My Story VI

Posted: 01/08/2013 in erotica, Uncategorized

I felt Stacy’s hands on my thighs. Her kiss became hungrier more determine. I felt another set of hands grab my luscious tits. I open my eyes for a few moments to see Jon beside me pulling my tits out of my dress.
            “This is so hot kitten. Why didn’t you tell me you were interest in some girl on girl stuff?” Jon asks me.
            “I’ve always thought about it but never acted on it.” I told him with a gasp because I felt Stacy’s finger on my soaking wet slit.
            “Oh kitten you are making my fantasy come true. I get to watch you with a girl while I fuck you. Oh yes kitten I will enjoy this fantasy.” Jon told me in a husky voice.
            “Liz you are so wet. I’ll let lover boy over here play with you tits because I really want to taste this smooth pussy of yours. I’ve always wonder what you taste like. Now I get to try it out.” She said as she pulls my dress up to my waist. She kisses me again and pulls away before I could enjoy it.
As soon as she pulls away from my lips Jon crushes his lips with mine. I remember those sweet lips being on me earlier. I kiss him back with the lust that was building. I felt Stacy tongue playing with my clit ring.
            “Liz, I’ve always want to taste you and tease this damn clit ring since you told me you had it pierce. Now it’s mine until you cum on my tongue.” She said as she lowered her head in between my legs.
            That is so hot watching my girl for the night to go down on her best friend.” He said and I notice he was panting a little bit. So I pulled back from kissing Jon and I notice Stacy’s guy had his cock out stroking it. I was shock his length was average but he was wide. I knew Stacy would enjoy him tonight.
            “Jon, I need your cock now. Please fuck my mouth Jon.” I told him panting. Stacy had her mouth around my sensitive spot sucking on it while she had three fingers in my wet tunnel fucking me hard. Jon unbuttons his pants and pulled his cock out and put it in my mouth. I knew with his length I couldn’t go always the way down the way I was. I knew Jon was watching Stacy eat me out and I was so turn on with Stacy in most sensual spot while Jon fucking my mouth. I felt my orgasm building quickly.
            “Mr. Keem will be arriving in a few moments at the missus address.” His driver spoke over an intercom.
            I completely lost myself in the sensations that Stacy was giving me and I felt Stacy start to moan in my pussy. I look behind her and realize her guy was fucking her hard and fast. Seeing that push me over the edge. I moan over Jon’s cock and start to go down further on his cock and before I realize I was deep throating this sexy beast.
            He grabs a handful of my hair and shoved my mouth further and I felt his cock twitch and jerk. I knew he was cumming and start to swallow all of his cum. He pulls his cock out of my mouth and comes down kisses me hard.   
            “Oh yes fuck yes I’m cumming you bastard.” I heard Stacy yelling at her guy.
            “Mr. Keem we are here.” Driver said in a curious tone.
            “We’ll be right out.” Jon told his driver while catching his breath.
            “That was unbelievable. I’m definitely not forgetting this night in a long time.” Stacy told me.
            “I agree.” I smiled at her.
We pulled ourselves together stepping out of the Hummer. Walk to my house and I open the door and Stacy and her guy went right to the guest room. I look at the gorgeous blue eyes and smiled at him.
            “Let me pack a few things and I’ll be ready to go.” I told him giving him a kiss on the cheek.

© 2013 Elizabeth Meek All Rights Reserved


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