pound the girls harder as we hear their muffle moans in each other pussies. I couldn’t take much more with the tightness and lick of Pixie’s tongue on my cock while she was playing with Midnight.


                “I’m about to cum” Pixie said


                “Oh god me too” Chad agreed


                “Fuck I’m cuming now” Midnight screaming as she gripped around my cock and milked me. I couldn’t hold it any longer.


                “Damn I’m cuming in your tight cunt Midnight.” I said panting. I noticed we were all catching our breathes and slowly pulling away. I grabbed Midnight and kissed her hard and I heard kissing noises so I knew Chad was doing the same thing. I pulled away from her and I looked at her and her eyes I noticed her so dark brown they were almost black.


                “Your eyes are beautiful.” I look at her. She actually blushes.


                “Thanks. They were like that since I was born. That’s how I got my name Midnight.” She answer back.


                “How about we take round two to somewhere more comfortable?” Chad said


                “Yeah lets do that.” I smile at Midnight. We start to get dress and I look at Chad.


                “My place” I said to him


                “I agree.” Chad said


                “Is that ok ladies?” I ask them.


                “Sure. I’ll ride with you and Pixie can ride with Chad.” Midnight said.


                “I want you again all to myself though.” I whispered to her.


                “I do too.” She replied back. 


© 2013 Elizabeth Meek All Rights Reserved

  1. jose a says:

    Hi i will loce to folow all your historys i have sames too but in spanish. 🙂

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