My Story IX

Posted: 01/08/2013 in erotica, Uncategorized

Jon watches me with hunger in his eyes as I took off my clothes. As I slowly strip my clothes away I saw his cock get harder by the second. I thought oh yes I’m doing it to this to him without touching him. Most of the time I have to start sucking the guy’s cock before he gets rock hard but not for Jon he is by watching me and that is a big turn on for me.
                “So blue eyes now you have me naked are you going to strip too or do you want me to do the honors?” I ask Jon teasing him. I saw him shaking his head no. So I knew he had other plans for me which excited me even more.
                “Oh kitten I have so many ideas that I want to do you but it’ll take more than one night.” He told me as he walking up to me with his eyes on my full breast and my nipples were already at top peak.
                “I’m going to make you beg for my cock kitten.” He told me.
                “Are you so sure that’ll I’ll be begging and not you blue eyes?” I ask him in a taunting voice. He looks at me with an evil smirk and grabs my hips and pushes me on his bed.
                “I think I’ve heard enough of your sassy mouth kitten. I think I’m going to gag you while I tie you up and have my way with you.” He told me with possession and confidence. The thought of what he was going to do to me excited me so much that I was drench. I knew he could smell my arousal because his eyes dilate even more than they were.
I watch him walk to his black duffle bag and the things I saw him pull out had me anxious and squirming in the bed. He walks over to me and I saw he had a gag, rope and a blindfold all in his hands. I look at him questionably.
                “Don’t worry kitten you will enjoy this as much as I will. I won’t hurt you. I can tell you are very turn on and arouse about the idea of being gag, tie and blindfolded. All I need to know if you are protected just in case something happens to the condom.” He asks me while he untangles the rope.
                “Yes I’m protected. I’m on the shot have been for 3 years. I just had my physical and I’m clean.” I told him watching him getting prepare for me.
                “Good. I’m clean as well I had my physical done 3 weeks ago and I was cleared by my doctor.” He told me as he was getting on the bed still completely dress.
                “Now kitten I need to you to move all the way back. I want your head on the pillows and then your arms and legs complete spread open for me.” He said. I nod to him that I understood and move back like he asks.
Once I was lying on the pillows. I spread my arms open for him. I notice the headboard was hand carved. It was amazing all the unique designs and patterns in were outstanding. I glance at the footboard and notice the same design. He grabs the rope ties my wrist to each end of the headboard.
                “Raise your head kitten. I’m going to put this gag on for a while but I will take it off.” He said as he grab a red ball that snaps in the back. Then he grabs a couple pillows and stuck them under my backside.
                “Spread your legs for me kitten.” He said while I notice he was getting more turned on by the minute. He then grabs my ankles and ties them to the footboard. He got up as soon as he was done. He looks over my body the hunger. He looks down at my pussy and notice that my juices were completely leaking down on the comforter.
                “Kitten you are very excited and this pleases me. Now the fun begins.” He said as he climbs on the bed going straight for my wet pussy.

© 2013 Elizabeth Meek All Rights Reserved


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