My Story VII

Posted: 01/08/2013 in erotica, Uncategorized

I went to my room to pack a small bag to take with me to Jon’s place. Not even 5 minutes I can hear Stacy and her guy in the guest room. I can honestly say I’m glad I’m leaving for the night. Sometimes she can get too loud and dramatic with her noises. It’s like a competition between us.  I laugh to myself at her. I grab extra set of clothes, bra, panties and my basic necessities for the night. I check to make sure I had everything and I walk to the door of the guest room and knock.
            “Hey girl, I’m heading out with Jon. So whenever you leave tomorrow lock up for me or you can stay and hang out. Be safe girl.” I yell through the door.
            “Oh…YES…OK….LIZ…OH YEAH BABY RIGHT THERE!” I heard Stacy through the door. I giggle and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on blue eyes in the living room. I continue down the hall I notice he was looking at the pictures on my wall of my family and friends. He was slowly going one by one.
            “Hey there, see anything interesting?” I ask him. I watch as his jump as I scared him.
            “Are these your kids?” He ask being curious.
            “No, those precious kids are my niece and nephews. Why are you curious? Don’t like girls with kids?” I ask mocking him
            “No I was just wondering. I love kids. Are you ready to go?” He asks me.
            “Sure let’s ride.” I told him.
He opens the door for me and he lock the door for as we walk out. The Hummer was still there with his driver. As we got closer he opens the door for us.
            “Where to Mr. Keem?” The driver asks.
            “Dan take us to my place please.” Jon told Dan I’m glad I learn his name. As we were in the Hummer I notice Jon’s eyes got darker. I could tell he was getting horny.
            “What’s on your mind?” I ask Jon in a taunting voice knowing what he was thinking.
            “Just thinking how hot you look with my cock in your mouth while Stacy was in your pussy.” Jon said in a husky voice.
            “So you enjoy that then Mr. Keem. What else would you think would be hot?” I ask him teasing.
            “Oh honey, I could think of many things that would be hot Ms. Liz but the question is how far, are you willing to go?” Jon asks me.
            “I don’t Mr. Keem I don’t scare to easily. My motto is to try something at least once as long as it interests me.” I told Jon being sure confidence.
            “Should I describe to you what I want to do to you, kitten?” Jon questions me. I wasn’t sure I would trust my voice. Just listening to him speak to me like this was making me hot and wet. I nod yes to him for him to continue.
            “So kitten, I would strip you down and as I’m doing that I would kiss every inch of your beautiful body. Then I would lay you down and tie you down to my bed open to explore every sensuous spot on your luscious body.” Jon said.
As he was describing what he would do to me I was rubbing my thighs together trying to prevent the wetness from dripping onto the leather. I know he notice me rubbing my thighs together.
            “Play with yourself Liz while I tell you what else I want to do to you.” Jon said as he inch closer to me.  I raise my dress up to show him my wet pussy. I inch my hands down rub my finger over my clit.
            “You like watching me playing with myself Jon?” I ask him spreading my legs wider pushing two fingers into my soaking wet pussy.
            “Yes kitten. I’m going to stroke my cock while I finish telling you what I’m going to do to you kitten.” He says as he pulls out his thick cock and starts stroking it. It’s hard and oozing precum and I know I want that thick piece of meat back in my mouth before he cum again.
            “Once I have to tie down I will start teasing your nipples to make sure the hard as little pebbles then easy my way down to your wet tunnel. I lick, tease, suck and fuck your pussy with my tongue and fingers until you are begging me to fuck you so hard.” Jon describes this to me and I start panting using now two hands to please myself. Three fingers in my wet pussy and my thumb over my clit while my other hand is teasing my nipples.
            “Once I have made you cum on my mouth, I’m going to driving my cock in your pussy and fuck you so hard you aren’t going to be able to walk. Then I’m going to fuck my pussy in every way in every position and before the night is over I’m going to take that nice ghetto ass of yours.” Jon said panting stroking his cock faster.  I stop playing with myself and lean over put my mouth over the tip of his cock. Licking and slowing sucking then I became hungry for his cum. I start to go down further and faster on his cock while he grab my hair and felt the cum spurt the back of my throat.
            “Mr. Keem we are arriving at the house, sir.” Dan told us.
Jon pulls his cock back in his pants and straight my dress. He looks me in the eyes and gave me an evil grin while his blue eyes twinkle.
            “Oh kitten you are going to be punish for what you did because I wanted you to play with yourself not with me. So be prepare for your punish little girl.” Jon said in a taunting voice. I couldn’t help but shiver but I knew it was going to be an interesting night.

© 2013 Elizabeth Meek All Rights Reserved


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