My Story VIII

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Dan pulls up the front of the house. Once I saw the house I was really thinking, who was this man that is blowing my mind. I want to know who he is, what does he do. I had all these questions running my mind.
                “Welcome to my humble home kitten.” Jon said in a welcoming voice. As he open the doors into the living room. He grabs my hand and leads me to den. There I saw a huge fire burn in the fireplace. I look around the room saw it was fill with books. I look at the furniture that was black with black and red pillows. I felt Jon’s eyes on me while I was looking around the room.
                “Would you like something to drink wine, beer, coke, tea?” Jon asks me.
                “Sure coke would be great.” I told Jon. I watch him walk to an intercom and tell someone to bring a couple cokes to the den. He walks back over to me and smile like I was his prey. I couldn’t help but feel excited about what was going to happen later.
                “Our drinks will be in a few. What do you do kitten?” Jon asks while locking eyes with me.
                “I’m a nurse and currently in school to get my degree in Nurse Practitioner. What about you Jon what do you do? ” I look at him waiting to answer.
                “Well kitten, I own Zone and a few other places.” He said glancing at me.
                “Well that must be stressful owning more than one place.” I said to him
                “Not really when you have people you can trust working for you. I’ve learn quite a few lessons with people I thought I could trust but that is a story for another time.” He said closing the subject for now.
                Then there was a knock on the door in the den. “Enter” Jon said raising his voice. Then enters a young good looking couple pushing a cart that had different snacks and a bottle what appears to be whiskey or scotch with our cokes.
                “Kitten I would like for you to meet Brad and Denise.” He said in a pleasant voice. I walk over to them shaking each of their hands.
                “Hello Brad and Denise, I’m Elizabeth. It’s nice to meet you.” I told them as I grin. It was nice that he was introducing me to his workers.
                “Denise is my cook here and her husband Brad has several purposes. He does landscaping, repairs and helps out where I need him.” Jon said to me with confidence.
                “That’ll be all for the night. If you want take the Hummer and take the rest of the night off.” He said with a smile to the couple. Brad nodded.
“Sure Mr. Keem we’ll head out. Have a good evening.” Denise said as she grab her husband hand and walk out.
“It’s just us kitten and I would like to show you my room so I can ravish your sexy body.” Jon told me while staring me up and down.
“Lead the way blue eyes.” I told him as he turn and grab my hand and lead up me upstairs.
Once he led me into the bedroom it was magnificent. A huge king size bed and you can tell it was masculine. I notice he went to the closet and brought out a small duffle bag. I look up to him unsure on what would happen next. He notices me questioning him with my eyes. He smirks at me and it made me nervous and excited.
                “Remember kitten when we were in the Hummer and you didn’t obey me.” He asks me wanting me to remember.
                “Yes I remember but the last time I check you don’t control or own me blue eyes.” I told him knowing what he wants to control me tonight.
                “Oh yes kitten I don’t want to control you but you will obey me. Now I want you to strip slowly then come to me and kiss me.” He said in a power and dominating voice.
                “Oh blue eyes you’ll have to make me obey you because I don’t obey any man because they aren’t worthy of my trust or obedience.” I told Jon in an aggravating tone.
                “Oh kitten we are going to have so much fun.” He said as he kisses my neck and pulls down my dress with one quick pull and left me naked in front of him. I told myself be strong but I don’t think I can be and I was almost willing to give into anything, almost.

© 2013 Elizabeth Meek All Rights Reserved


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