My Story II

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As I stared in those aqua blue eyes, I got lost in the lust I saw in them. I just could imagine what his fingers, mouth and cock could do to my body. I did not want to respond to him. I knew he didn’t know my type. I wasn’t the type for relationships. I was the type for fuck ‘em and leave ‘em. Yes, Jon is what I definitely want and need tonight.

      “What do you say kitten?” Jon asked. I knew I wanted to take him home but I wanted to play with him first. I put my arms around his shoulders and ran my fingers through his hair. I kissed his neck and worked my mouth to his earlobe and bit it gently.

      “I’m not ready to leave yet lover. So we have two options one you can enjoy your time with me here now until a little later or you can find someone else.” I kept teasing his ear and neck. I knew I was getting to him. I heard him moan with a low growl.

       “Oh kitten I will enjoy my time with you.” Jon turned his head towards me putting a hand on hip and moving the other hand to my neck and kissed me with so much passion. At first I resisted the kiss then I decided I would tease this hunk of meat. I parted my lips let his tongue in. His kiss was so fierce and demanding I didn’t know if I could resist this man.
        “SHOTS!!!” Erin yelled above the music. I pulled back from the kiss. I saw the look in Jon’s eyes and I saw no matter what happened tonight I saw going to be his. Oh yes he was going to be mine too!
        “Oh yes girls! Tequila shots!” Stephanie said excitedly. I grinned wickedly

        “Oh hell no ladies body shots!!” I said.

         “I’m down” Stacy and Wendy chimed in. I noticed then each of us had guy which made this more exciting.

          “Who wants to go first?” Stacy asked. I looked at her and smiled.

          “Oh honey I will. Bartender I need 10 shots of tequila total with limes and salt, please.” I looked at the handsome bartender. I thought to myself I might have to come back and get a piece of him.

          “Bronson put it on my tab.” Jon told the bartender.

           “Sure Jon.” Bronson said. I looked at Jon with raised eyebrow but this is one night and I don’t care one of fun. I looked at Jon and grinned at him.

           “So Jon would you like to go first or would you want me to do the honors?” I said Jon in a seductive voice.
          “Kitten, I think I would love to taste you first.” Jon said in a cocky but confidence tone. I think I would have cum just at those words alone.

           “Sure thing blue eyes.” I told him trying to show him that he had no effect on me but I saw in those blue eyes he did.

Bronson brought the stuff over.  I pulled the girls over and told them that the men would go first and then we would go next.
          “When it’s our turn for the shots tease the hell out the men, since we are taking them home.” The girls giggled and nod in agreement. 

           “Kitten, come on over time for my shot.” Jon called out. I walked over and grinned at him.
            “Any area off limits, kitten?” I just shrugged my shoulders.
          “I liked to keep waist below covered for now blue eyes.” He nodded in agreement. He put the tequila between my tits and stepped closer to me. He started kissing my neck and I let out a low moan.

          “You like that kitten then you’ll love what I will do to you later.” Jon said in a teasing voice.
          “What makes you so sure that I decided to take you home blue eyes?” I teased him.  He licked my neck and put salt the wetness then place the lime in my mouth. I glanced over to look at the girls and the guys had done started with their shots. Jon smirked at me. I noticed his head went down. He licked around the area where the shot glass was. I moan a little louder. He stopped god he was teasing me and damn payback for him was a bitch.

            “Ready kitten.” I nodded my head. He licked my neck, licked my chest then grabs the shot with his pouty lips. He stared at my lips and went for the lime. Once he was done with the lime he let his fall from his mouth but never pulled his lips from mine. He managed to push me against the bar, kissing me with fiery lust of passion, he grabs my ass pulls me to his erection. He’s hard and he feels huge. He’s grinding on me in public.

          “Get him girl” I hear my friends cheer. I pulled back.

          “My turn blue eyes and my request is for you to raise up your shirt.” I told Jon with a flirty smile.

          “Your wish is my command kitten.” Jon said as he raises his shirt I see his ripped chest and stomach muscles. My legs quiver and pussy completely aroused. He is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. I grab the salt and the lime and put the lime in his mouth for the purpose of him not saying a word. Then I looped my arms to grab the shirt over his shoulders getting ready to tease this gorgeous being. I lick them to they are pebbles I then put salt on them. I glance down and he’s still hard. Go god tonight is going to be a blessing full of pleasure. I pull at his jeans and he smirks but I place the shot between his jeans and his tight and firm abs.

         “Ready ladies” I yelled. I stepped up to Jon licking and teasing his nipples. Then licking my down his abs to my shot but before I pick up my shot with my mouth. I put my hand over his raging hard on and teasing him for a couple seconds. I grab the shot with my mouth slam the shot back put the glass down on the bar. I stared at his mouth and went for the lime put the lime in my mouth and kissed him with every ounce of passion I had. I felt his heart racing and I grinding my pussy against his raging hard on. I pulled away leaving him panting and smirked at him.

         “Two can play this game blue eyes” I told him in a taunting voice as I walked away.

© 2013 Elizabeth Meek All Rights Reserved


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