My Story III

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I watch that feisty little vixen walk away from me. All I could think about is exquisite lips around my cock all I was doing is making myself harder. Man this is going to be a long night unless I can get her home now. I told myself. I pulled down my shirt facing Bronson. He had a smirk that I wanted to punch off his face.
             “Boss I think you are letting the little vixen get to you.”  Bronson said.
               “I’m getting to her too but I know she’s going to be more than a piece of ass Bronson.” Jon said in a serious tone.
    “Man, I hate to tell you I seen those type of girls. That hottie isn’t ready to settle she’s in the playing field.” Bronson told Jon. Jon shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t want to be true but maybe Bronson was right I need to play the field too along with Liz.
            “Hey Boss, We have a problem.” I heard Landon talking to me over my shoulder.
            “Landon what problem do we have?” I was getting myself put back together in work mode.
            “There are some guys out front giving Jake some hell about getting in and the catch their ids are fake.” Landon said in a serious tone. Landon was my second in charge when I wasn’t running Zone or running my other club. I could always depend on Landon.
            “I need you to take care of something for me Landon while I take care of these boys.” I glanced at Landon. He nodded for me to continue but before I did. I looked for my lil kitten. I spotted her with one of the girls she was with. They were dancing together hell it looks like foreplay from where I was standing. They were grinding on each other. She was caressing herself on the dancing floor while her friend Stacy had her hands on her hips grinding her from behind. Landon caught on what I was looking at.
            “Damn that is a hot little scene going on there boss. Do we need to stop that and I can um put them in the office and we can take care of them.” Landon said with a smirk.
            “No, actually you see the woman in the black tube top dress with the silver sparkle shoes?” Jon asked Landon.
            “Oh yeah, I see her. What about her boss?” Landon asked with a questionable look.
            “I need you to tell her I need to speak with her and escort her to my office but before you do that take a couple shot glasses, salt, limes and tequila to the office.” I told Landon without taking my eyes of the sex goddess in front of me.
            Landon had a huge grin “Sure boss I’ll take care of it.”
I felt Stacy hands on my hips as we move moving and swaying to the music. As I closed my eyes and I was imagining blue eyes mouth on me and I let my hands move over my body.
            “Um excuse miss.” I jump startled. I looked up saw yet another handsome rugged man.
            “Yes, can I help you?” I asked the man. I looked at him. He had small lips but cute. He was tall and tone but nothing like Jon. He had tattoos on both of his arms and a lip ring which I found attractive. He was rough attractive but who doesn’t like a bad boy.
            “Jon asked me to escort you to his office. My name is Landon so if you don’t mind follow me please.” I looked at him like he lost his damn mind. I thought Jon was just another guy but did he own this club. 
            “Um sure Landon, lead the way but I need to tell my girls that I’m leaving or rather I’ll be away.” I told him.
            “That’s not a problem. I’ll go with you so if they need you they can ask for me and I will bring you to them or the other way around.” He said being sure to easy my confusion.
            “That’ll be great.” I told Landon. We walked over to the table where the girls were sitting with the guys.
            “Hey girls, I’m being escorted to Jon’s office by the lovely Landon. So if you guys need me look for him or.” I looked at Landon unsure what else to say.
            “Or go to the bar ask for Bronson and tell him you are looking for me and you need. I’m sorry I never got your name. Jon just called you kitten.” Landon chuckled at the name.
            “It’s Liz.” I said shaking my head. I told myself you would think he would have done asked but most of the men I took home I didn’t know their names either.
            “Well ladies if you need me you know where to find me.” I turned and waved at the girls while they did the hollers because they knew what was about to happen.
Landon grab my hand lead me to the office. His hand were soft, I never knew a man’s hands that were soft. I thought to myself did Jon always employ hot guys. I mean damn I’ll be here more often just to get laid.
Landon open the door for me and I walked in and he closed the door behind him.
            “Ya know you are pretty damn hot.” Landon said in a lusty tone
            “Thanks, you aren’t too bad yourself Landon.” I told him as he start walk toward me. I looked at him with a seductive but taunting smile.
            “I think I’m to kiss you.” Landon said.
            “Do you think you should with your boss walking through that door at any minute?” I asked him being unsure on what to do.
            “I assure you Jon probably won’t care if we shared you but for now I would settle for a kiss.” Landon said as he lean in closer to my lips. His breath smell of peppermint but I couldn’t resist I grab him by his short chocolate wavy hair. I thrust my tongue in his mouth. I was so wet and ready. He could take me now and I wouldn’t refuse this man.
I felt Landon’s hand rub up my thigh and pushed my legs open. He stepped in between my legs.
            “I can smell you Liz. I smell how bad you need to cum and I’m going to make you cum before boss comes in.” Landon said in a cocky tone.
            “YES…PLEASE….LANDON MAKE ME CUM!” I told him.
I felt him push my thong to the side and he push two fingers in my wet honey hole. I moan and start to grind on his fingers.
            “That’s right little slut. I want you to come for me.” Landon told me. He then grab my precious assets out of my dress and nibble on nipples and fingering harder.
            “Cum now Liz.” Landon said and I let go. I came so hard. I was panting and trying to catch my breath. When I glance up I saw Jon with his thick, hard cock out stroking it.
            “Landon I think I can handle it from here.” Jon told Landon
            “Sure Boss.” Landon responded with a smile.
All I thought in my mind was, ” FUCK!”

© 2013 Elizabeth Meek All Rights Reserved


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