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I felt the bed dip which I would assume Jon climbing on to the bed. I was very eager to see what we were going to do to me. I knew I had to be patient but my body wouldn’t allow it. I knew my nipples were at top peak anxious and ready to be nibble, suck and lick on.
I felt warm air on my wet love tunnel then I felt big masculine hand opening my pussy lips. He flicks his tongue over my piercing then lowers his tongue to my wet opening. When I try to grab his head and force his head closer I realize I’m tied down. I can’t rush him or beg him because I’m gagged. Jon takes his time teasing and torturing me. He brings me to the edge of my orgasm then he stops and kisses my inner thighs.
                “Oh kitten I’m having so much fun right now. I bet you are ready to cum all over my face and tongue.” He tells me has kisses up my body. I can feel his above my breasts. Then I feel the pleasure of his warm, wet mouth on my hard nipple while he’s pinching and twisting my other nipple. I didn’t know the pleasure that even exist. I arch my back pressing my tits more in his mouth. He stops and takes the other nipple in his mouth. I try to moan with the ball in my mouth. I wish I could beg him to make me cum but ugh the frustration is turning me on.
I feel him going back down to my pussy. I feel his warm mouth go back on my clit and I then feel two fingers enter me. He starts to slowly enter and withdraw his fingers. He knows he’s driving me crazy. I’m on the edge. I felt him remove his mouth from my clit.
                “Liz I want you to come and I want you to come now!” He demanded. I then felt his mouth back on my clit sucking and now enter three fingers. Then I remember his demand to cum and I lost it. I came hard on his fingers. He slowly pulls his fingers out of my wet hole and shoves his tongue in and being sensitive I felt like I was peeing on myself. I didn’t know what was happening to me I start to panic and I think Jon sense that.
                “Its ok kitten you squirted. I’m assuming you never had that happen to you before. So just enjoy and feel.” He said panting.
I heard something being ripped open then I realize it was a condom wrap. I was getting more anxious knowing his big thick cock was about to fuck me hard and good. I felt my body being set on fire and right now Jon was the only man that could put that fire out.
                “Kitten you taste so good and sweet. I think I can have your sweet little pussy for every meal. I’m rock hard and I need, want you and I need and want you NOW!” He said then forces his cock in me to the hilt. He pauses for a minute and raise up slightly.
                “Kitten I’m going to take off your blindfold and your gag. I want to see your eyes when you cum and hear you when you scream my name. I want to hear all the noises you make.” He told me. I then felt the gag came undone. Once it was gone I move my jaw around. I felt the blindfold come off and I took a moment before I open my eyes to I can really look at this beautiful being. I open my brown eyes and I saw desire aqua blue eyes staring back at me. He then smiles at me and takes my lips and starts thrusting his cock in me. I moan in his passionate kiss and take the kiss deeper showing him my hunger for him.
                “Oh Jon you make me fill so full. God you are so deep.” I said panting and moaning.
He kisses my ear then my neck going lower to my breasts taking turn on each nipple.  He is teasing them, biting, sucking and doing it over again. He ups the thrusting a little faster which is driving me crazy I want him to take me hard and fast. I want to hurt in the morning by his lovely cock.
                “Jon please fucks me harder, faster. Please baby I want to be hurting by your big dick baby please take me harder.” I yell in pleasure.
                “Oh fuck yes kitten that’s what I want. I want you to remember who fucks you this good and hard baby.” Jon whispers in my ear.
Jon starts pounding my pussy harder. You can hear the slaps and pounding in the room. I feel my orgasm coming and its coming on fast. I feel my pussy being stretch and it feels so amazing. He continues to kiss my neck and my ear.
                “Oh fuck Jon I’m about to cum! Oh god Oh mmm oh yes!! Shit what are you doing to me?? Oh my god YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!” I moan, scream and yell as my orgasm hit. I tighten hard around Jon’s cock and I heard him growl so I knew he wouldn’t last much longer.
                “You like how tight my pussy is baby. Just think about me letting you fuck my tight ass.” As soon as I said those words I felt his cock twitch and his load shot in the latex.
                “Oh kitten you are on and I’m going to fuck that nice plump ass of yours.” Jon said panting.
                “Please blue eyes let me taste you. Take off that condom and fuck my mouth.” I told him. He pulls out of me lightening quick and dispose the condom in the trash and I notice his cock is semi hard.
                “Open up kitten you are about to start around two honey.” He said has he shoves his cock in my mouth.

© 2013 Elizabeth Meek All Rights Reserved

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